UK Column News - 24th April 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Global Defence Spending—The Sky Is The Limit

00:15 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute: Global military spending surges amid war, rising tensions and insecurity

The White House: Statement from President Joe Biden on Senate Passage of the National Security Package (April 23, 2024)

GOV.UK: PM announces ‘turning point’ in European security as UK set to increase defence spending to 2.5% by 2030 


British Tank Figures Are Tanking

05:15 GOV.UK: UK's most lethal tank rolls off the production lines

The British Army: Challenger 3

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land: RBSL to build next-generation Challenger 3 tanks in major boost for UK prosperity

Key Military: Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank

Entering service in August 1984, a total of 420 production examples were built across a seven-year period from 1983, but it never completely replaced its predecessor in service.

Popular Mechanics: Challenger 3: Meet the U.K.'s New Main Battle Tank

The British Army (2022): From crates to craters: The evolution of a battlefield revolution

UK Parliament: MoD Equipment Plan 2023–2033—Nineteenth Report of Session 2023–24 (PDF)

GOV.UK: PM to announce largest-ever military aid package to Ukraine on visit to Poland

The £500 million additional funding announced today—which takes us to £3 billion in UK military aid for Ukraine this financial year


Europe Needs To Fill The Empty Boots In Ukraine

10:29 UK Prime Minister (on X): 

We’re strengthening our defence partnership with Germany. Yesterday we announced we’re taking defence spending to 2.5% of GDP by 2030.

Foreign Affairs: Europe—but Not NATO—Should Send Troops to Ukraine

GOV.UK: Conflict-related sexual violence is not an inevitable consequence of war: UK statement at the UN Security Council


Legacy Media Brands Syria A Narcostate: Introducing ‘Captagon II’ 

13:14 Enab Baladi: “Captagon II” bill on its way to the Senate as part of urgent legislative package

Daily Star: ISIS terrorists taking 'superhuman drug' that makes them 'charge at tanks'

US Congressman French Hill: Press Release: Rep. Hill Provisions Included In Package Fighting Against Foreign Adversaries And Strengthening National Security

US Congressman French Hill: Release: Rep. Hill Statement On Visit To Syria

Asharq Al-Awsat: Protests Continue in Syria's Sweida as US Congressman Reportedly Contacts Druze Leader

Saudi Leaks (2021): Smuggling Captagon from Lebanon, a vast network run by princes of Al Saud


Jacqui Deevoy Presents ‘Playing God’: Now Free To Watch

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Food Scarcity, Food Wastage And The Green Hypocrisy 

32:55 GOV.UK (2023): SFI Handbook for the SFI 2023 offer

GOV.UK: SFI Handbook for the SFI 2023 offer—SFI 2023 handbook, version 6, April 2024 (PDF)

Harry's Farm (YouTube): Farm update plus why the National Food Strategy isn't working & higher food prices are on the way

UK Parliament: Food waste in the UK (PDF)

GOV.UK: UK National Action Plan for Open Government 2024–2025

UK Parliament: Planning for solar farms (PDF)

Michelle Donelan MP for Chippenham (Conservatives): Stop Lime Down Solar!

FIA (Fire Industry Association): A planned battery storage site raises explosion concerns


Israel Safer Than Hampstead? Jews Stand Up And Call Out The Propaganda 

42:02 The Telegraph: Britain’s Jews fear for their lives because Sir Mark Rowley is a weak coward (archived link)

LBC: Sunak 'appalled' by officer's threat to arrest Jewish man at pro-Palestine rally as calls mount for Met boss to quit

NPR: Concerns over antisemitism rise as Jews begin observing Passover 

Ynet: Number of Westerners seeking to make aliyah surges 


Terrorgram: Invented By Hope Not Hate

48:39 GOV.UK: Terrorgram added to list of proscribed terrorist organisations

GOV.UK: Proscribed terrorist groups or organisations

The Telegraph: Extreme Right-wing terrorist group Terrorgram to be banned in UK

Vox (2017): Terrorists' love for Telegram, explained

Politico: Kremlin delivers warning to Telegram boss after Moscow terror attack 

UK Parliament: Find in Hansard—Keyword: Hamas (1,557 results)

UK Parliament: Find in Hansard—Keyword: Terrorgram (0 results)

Hope Not Hate: State of HATE 2024

UK Ministry of Defence (Telegram): Official Telegram account for the UK Ministry of Defence


Generative A.I. And Gene Editing, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

56:32 Middlebury (2022): Militant Accelerationism Coalitions: A Case Study in Neo-Fascist Accelerationist Coalition Building Online

The New York Times: Generative A.I. Arrives in the Gene Editing World of CRISPR

Crispr Medicine News: Profluent Successfully Edits Human Genome with OpenCRISPR–1, the World’s First AI-Created and Open-Source Gene Editor

Profluent: Leadership

We create bespoke proteins for breakthrough medicines

The Spectator (on X): 

'Stay the hell out of it.' Andrew Neil's advice on what the government should do with the media

United Nations: Independent review panel releases final report on UNRWA