UK Column News - 21st February 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet, David Bell and James Roguski with today's UK Column News.


Sneer Karma: Sir Keir Starmer Now Calls For Ceasefire To Appease SNP And Labour Backbenchers 

00:24 The Guardian: Labour calls for ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’ in Gaza

Robert Peston (on X): 

UPDATE I understand Keir Starmer will order his MPs to vote against the SNP’s motion calling for a Gaza ceasefire for the reason I explain below (he hates the SNP’s charge that Israel is engaging in the collective punishment of Palestinians). He knows many of his MPs will rebel against this three-line whip.The stakes will be highest for members of his frontbench team, because they would be sacked if they vote in opposition to his instructions

Haaretz: Israeli Finance Minister Sparks Outrage After Saying Returning Gaza Hostages 'Not Most Important Thing' (Archived)

Algeria Gaza ceasefire resolution—US veto, UK abstention

Al Mayadeen: Algeria calls for UNSC vote on Gaza ceasefire, US says will veto

UN: Israel-Gaza crisis: US vetoes Security Council resolution


Lies, Damned Lies, And The Office For National Statistics

11:24 Office for National Statistics (on X): 

Deaths registered in England and Wales in Week 6 were 2.0% lower than the expected number (251 fewer deaths).

ONS: Find out more about our new method for estimating the number of excess deaths, replacing the use of five-year averages

Office for National Statistics: Excess deaths—a new methodology and better understanding

Office for National Statistics: Estimating excess deaths in the UK, methodology changes

Brownstone Institute: Rational Policy over Panic

University of Leeds: REevaluating the Pandemic Preparedness And REsponse agenda (REPPARE)

David Bell on Twitter/X


Charles Malet Visits An African Manufacturer Of Syringes: Revital 

24:30 Revital Healthcare: Press Release: Revital Healthcare EPZ Ltd. Achieves WHO Prequalification for Early-Activation Auto-Disable Syringe: A Milestone for African Manufacturing and Immunization Programming

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2023): Amid surging demand for syringes, a new investment supports long-term supply on the African continent 

In July 2023, Revital Healthcare became the first-ever African manufacturer approved by the WHO to produce early activation auto-disable syringes—a milestone that will help diversify the geographic supplier base of syringes and strengthen manufacturing capacity in Africa, allowing for rapid and sustainable vaccine delivery on the continent.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2021): Revital Healthcare (EPZ) Limited

World Health Organization (WHO): Malaria vaccine implementation programme

Africa CDC: Malaria

GSK: New partnership between GSK and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to accelerate research into vaccines for global health needs

Sage Journals: Sustainable waste management of medical waste in African developing countries: A narrative review


James Roguski With A Pandemic Treaty Update

34:40 James Roguski—STOP THE TREATY

Top 12 Reasons to #StopTheTreaty

  1. Framework Convention (Article 21)
  2. Massive Bureaucracy (Articles 21–26)
  3. Billions of Dollars (Article 20)
  4. Massive Expansion of the PHEIC (Article 10)
  5. Pathogen Access Benefit Sharing System (Article 12)
  6. WHO Coordinated Laboratory Network (Article 1)
  7. Global Supply Chain and Logistics Network (Article 13)
  8. One Health Surveillance (Articles 4-5)
  9. Gain of Function (Article 24)
  10. Speeding up Regulatory Approval Of Drugs (Article 14)
  11. Failure To Hold Big Pharma Liable For Harms (Article 15)
  12. Censorship (Article 18)


Updates And Announcements

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UK Column interview: Heating Up The Climate Debate—David Siegel

Forthcoming UK Column symposium: The Midazolam Murders: Exposing State-sanctioned Involuntary Euthanasia—6 pm, Sunday 25 February 2024

UK Column interview: Demanding a New Inquest into a 9/11 Death: Matt Campbell and Ted Walter


UN Report On Abuse And Torture Of Palestinian Women Detainees 

43:40 OHCHR: Israel/Occupied Palestinian Territories: UN experts appalled by reported human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls

Videos: Quds News Network on Telegram 


African Agenda 2063 Education Sponsored By Bill Gates

50:00 African Union: 37th AU Summit

African Union Education Program (on X): 

Exciting news! The year 2024 is dedicated to Education in Africa, offering a unique opportunity for the African Union to revitalize efforts towards achieving CESA and SDG4 targets. Let's seize this moment to transform education and shape the future of Africa! 

African Union: Agenda 2063

Assembly Of The African Union: Thirty-Seventh Ordinary Sessions: 17, 18 February 2024 Agenda (PDF)

UNESCO: UNESCO and the pre-launch of the African Union's theme for 2024

including UN agencies such as UNECA, UNESCO, UNICEF, WFP; partner institutions (EU, AfDB); NGOs (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, GPE)

UNESCO UIS (2021): Bridging CESA and SDG 4 in Africa (PDF)

African Union: Digital Education Strategy and Implementation Plan

Oracle Blogs: Oracle Academy presents on education collaborations at the Ninth Annual African Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation in South Africa, recognized for transformative impact in Africa

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: Fast-Tracking Africa’s Future: How the TBI Digital Academy Is Supporting National Transformation

Oracle: Press Release: Tony Blair Institute and Oracle Launch Africa Vaccine Management in the Cloud

Welcome to the United Nations:  Identity For Africa ID4Africa—Sustainable Development #SDGAction40468

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: ID4Africa

Biometric Update: History repeats with Kenyan High Court blocking Maisha Namba for lack of DPIA


Julian Assange: UK-US Extradition Treaty (2007) Prohibits Extradition For A Political Offence

58:27 Extradition Act 2003

GOV.UK: Extradition Treaty

Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense.

Declassified Media Ltd: Julian Assange judge previously acted for MI6

Ofcom: Ofcom opens new due impartiality investigation into GB News

GOV.UK: Australia and the United Kingdom join forces to advance online safety and security

GOV.UK: UK-Australia cooperation in online safety and security: memorandum of understanding