UK Column News - 20th September 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Online Safety Bill Nodded Through—The Shutting-Up Of Jab Victims Exemplifies The Pernicious Nature of Such Censorship

00:19 Parliamentary Bills: Online Safety Bill

GOV.UK: Britain makes internet safer, as Online Safety Bill finished and ready to become law 

Ofcom: Ofcom welcomes the Online Safety Bill passing final stage in parliament

UK Column Article (2021): The Online Safety Act—An Act of Betrayal

World Economic Forum: How the UK's Online Safety Bill could transform the internet

UK Column timeline: Censored (2014–present)

The Telegraph: People injured or bereaved by Covid vaccines ‘speak in code online over censorship fears’

UK Covid Inquiry: Timestamp of Anna Morris KC addressing the Inquiry on vaccine injury victims and their censorship


Ukraine Attacks Russia’s Key Black Sea Fleet Base With UK Missiles

09:30 The Telegraph: Russian submarine hit by British Storm Shadow missile strike 

Defense Express: Photos That Appeared on Network Show That the Rostov-na-Donu Submarine Damaged by the Ukrainians is Unlikely to Be Restored

Daily Mail: First pictures show devastating close-up damage to Putin's submarine Rostov-on-Don in Storm Shadow strike


Net Zero: First Election Casualty

13:24 Financial Post: Sunak's Green Rollback Imperils Britain's 2050 Net Zero Target

Reuters: UK net-zero 'pragmatism' is an odd way to get real

Car Dealer Magazine: Automotive industry hits out at government as potential U-turn on 2030 ban sparks Tory civil war

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On Guard for the Liberty of Mankind—Saturday 30 September 2023

Event: Matt Campbell and Piers Robinson: The Official Story v.s The Truth—Saturday 30 September 2023, 13:30

UK Government and Parliament petition: Pause the Energy Bill and hold a public referendum before proceeding


Inflation, Interest And Out-Of-Control Debt

21:40 Office for National Statistics: Inflation and price indices

The Peter G. Peterson Foundation: What Is the National Debt Costing Us?

FRED Economic Research: Federal government current expenditures: Interest payments

FRED Economic Research: Federal government current tax receipts

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: Living with High Public Debt—Serkan Arslanalp and Barry Eichengreen±August 2023

UK Office for Budget Responsibility: Debt interest (central government, net of APF)

Trading Economics: United Kingdom Interest Payments On Government Debt

Financial Times: UK to run up highest debt interest bill in developed world

Financial Times: UK government debt to reach 310% of GDP by 2070s, fiscal watchdog warns


UK Medical Monitoring Worldwide

28:58 GOV.UK: UKHSA strategic plan 2023 to 2026

GB News: Biohazard tents erected in Dover as alert issued after arrival of migrants from France 

Wales Online: Soaring cases of ancient sex disease which can show no symptoms and may soon be untreatable

Daily Mail: UK health chiefs 'closely monitoring' outbreak of deadly virus in India

Evening Standard: Children with ‘sore throats and runny noses’ better off at school, says Chris Whitty

ITV: London school children could face three-week isolation if unvaccinated against measles

Independent: Unvaccinated hotspots mapped as London faces major measles outbreak

GOV.UK: Professor Graham Cooke


Brand Was Not Accused Before He Broke From Mainstream

37:57 The Times: Russell Brand accused of rape, sexual assaults and abuse

Several said they felt compelled to do so given Brand's newfound prominence as an online wellness influencer.

BBC: Do ‘disaster trolls’ believe the conspiracy theories they promote? By Marianna Spring


Child Sex And Witchcraft Ring Trial In Glasgow

43:28 Glasgow Times: 11 on trial accused of being involved in child sex and witchcraft ring

Glasgow Times: Alleged victim of child sex ring was 'shut in oven and fridge'

The Guardian (2022): Nicola Sturgeon issues apology for ‘historical injustice’ of witch hunts


Shades Of Stalin's Nanny: Canada's Theresa Tam Wants Masks To Be ‘Normalised’

46:35 CANZUK International: Promoting closer ties between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

GOV.UK (2021): MHRA releases guidance in collaboration with Health Canada to improve patient safety in clinical trials through improving the quality of Development Safety Update Reports 

Public Health Agency of Canada: Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO): Dr. Theresa Tam's biography

CTV News (YouTube): Dr. Tam's holiday health check with the North Pole

National Post: Theresa Tam recommends masks and updated Covid vaccines this fall 

imdB: Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague (2010)—Theresa Tam


The Spread Of Devolved And Local Governments Not Working For The People

52:35 Welsh Government: Oral Statement: 20mph default speed limit on restricted roads

Transport for Wales: Default 20mph Speed Limit on Restricted Roads—Phase 1

Sky News: More than 50,000 sign petition calling for Wales's 20mph default speed limit to be scrapped (now standing at over 300,000; 10% of the Welsh population)

North Wales Live: Confusion for drivers as 20mph speed sign vandalism spreads to Gwynedd

Cornwall Council: Speed limit to be reduced to 20mph in more communities

BBC: Next areas to see 20mph speed limits in Cornwall revealed

BBCWales' 20mph speed limits: More being considered


The Times Reports The Fornethy Horrors—Don't Mention UK Column

55:42 The Times: Girls abused at residential school urged to come forward

Original UK Column article: Fornethy—The Fairbairn Connections

The National: Former social worker sentenced for historical child cruelty

She was given a community service order for 300 hours of unpaid work when she returned to the court for sentencing on Monday, the Crown Office [Scottish state prosecutor] said.