UK Column News - 21st August 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Food For Thought, Or Perhaps Not

00:21 GOV.UK: Countryside Stewardship: get funding to protect and improve the land you manage 

GOV.UK: Landscape Recovery: round one

GOV.UK: Environmental land management schemes: details of actions and payments

GOV.UK: An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024 (PDF)

GOV.UK: Environmental Improvement Plan 2023

GOV.UK: Deadline for Countryside Stewardship applications extended 

GOV.UK: Latest application window opens for 2024 Countryside Stewardship agreements 



WHO Wants Digital Health Certificates?

06:46 World Health Organization: WHO Director-General's opening remarks at G20 Health Ministers meeting—Inaugural session

This important initiative will support the WHO Global Strategy on Digital Health, and amplify other initiatives including the WHO Global Digital Health Certification Network.


Guess Who’s Back Again? Coroni’s Back—Tell A Friend

11:07 GOV.UK: Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the UK

Independent: Updated Covid vaccines are nearly ready as alarm grows over new variant’s rapid spread


Father Ted’s Writer Too Naughty For Real-Life Bishop Brennans And Mrs Doyles: Venues Required After Cancelled Comedy

12:12 Yahoo: Fringe event featuring Graham Linehan cancelled after backlash

The Telegraph: Cancelling Graham Linehan proves that the word ‘inclusive’ has lost all meaning

Comedy Unleashed—Follow this organiser to stay informed on future events

The Times: Graham Linehan may take legal action after Fringe venue cancels show

Daily Mail: Lesbian speed dating event is accused of transphobia for saying only 'adult human females' can attend - after concern when would-be matchmaker 'turned up in a purple latex outfit... with an erection'

UK Column article: Does the recruitment of “leftist” anarchists to fight in Anglo-American proxy wars amount to Operation Gladio Mark 2?

UK Column article: In the Absence of Order (syndicated piece by Colin Robertson, alias Millennial Woes)

UK Column article: Bilderberg: Beyond the Meetings, Part 1: Big Tech & Big Media Interests Busily Branching Out

Rally for Peace and Freedom: Glasgow Green, Commonwealth Monument, 1 pm, Saturday, 26 August


Pandemic Preparedness—Move to Moderna, Van-Tam’s Little Earner

23:22 LinkedIn: Moderna’s Post: Moderna is delighted to announce that Professor Sir Jonathan Van-Tam has been appointed as a part-time consulting Clinical Advisor

Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation: New pandemic preparedness structure

for US biological strategic plans (PDF)

EcoHealth Alliance: Homepage “Who stands between you and the next pandemic?”

The White House: FACT SHEET: White House Launches Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy


Structural Shifts In The Global Economy

31:58 Bloomberg: Powell to Speak Aug. 25 at Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: About the Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium

Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium: View the previous agendas and programs

The Truth Hound: Raising Interest Rates Akin to Giving Patient ‘Chemo’: Which Dies First, Inflation or the Economy? 


Real Estate Troubles

41:32 CNN:  Evergrande's bankruptcy may be just the beginning of China's real estate crisis

South China Morning Post: Is China’s property crisis at breaking point? Country Garden heads for debt workout while Sino-Ocean misses payments 

Nikkei Asia: China's property downturn spreads to trophy office buildings

Financial Times: China's housing market is . . . not good

The New York Times: China Suspends Report on Youth Unemployment, Which Was at a Record High

Al Jazeera: China’s central bank cuts key interest rate amid concerns for economy

Financial Times: Financial storm bears down on US commercial real estate


IceSave—I Say! A Decade And A Half Since The Last Folly, Local Councils Seek New Finance Options

45:50 BBC: Black hole in town hall budgets rises to £5bn

Labour (2022): A New Britain: Renewing our Democracy and Rebuilding our Economy

(Previously discussed on UK Column News, 26 July 2023)

13. Local government should be given more capacity to generate its own revenue with new fiscal powers.

Plymouth Herald: Plymouth City Council accounts not approved after it bought £70m of shares

Kent County Council: Money deposited in Icelandic banks

The Guardian: Woking council may face £1bn hit from property investment spree

The Guardian: Thurrock council hid losses as it gambled millions on risky investments

The Guardian (2012):  BCCI scandal: long legal wrangling over collapsed bank


Take It From Us, The Hicks Are Misguided: How Do The Narrative Mouthpieces React To Runaway Hit Oliver Anthony? 

49:02 Deadline: Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ Is No. 1 On Apple, Spotify, iTunes, Climbing On Billboard Hot 100

The Atlantic: The Misguided Debate Over 'Rich Men North of Richmond'

The Guardian: The protest song that’s taken America by storm hits too many false notes—Kenan Malik

The Independent: Viral ‘right-wing anthem’ by country singer Oliver Anthony branded ‘offensive’ and ‘fatphobic’

The Telegraph: Rich men north of Richmond: The viral hit song damning the DC elite

Country Cast (YouTube):  Rich Men North of Richmond Singer Oliver Anthony Gets Emotional Reading Bible Verse 


The Percentage Of The Globe That Burns Each Year Has Been Declining Since 2001

56:22 Wall Street Journal: Climate Change Hasn't Set the World on Fire

In 2022, the last year for which there are complete data, the world hit a new record-low of 2.2% burned area. Yet you’ll struggle to find that reported anywhere. Instead, the media acts as if the world is ablaze. In late 2021, the New York Times employed more than 40 staff on a project called “Postcards from a World on Fire,” headed by a photorealistic animation of the world in flames. Its explicit goal was to convince readers of the climate crisis’…

Reuters: Cargill[-]chartered ship sets sail to test wind power at sea

International Maritime Organization: Revised GHG reduction strategy for global shipping adopted


Banana Warfare

57:57 GOV.UK: Learning from artificial intelligence with gaming


And Finally: Nicola Sturgeon's Cellmate—Dominic Frisby

1:00:14 Blackbird Documentaries (YouTube): Comedy Unleashed, Graham Linehan, Scottish Parliament, August 17th 2023 Edinburgh Fringe

Comedy Unleashed (YouTube): Nicola Sturgeon's Cellmate—Dominic Frisby