UK Column News - 25th March 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson, Mark Anderson and guest Prof. Diane Rasmussen McAdie with today's UK Column News.


Western Governments Frantic About Ukraine Intervention; Russian Deputy Speaker Says ‘We Will Kill All Who Come’

00:35 BFMTV (French): “We are going to kill all the French soldiers who come to Ukrainian soil”: the vice-president of the Duma speaks to BFMTV

T-Online (German): Habeck: Prepare Germany for land war

Politico: Denmark to begin conscripting women for the military in rare move 

Washington Post: Lindsey Graham, visiting Kyiv, urges Ukraine to pass mobilization law

The Telegraph: Britain warns Putin not to use Moscow attack to intensify war on Ukraine

The Economic Times: US strongly condemns Moscow terror attack, says ISIS needs to be defeated 'everywhere'


Fornethy Survivors’ Update From Their Appointed Researcher, Diane McAdie: Scotland’s Deputy First Minster Tries To Get Away With ‘No Records, No Crime’

10:23 UK Column Article: Fornethy Residential School: Tales from the Archives


France May Outlaw Gender-Affirming ‘Care’ For Minors

24:54 Telegraph: Sex reassignment in minors may be medical history’s ‘greatest ethical scandal’, French report says

l'Observatoire La Petite Sirène (French): Rapport: La Transidentification Des Mineurs—Mars 2024

l'Observatoire La Petite Sirène (French): Rapport La Transidentification Des Mineurs—Mars 2024—Synthèse et préconisations

Gènéthique (French): “Trans-identification of minors”: LR senators raise alarm

RNC Research (on X) (2023): 

Biden's assistant secretary for health says "gender-affirming care" for minors—meaning irreversible sex reassignment surgeries and puberty blockers—is "mental health care"


WHO Press Briefing—They Still Think The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Will Go Ahead

27:48 World Health Organization (WHO): Virtual press conference on global health issues transcript

World Health Organization (on X): 

As we speak, WHO’s Member States are meeting to negotiate a historic, legally-binding agreement to protect future generations from the impacts of pandemics.

There is much agreement between Member States on the objectives of the agreement.

Now they need to agree on how to achieve those objectives.

Areas of disagreement remain, but there is still enough time for countries to find common ground and finalize a strong agreement in time for the World Health Assembly in nine weeks. It’s doable.
—Dr Tedros #PandemicAccord

World Health Organization (WHO): WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing—21 March 2024

Sovereignty Coalition: You are invited to a Sovereignty Coalition Zoom meeting, 
"Mobilize for Sovereignty—No WHO."
When: March 25, 2024, 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) / midnight UK time
All Participants Must Register in advance for this meeting:


CORRECTION: The 77th World Health Assembly in Geneva beings 27 May and runs through the first of June. Thus, the Pandemic Treaty will not be considered for finalisation until on or around the 27th of May. Today's UKC report report mistakenly indicated it'd be on the 24th of May.


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Commonwealth-Aligned Deep State Actors: Khalili Foundation And Aspen Institute

36:18 Aspen Institute UK: Ukraine's Defence of Freedom

Khalili Foundation: Prince's Trust

Khalili Foundation (2022): Aspen-Khalili Partnership: Designing for Diversity – Join Session 1, Cities and Communities

The Commonwealth: Launch of the Commonwealth Faith Festival

Facebook: Patricia Scotland KC, Commonwealth Secretary-General

King's College London: Lord Peter Ricketts GCMG GCVO


Canada’s Housing Affordability Has Reached “Worst-Ever” Levels; Mounties Anticipate Rioting Plebs

43:47 The Globe And Mail (Toronto): Excessive free speech is a breeding ground for more Trumps

National Post: Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are

True North (on X): 

PM Trudeau announces Canada will spend $8.4 million on research to understand how "climate change interacts with democratic decline."


AI Everywhere—Now A Tool Predicts Vaccine Hesitancy

47:43 Children's Health Defense: ‘Whole Thing Smacks of a Brave New World’: New AI Tool Predicts Vaccine Hesitancy

GovTech: DHS Unveils Artificial Intelligence Road Map, Pilots

Homeland Security: Department of Homeland Security Unveils Artificial Intelligence Roadmap, Announces Pilot Projects to Maximize Benefits of Technology, Advance Homeland Security Mission 


Massive German Covid Data Dump Reveals Massaging Of Messaging In 2020

51:33 Stefan Homburg (on X):

New: RKIFiles are out!

Over 2,000 pages showing that the 'pandemic' was all fraud. Highlights:

  1. 'High health risk' was not derived from data, but a political decision.
  2. 'Herd immunity' was seen as a mere narrative.

Eugyppius: A Plague Chronicle (Substack): Massive German document release sheds still more light on the entire Covid farce, as if any more light were needed

HiDrive (German): Covid–19 crisis team protocol documents


USA: Constitutional Right To Vote?

54:41 Brennan Center for Justice: The Missing Constitutional Right

Brennan Center for Justice (YouTube): The Missing Constitutional Right 


Top French Court Strikes Down Unlawful Wind Farms

59:29 Stop These Things: Licence Cancelled: Top French Court Strikes Down Unlawful Wind Farm Planning Rules

Environnement Durable (French): Council of State: Historic annulment of wind farm licences; huge impact on future of French energy

Environnement Durable (French): In The Name Of The French People: The Council Of State Ruling On The Dispute (Litigation Section, 6th And 5th Chambers Combined)

Tichys Einblick (German): Wind farms no longer to be licensed in France—even with retroactive effect


From Extra

The Spectator: Watch: Justin Welby takes a pop at CofE ‘whiteness officer’ job

OldQueenTV (YouTube): Justin Welby takes a pop at CofE ‘whiteness officer’ job

Express: Archbishop of Canterbury slams 'woke' church advert for 'deconstructing whiteness' officer

Express: 'Even the Archbishop is flummoxed by Church of England'

National Residents Association (Telegram): 

More fireworks at a Gloucester Council meeting last night. After it has been proven that almost all of the 30 5G masts in Gloucester have been erected with no consultation with the public, the Head of Planning resigned a few weeks ago.

Colchester Council Watch (YouTube): NEW Council Watch Channels & Gloucester Councillors Served Notice on 5G FRAUD

New York Times: It turns out the 'deep state' is actually kind of awesome

The Grayzone: Kosovo War at 25: Blair's secret invasion plan to 'topple Milošević' revealed