UK Column News - 24th February 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


One Year Of Ukraine War

00:25 Deutsche Welle—Ukraine updates: NATO warns of donor ammunition shortages

"No fighter jets to Kyiv in short term," says defence secretary

Sky News: Ben Wallace also says he is not concerned about 'stockpiles' of weapons in the UK, following reports that the military was running low.

Sky News video: Boris Johnson calls on UK to 'break the ice' by sending Ukraine fighter jets

RT: NATO country snubs Ukraine weapons request

BBC: “We will do everything to win,” Zelensky says, one year after Russia's invasion

Today's front pages, not all covering Ukraine

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on Twitter:  Ukraine is not alone. Your country has inspired us all with your bravery and determination


The War One Year On In The Mainstream Media

12:16 Ministry of Defence Twitter video: There is no loss of momentum from the UK and its allies in 2023

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office Twitter video: We spoke to 3 UK-based Syrians about similarities between the war in Ukraine and Russian military support for Assad

UK Government: Prime Minister set to address the G7 as UK pauses to mark full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Finland and Sweden Accession: NATO

Gordon Brown: “We owe it to the people of Ukraine to bring Vladimir Putin to trial for war crimes”

Seymour Hersh: From The Gulf Of Tonkin To The Baltic Sea—The secret and incomplete history of US-Norway collaboration in covert operations

Red Cross: Norway Must Take Responsibility in Libya


Protesting Too Much: Kiev cheerleaders of all (paint) shades come under scrutiny

25:14 Led By Donkeys paint Russian Embassy road in Ukrainian flag colours

Led By Donkeys | Twitter

Vanessa Beeley tweet: “Solidarity with Nazism. Led by Donkeys is apt except donkeys are much nicer”

NATO: Ukraine is hosting one of the great epics of this century

AP News: China calls for Russia-Ukraine cease-fire, peace talks

Jordan Peterson’s tweet gets a reply from Elon Musk

World Stage: Ukraine with Victoria Nuland

Igor Lopatonok Twitter thread: Let’s talk about Victoria Nuland

Sarah Ashton, an American who enlisted in the Ukrainian military, joins CBS News from the trenches

Scotty D's Info Bombs: Sarah Ashton-Cirillo aka Michael John Cirillo Links To Gonzalo Lira

This Undercover Operative Says She Recruited the Proud Boys for the GOP [Republican Party]


White Helmets Rebranding—Earthquake Fundraisers

44:03 Petition: Lift sanctions on Syria. 461 Humanitarian Organizations call US Government to action

ABC: Who are the White Helmets? A group of ordinary Syrians doing the extraordinary

Blinken announces $100M more in earthquake aid during visit

Samantha Power on Twitter: "The scale of the destruction and suffering in Türkiye and Syria is unimaginable"

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield: The decision to open two additional border crossings into Syria is welcome but long overdue.

Qatar mobilises as second earthquake spikes death tolls in Turkey, Syria

UK Column article: White Helmets and Hala Systems—the grotesque militarisation of “humanitarianism” in Syria

UK Government commits to additional funding to the White Helmets to support search and rescue efforts in Syria

Avaaz earthquake emergency fundraiser

The White Helmets | Twitter

The White Helmets | YouTube

$316 million in support for less than 3,000 volunteers

(FCDO-funded) Chemonics—Final Report: Syria Regional Program II

21st Century Wire: John Pilger exposes White Helmets as “propaganda construct in Syria”

UK Column’s searchable FCDO Spending website


E2E encryption: Providers defy British Government

1:08:11 UK leads Western Europe's largest cyber warfare exercise

Online Safety Bill: End-to-End encryption fight


Alison Rose: From financial failure to energy efficiency

1:10:23 UK Government: Alison Rose appointed to help accelerate energy efficiency

Guardian: NatWest accused of 'unjust' profiteering after CEO paid £5.2m

Financial Conduct Authority: NatWest fined £264.8 million for anti-money laundering failures—under Alison Rose

BBC: Warning over future of British Steel as it cuts jobs


Neil Ferguson’s calculator at work again

1:14:30 UK Government—Investigation into the risk to human health of avian influenza (influenza A H5N1) in England: technical briefing 2

Mail: Do YOU live near a bird flu hot spot? Interactive map


And Finally—Queensland Thought Police

1:19:24 Queensland Police target divergent thought considered as dangerous