UK Column News - 22nd September 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


Media Bill: Next Stage Of Censorship

00:23 GOV.UK (2018): Matt Hancock on 'The Future of the Media' at the Oxford Media Convention 

GOV.UK (2020): Online Harms White Paper: Full Government Response to the consultation

The House of Commons Library: Media Bill: policy background—

enable Ofcom to introduce a video-on-demand code to protect UK audiences from harmful material

UK Column article (2014): ATVOD: A Major Risk To Freedom of Speech on the Internet

Digital TV Europe (2015): Ofcom to take over VoD regulation from ATVOD

GOV.UK: Open consultation: Regulation of additional electronic programme guides


Russell Brand: Trial By Media—Guns Out For Him In Parliament And Spookworld

09:21 UK Parliament: Caroline Dinenage’s letter to Rumble directing it to demonetise Brand 

The Grayzone: Intel-linked UK official pushing censorship of Russell Brand

TheyWorkForYou: Caroline Dinenage, Conservative MP for Gosport 

Parallel Parliament: Ministry of Defence debates—Afzal Khan (Oral Answers to Questions)


Zelensky Gets Edited Into The Crowd For His Own Speech At UN General Assembly

15:22 DD Geopolitics (Telegram): The turnout for Zelensky’s UN speech was pretty awful so the Ukrainian Propaganda Machine decided to edit in the crowd

CNN: Opinion: The myth of the 'wonder weapon'

Seymour Hersh (Substack): Zelensky's 'Bad Moment' (paywall)


Net Zero: Two Steps Forward, One Step Backwards To Gain Support

22:48 Sky News: Did Rishi Sunak 'scrap' net zero measures—or were they not even policies?

Sky News (Farm video): Rishi Sunak 'absolutely confident' UK will hit international and domestic net zero targets


Sir Keir Getting Ready For His Next WEF Podium Position

30:13 Sustainable Markets Initiative: Building a Sustainable Future

The Royal Family: The King unveils the Astra Carta seal at a Space Sustainability Reception at Buckingham Palace

BBC: King Charles impresses Paris while the rest of France shrugs

BBC: Keir Starmer holds 'get to know you' talks with France's President Macron


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On Guard for the Liberty of Mankind—Saturday 30 September 2023

Event: Matt Campbell and Piers Robinson: The Official Story vs. The Truth—Saturday 30 September 2023, 13:30

UK Government and Parliament petition: Pause the Energy Bill and hold a public referendum before proceeding

Next livestream: An Exposé of the HPV Vaccine with the Science and Safety Behind It—Friday 17:55

Event: Safe Schools For Kids: End Indoctrination Now, 28 September 2023, 1:30 pm, George Square, Glasgow


Depleted Ukrainium: Contaminated Grain In Ukraine

37:33 UKR Leaks Eng (Telegram):

Meanwhile, in Poland, harmful substances were found in Ukrainian grain just in time. The Control Chamber claims that out of 73 samples imported from Ukraine, salmonella was detected in 17, pesticides in 17 more, GMOs in 11 and myotoxins in six. In addition, experts found mercury, cadmium, lead and iron.

Food Co. DAO (on X): 

Some NATO members extending ban on imports of Ukrainian crop, ban is in place to prevent contaminated food entering food supply chain.

Reuters: Ukraine pushes for diplomatic solution with Poland, Slovakia on grain

EURACTIV: Banned pesticides found in Ukraine agri imports prove sticky point


Migration: “When Villagers Were Made Aware, It Was Already Too Late"

42:46 Daily Mail: Our sleepy village streets will be overrun with 'young men' when luxury four-star spa becomes the second hotel to house hundreds of migrants near town

Google search: Do councils get paid to take asylum seekers?”

While councils receive £8,520 for each Syrian refugee they resettle under the scheme, G4S, Serco and Clearel—the private companies that won six contracts to house all of Britain's asylum seekers in March 2012—get just £3,500 to house each asylum seeker.

BBC: Migrant hotel costs rise to £8m a day, Home Office figures show

GOV.UK (2021): Afghan citizens resettlement scheme

Daily Mail (2021): French presidential hopeful Michel Barnier vows to tear up border treaty with Britain and let all migrants travel to the UK to claim asylum after 'petulant' Macron's bust-up with Boris over tragedy that killed 27

United Nations (2021): Governments adopt global migration pact to help ‘prevent suffering and chaos’

Breitbart (2018): Death of Peter Sutherland, Mass Migration Advocate Dubbed ‘Father of Globalisation’

UK Column News—1st December 2021


Terrorist Groups Operating In Syria Control Food And Aid

52:27 The Independent (YouTube): Israeli ambassador holds up photo of Mahsa Amini during Iranian president's UN speech

Jerusalem Post: Israel's UN envoy waves Mahsa Amini photo during Iranian president's speech

The Cradle: Iran's top medical association blasts The Lancet for 'spreading disinformation'

The Cradle: An Israeli role in Syria's Suwayda protests

Syrian Emergency Task Force (on X):

We are thrilled to announce that today we broke the years-long siege on the Rukban camp in southern Syria

MintPress News: Facts On The Ground: Voices From Syria's Rukban Refugee Camp

CBS News: Syria protests gain steam, challenging Bashar Assad as he tries to put the civil war behind him

Reuters: China urges deeper trade ties with Russia despite Western rebuke