UK Column News - 23rd October 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Cheers From The Public Gallery In Parliament

​​00:34 Andrew Bridgen MP (YouTube): Adjournment Debate on Trends in Excess Deaths (Timestamped to the applause at the end of Bridgen’s speech)

​​Hansard: Trends in Excess Deaths—Volume 738: debated on Friday 20 October 2023

​​GOV.UK: Maria Caulfield MP

​​The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Mental Health and Women’s Health Strategy is responsible for: Patient safety, Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme, vaccines, Covid–19 vaccine deployment and uptake, routine immunisations and vaccinations, long Covid…

​​Office for National Statistics: Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 06 October 2023

​​Office for National Statistics: Half a million more people are out of the labour force because of long-term sickness 

​​Health Advisory And Recovery Team (HART): Trends in Excess Deaths, 20th October 2023

​​Matt Le Tissier (on X):

Wow, during Andrew Bridgen’s speech in Parliament today on excess deaths, these are the overlays that were put at the bottom of his live speech on the BBC.

​​TheyWorkForYou: Tuesday, 24 October 2023: Upcoming business

​​Rebekah Barnett (on X): Meme: House of Commons, where the empty benches say ‘Reserved for members sponsored by Pfizer’ 


​​The Economy: We Have Problems

​​10:45 The New York Times: U.S. Deficit, Pegged at $1.7 Trillion, Effectively Doubled in 2023

​​David Scott (on X): 

Add to this $1.2 Tr in QT and $5 Tr of existing debt stock to be rolled over in the next year = $8.2tr

​​Federal Reserve Economic Data: Federal government current expenditures: Interest payments

​​Federal Reserve Economic Data: Federal government current tax receipts 

​​Federal Reserve Economic Data: Federal debt: Total Public Debt


​​Funny Money Will Not Be People-Friendly

​​14:37 Reuters: Explainer: Scotland's "kilt" bonds—how might the debt plan work?

​​European Central Bank: Eurosystem proceeds to next phase of digital euro project

​​Reuters: Analysis: Time for central bank digital currencies to prove their worth

​​Kitco News: Mastercard pilot achieves breakthrough in CBDC interoperability

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​​UK Column Article: UN Moves to Advance Pandemic Treaty and Regulations, Signaling Urgent Need for Public Intervention

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​​The Main Ground War On Gaza Has Not Yet Been Launched; There Is Still Time For Diplomatic Talks

​​20:04 Reuters: Israel mounts limited Gaza ground raids as troops mass on border

​​The Times of Israel: IDF, settlers allegedly bind, strip, beat, burn, urinate on three Palestinians in West Bank

​​The Times of Israel: Lt. Col. Alim Abdallah, 40: Druze commander killed near Lebanon

​​OCHA: UN relief chief welcomes aid convoy to Gaza, says it must not be the last

​​Reuters: Global protests in support of Palestinians, rallies for hostages trapped in Gaza

​​Greta Thunberg (on X): 

Week 270. Today we strike in solidarity with Palestine and Gaza.

​​Notes From Poland: Israeli ambassador condemns “blatant antisemitism” at pro-Palestine march in Warsaw

​​Roman Sheremeta (on X): Image of a woman holding a sign reading: “Zionism Is New The Nazism


​​Civilian Refugees Fleeing War In Gaza

​​31:19 AP News: Republicans warn many Gaza refugees could be headed for the U.S. Here’s why that’s unlikely

​​AP News: Biden is dangling border security money to try to get billions more for Israel and Ukraine


​​Let’s Look At Who Is Banging The War Drums

​​35:37 GOV.UK: PM meeting with President el-Sisi of Egypt: 20 October 2023

​​GOV.UK: PM meeting with the President of the Palestinian Authority: 20 October 2023

​​The Prime Minister met President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, in Cairo today.

​​The Independent: Sunak and Biden in joint push with allies to prevent Israel-Hamas war spreading

​​GOV.UK: Defence Secretary Grant Shapps visits US for urgent talks in support of global stability amid Gaza-Israel crisis

​​Daily Express: UK has pivotal role to play as valued broker, says Grant Shapps

​​U.S. Department of Defense: Statement From Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III on Steps to Increase Force Posture 

​​American Enterprise Institute: Discussing the Trajectory of the War in Israel


​​Let's Look At Who Is Advocating For Peace

​​43:02 Essa Ali (on X): 

Cairo Peace Summit: Western representatives wanted the statement to include only a condemnation of Hamas movement, while they refused to condemn Israel for killing thousands of civilians in Gaza. Then Arab side refused to condemn Hamas.

​​Ahram Online: Cairo Peace Summit: Arab leaders urge halting Gaza war but European officials want Israel to 'defend' itself

​​UN News: At Cairo Peace Summit, Guterres stresses need for sustained humanitarian aid to Gaza 


​​Ideas Flown To The Media To Try And Look Good For Five Minutes But No Substance 

​​44:38 Herald Scotland: Call for Police Scotland to face 'political activism' review

​​Holyrood (2019): Susan Deacon resigns as chair of the Scottish Police Authority, saying police governance is ‘fundamentally flawed’

​​Herald Scotland: The Scottish Centre of Teaching Excellence: Examining the new proposal

​​Scottish Union for Education (on X): 

The SNP see education as a tool to promote their political objectives from gender ideology to critical race theory.


​​When That Elusive Atmospheric Sweet Spot Is Achieved And Net Zero Is Heralded As The New Reality

​​48:20 Rachel Carson Council: Scientists lay out a sweeping roadmap for transitioning the US off fossil fuels

​​National Academies: New Report Provides Comprehensive Plan to Meet U.S. Net-Zero Goals and Ensure Fair and Equitable Energy Transition

​​Earth Science: Are fossil fuels really formed from fossils?


​​David Scott Asks Several Politicians What They Mean, Exactly, By ‘Free Palestine’

​​53:33 Steven Bonnar MP (on X): 

​​Coatbridge was one of the first towns in Scotland to open our hearts and homes to the Ukrainian refugees—and we will do the very same for the Palestinians.

​​David Scott (on X): 

I have been asking several politicians today what they mean, exactly, by ‘Free Palestine’. So far I have not received a single answer from any politician and only incoherent ones from their fans.

​​Fox News: Son of founding Hamas leader issues stark warning

​​Plain Sight: Why is ‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ trying to silence Arab voices?

​​Yoseph Haddad (YouTube): What happened when I came to register for the Palestinian club at Oakland University