UK Column News - 26th June 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with todays UK Column News.


Julian Assange’s Release And Sir Keir Starmer’s Involvement In His Incarceration

00:21 BBC: Julian Assange: Campaigner or attention seeker?

Lighthouse Bookshop: Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies by Stefania Maurizi

[…] it was the Crown Prosecution Service, a public authority then headed by Keir Starmer, which had helped create the legal paralysis and diplomatic quagmire responsible for Julian Assange's arbitrary detention.


Telegraph Lies For Israel With No Retraction—No Comment From BBC Verify

07:39 The Telegraph: Hezbollah stores missiles and explosives at Lebanon’s main airport, whistleblowers claim (Archived original article that has now been replaced)

The Telegraph: Beirut airport bosses deny it is being used to store Hezbollah weapons (Archived replacement article with no retraction)

NNA: IATA issues response statement to The Telegraph news article

Al Mayadeen: The Telegraph's Beirut airport piece sparks sarcastic commentary, condemnation

Al Mayadeen: Lebanon denies Telegraph claims, invites officials for airport tour

Ynet: Hezbollah stores stockpile of weapons at Beirut airport, British newspaper reveals

Al-Akhbar (Arabic): A diplomatic and media tour of the airport facilities London to Beirut: The Telegraph does not represent the British position


What Are Selective Hustings? Sounds Like Censorship, Ofcom!

18:36 Northumberland Gazette: General election: North Northumberland candidate questions democracy of hustings

Somerset County Gazette: Candidate for Wells and Mendip Hills ‘excluded’ from BBC hustings

Electoral Commission: Are you holding a hustings?


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Another Vaccine Solution For A PCR-Detected Virus—This Time: <Insert Anything Here>

27:22 GOV.UK: ASF in Europe Updated Outbreak Assessment #35

The Pirbright Institute: Laboratory diagnosis of African swine fever (ASF): Instructor-led

The Pirbright Institute: Pirbright joins European African Swine Fever Project

International Livestock Research Institute: A vaccine solution for African swine fever is within reach

GOV.UK: Avian influenza (bird flu) in Australia

British Agriculture Bureau: Denmark agrees carbon tax on agriculture

McGill University: Why isn't the carbon dioxide from breathing a concern for global warming? 


Lithium Fire Risks: Blame It On The Russians?

31:18 Reuters: Blaze at South Korea lithium battery plant kills 22 workers

The Fire Protection Association: Explosions heard as thick smoke issues from Glasgow battery recycling plant fire 

WSJ: Russian Saboteurs Behind Arson Attack at German Factory


Bill Gates’ Perfect Timing, Again

34:53 London Climate Action Week: Breakthrough Energy Summit

Breakthrough Energy (LinkedIn): Breakthrough Energy on LinkedIn: BESummit2024

Recharge News: Bill Gates warns against 'hey, get out of our way' attitude to energy transition

Microsoft and Breakthrough Energy founder Bill Gates

GOV.UK: The UK Renewable Energy Strategy Cm 7686 (PDF)

Terrapower: TerraPower Isotopes

AstraZeneca: Acquisition of Fusion completed


War In Lebanon

39:25 Politico: US to Hezbollah: Don’t count on us to stop an Israeli attack 

Haaretz: OSINT Shows Third U.S. Naval Group Arrives in Mideast, Countries Prep to Evacuate Thousands (Archived)

Al Mayadeen: A long history of military cooperation between Cyprus and 'Israel'


Cluster Munition Use in Russia-Ukraine War

47:37 The Telegraph: Crimean sunbathers struck by deadly shrapnel shower from Ukrainian missile

CNN: At least 5 dead after missile fragments scatter over beachgoers in Russian-occupied Crimea 

TASS: EU says reports of attack on Sevastopol with NATO-supplied missiles lack credibility 

Politico: France deepens military ties with Germany, Poland ahead of risky snap election 

The Telegraph: Putin’s nuclear arsenal is crumbling. Ukraine can take it out for good 

Reuters: Russia is revising its nuclear doctrine, Kremlin says


Kenya President Backs Down On Tax Hikes After Protests

55:04 Financial Times: Kenya's Ruto warns of 'attack on democracy' after protesters storm parliament

The White House: Memorandum on the Designation of Kenya as a Major Non-NATO Ally


NCA Think They’ve Found The Federal Reserve Hacker

59:29 National Crime Agency: LockBit leader unmasked and sanctioned