UK Column News - 20th February 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Protests; Lockdown Prosecutions Dropped

00:28 STOP OXFORD—No 15-Minute Cities

Daily Sceptic: Crown Prosecution Service discontinues prosecution of two Stroud (Gloucestershire) freedom activists, Marcus Blackett and Richard House

Rage Against the War Machine—Chants of “Blowing up pipelines is a war crime” and “No NATO, no war!” in the streets of Washington DC right now

Patrick Henningsen explains NAFO (The North Atlantic Fella Organization) 

Stop the War Coalition: Stop the War in Ukraine—Central London on Sat 25 February


Vast Infringements of Liberty

14:04 RMX News: EU pushes to stamp out Polish constitution, assert power of EU courts over Polish law

Daily Mail reports that Yes Minister and The Thick of It were among the satire programmes flagged by beleaguered counter-terror Prevent scheme

Racket News: The West's Betrayal of Freedom

Sky News: Liz Truss warns that 'authoritarian regimes' are trying to create 'a new world order'


Rishi and Ben at Munich

22:56 David Lammy at Munich Security Conference

David Lammy sounding like a Tory at Chatham House

Lammy boasts of his meeting with Bill Gates

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak makes a speech at Munich Security Conference 2023

Ben Wallace spoke about the nuclear order and challenges for transatlantic defence (with mic troubles)


Ukraine: Inconvenient Battles Underreported

37:58 BBC not reporting on Ukraine or the Munich Security Conference

Defense Politics Asia reports: Where Ukraine will withdraw to after the fall of Bakhmut

Ukraine sending young women to war

First Post: UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace noted that NATO has to face the painful truth that “our armies have been more or less hollowed out over the last 30 years”

Recommended viewing: The New Atlas (Brian Berletic)

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—20 February 2023

BBC: Zelensky hails 'historic' day as Biden makes surprise visit to Kyiv

Times of Israel: Russia condemns Israeli strike on Syria as ‘flagrant violation’ of international law


Immigration: UK and US

51:12 Guardian: Asylum seekers ‘living in fear’ as more UK anti-migrant protests planned

Wesley Russell asks, "What are they fleeing from?"

The Mexican Government has accused Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Arizona) of gun trafficking and promoting murder

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Scottish Leadership Race

1:10:58 The Scotsman: The bookies' favourite, Angus Robertson, confirms he will not stand for SNP leadership

Ash Regan: A slightly better version of Nicola Sturgeon is possible

Telegraph: Humza Yousaf, once dubbed 'the worst health secretary on record', bemuses some as Ash Regan also throws her hat in the ring

Kate Forbes' SNP leadership campaign launch upstages Nicola Sturgeon’s preferred successor

Guardian: Kate Forbes’ religious beliefs could stall her bid to succeed Sturgeon

UK Column Fornethy House conference video coming soon


And Finally: Prying Plymouth Pooch Protection Proctors

1:20:39 Daily Express: Sinister council wardens follow pensioners walking their dogs

Plymouth Herald: The plain-clothes officers even followed Judy to the toilet

Plymouth City Council: Public Spaces Protection Order Control of Dogs 2020