UK Column News - 21st October 2022

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today's UK Column News.


PM's resignation

00:25 Liz and the Lettuce

Dmitry Medvedev tweet

Daily Star celebrates lettuce's victory


Encroaching dictatorship

01:52 Chaos holding off legislation outcomes

03:29 Covert Human Intelligence criminal dictatorship 

08:25 Online Safety Bill updated today: still no proof of "psychological harm" needed

10:43 Insight Vox: Diane Sare—kept away from the voters in New York on the same pretext: mentioning Russia is upsetting


French protests

14:54 Brutal policing: inspired by what foreign training?


Middle East

19:41 Cast Thy Bread: Israel's secret typhus biowarfare of 1948 confirmed

Haaretz article 1

Haaretz article 2

Israeli research abstract


21:59 Ethnic cleansing of Palestine described by David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Dayan

Haaretz article (2018): 97% of Gaza drinking water polluted


30:37 Iran's support for Russia

UK Government sanctions Iran for supplying Russia with "kamikaze drones"


US midterm elections on 8 November

36:47 Russian collusion again?

Yahoo! Finance claims "hybrid war" interference

AP News: Biden releases strategic petroleum reserves—just for an electoral bounce


42:25 Tulsi Gabbard's resignation sends shockwaves through the Democratic Party

NBC News report

AP News claims "election deniers" are a big problem in Patrick Henningsen's swing state, Arizona


46:39 Arizona: three young Republicans contending for state's key offices

Clip: Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake decries “a crock of BS” in press call


52:04 Kari Lake maligned as an "anti-vaxxer"

Clip: Lake promises to "fight back with every fibre in our being"



56:11 ONS September retail sales figures

UK Government debt: worst ratio since 1963



1:00:08 Are vaccines really safe and effective?

Nasdaq reports Pfizer raising Covid jab price due to private insurance switch

CNN Health on US school vaccine schedule: Covid loophole is keeping emergency use authorization (EUA) in place

Blaze Media: US Coast Guard (branch of military) used machine template to deny jab exemptions


1:06:41 CNN tries polio fear

21st Century Wire: video on Rockefeller Institute and polio fraud

Previous UK Column content on polio scaremongering


1:10:23 ONS all-cause mortality figures (England & Wales)

Graphs on screen: Is the spike being massaged down by recalculation of five-year averages?