UK Column News - 24th March 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


​​Commençons Outre-Manche

​​00:22 French Constitution: How does Article 49.3 allow a bill to be passed without a vote?

​​Map of the March 23 demonstrations across France

​​Article 49 of the French Constitution (allowing executive override of Parliament): Commitment of responsibility on a bill (49.3)

​​Protesting French farmers roll out up to 1000 tractors in Paris

​​Bordeaux's town hall goes up in flames as protests worsen 

​​Protesters chant: “We beheaded Louis XVI, we can start again!”

​​King Charles' state visit to France postponed

​​More than 100 police suicides in 2022


​​Putin-Xi Summit Conclued

​​14:16 China-Ukraine Peace Plan announced 

​​China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis


​​Bleak Footage From Ukraine 

​​22:20 TASS: Ukraine deployed over 80,000 servicemen around Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), says Wagner Group founder 

​​Image sent by viewer of possibly Polish self-propelled tank on the Slovak-Ukrainian border

​​Mike Robinson asks: “What is the Ukrainian soldiers' mood?”

​​Video clip: Tense Zelensky hands out awards to grim troops on Ukraine front line

​​Patrick Henningsen notices lack of eye contact and many women on the front line

​​Video clip: Ukrainian troops refusing to mobilise. They do not trust their commanders

​​Patrick Henningsen Twitter: @21WIRE 

​​When NATO’s Ukrainian meat grinder runs out of men, Washington is preparing #Poland as their next round of fodder. Poland is now amassing an army of 300,000 & intends to fight Russia in 2024 in the event of the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine….

​​21st Century Wire: Are France and NATO Shipping Depleted Uranium Weaponry Into Ukraine?

​​Sonja Van Den Ende: @SonjaEnde

​​The Western world is out of control and it doesn't seem to realize the danger they pose to themselves and of course Russia. It's pure criminal: To use depleted uranium, but that's what they did in Iraq, they have to be on trial, all Western leaders!

​​In 2015 the United States used depleted uranium in Syria


​​Nord Stream: US and Germany Dish Up Counter-Narrative

​​39:31 Seymour Hersh—The-Cover-Up

​​New York Times: Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say

​​Ben & Jerry’s Founder Is ‘Top Donor’ of Group Campaigning Against U.S. Military Support for Ukraine


​​Regional Freezing-Out of Syria Ends in Style

​​43:12 Assad visits United Arab Emirates; significance downplayed by Western media

​​Fighter jets escorted the Syrian delegation into UAE airspace

​​Assad in UAE, gets president’s nod for return to Arab fold

​​Video clip: UAE says Syria and UAE are bulding bridges

​​Saudi Arabia and Syria agree to reopen embassies

​​Israeli jets bomb Syria’s main hub for earthquake aid deliveries

​​UAE orders envoy to Israel not to meet with government officials

​​Jordanian FM calls on international community to oppose hate speech against Palestinians

​​The Cradle: Jordan’s Parliament Votes to Expel Israeli Ambassador

​​PM Netanyahu's Son Likens Protesters to Paramilitary Wing of the Nazi Party

​​U.S. Conducts Airstrikes in Syria in Response to Deadly UAV Attack 

​​Statement from US CENTCOM Commander on strikes

​​Syria and China to boost bilateral relations in different domains

​​The Five Seas initiative connects the Mediterranean, Red, Persian, Caspian, and Black Seas


​​Partygate—The Musical: An All-Year Pantomime

​​1:07:57 Boris Johnson clashes with MPs over Partygate denials

​​List of lockdown rule-breakers on high

​​Guardian: PM's Covid–19 timeline: from 'mild symptoms' to a brush with death

​​Boris Johnson discharged from hospital, thanks NHS

​​21st Century Wire: Did Boris Johnson fake His Covid–19 illness?

​​Piers Morgan: @piersmorgan

​​If you’re not rooting for our Prime Minister tonight & willing him to make a speedy recovery, then you’re a despicable human being.

He is very ill with a deadly virus & his pregnant partner has also been sick. Incredibly worrying time for them & the country. Come on Boris

​​Politico—Boris Johnson: Hospital doctors were ready to announce my death 

​​Stop Lying In Politics


​​And Finally: Genetic Editing

​​1:17:47 Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill 2022–23 is now an Act

​​Gov.UK: Genetic Technology Act key tool for UK food security 

​​Tony Blair Institute: Gene Editing in Food Production: Charting a Way Forward

​​SpringerOpen: Broadening the GMO risk assessment in the EU for genome editing technologies in agriculture

​​The National: Food experts slam the BBC for 'lies' about genetic edited foods

​​Yahoo: Scientists 'really surprised' after gene-editing experiment unexpectedly turn hamsters into hyper-aggressive bullies

​​Hot Air: University of Helsinki gives Greta Thunberg a Doctorate of Theology