UK Column News - 20th December 2023

Brian Gerrish, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


£18.4bn For Policing, Ostensibly To Better Protect The Public

00:27 GOV.UK: Police to get funding boost to cut crime and keep public safe

Police to receive up to £843m next year to better protect the public, taking total to up to £18.4bn.

GOV.UK: Police super-complaints 

Statewatch (2020): The Misuse of Section 44 stop and search powers continues despite European Court ruling (PDF)

UK Column article: Search without suspicion: The Serious Violence Reduction Order


Bank of England Was Primarily Founded To Fund War Against France

06:47 Bank of England: Explainers: the economy made simple

BoE: Bank of England explainer on 'What is the Bank of England?'

BoE: Mike Anson, Archive Manager, shows the first ‘Bank stock ledger’ from 1694

UK Parliament: The Financial Revolution

UK Column article: Call To Action—Budget Day, 19 March (2014)


Red Sea Shipping: Operation Prosperity Guardian

19:10 US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III (on X):

Yesterday, I met with Minister Gantz in Israel. I emphasized U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself from terrorism while minimizing harm to civilians and increasing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

The Guardian: US announces creation of multinational operation in Red Sea after attacks from Yemen’s Houthis—as it happened

Politico: US weighs strike options to deter Houthis from more Red Sea attacks 

Al Mayadeen English: US pushing Red Sea into war zone to protect Israeli genocide in Gaza

Press TV: Yemen says it will turn Red Sea into ‘graveyard’ after US announces maritime coalition 

Qudsn (on X): 

The first batch of commercial shipments loaded with fresh foodstuffs arrive from Dubai to Israel, through the new alternative land bridge to the Red Sea, via Dubai ports, passing through Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The length of the alternative bridge is (two thousand kilometers) and takes The trip is two days.

Al Mayadeen English: Israel and UAE to establish land bridge between ports: Israeli media

Al Mayadeen English: Yemen forces UAE to send freight by land to Israel through Saudi Arabia


Updates And Announcements

30:04 Please Join Us: UK Column Community

UK Column Shop:

UK Column data repository: UK Situation Room: Pfizer/Moderna Document Analysis

UK Column interview: Pfizer Report 89: Based On A Lie—with Chris Flowers

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Down With This Sort Of Thing!—Graham Linehan On What Happens To People Speaking Out On Trans Issues, 1 pm Thursday


Mixed Media Messages On Russia-Ukraine War

32:27 Sky News: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says 'we want to bring down the tax burden'

GOV.UK: UK bolsters support for Ukraine and low-income countries

…taking this year’s total to $1 billion and the total amount pledged by the UK in support of Ukraine to £6.5 billion […]

Kyiv Post: Ukraine’s Air Defenses to Get Beefier, Zelensky Announces More Patriots Soon

BBC: Ukraine war: Kyiv forced to cut military operations as foreign aid dries up

The Independent: Zelensky says Ukraine could mobilise another 500,000 soldiers against Putin’s war

Free Russia Channel (YouTube): Recent Russian Advance Threatens A Massive Encirclement


John Edwards, UK's Information Commissioner: “Privacy is a right, not a privilege”

39:08 International Commissioner’s Office: Information Commissioner seeks permission to appeal Clearview AI Inc. ruling

Innocence Project: When Artificial Intelligence Gets It Wrong

ClearView AI: Ukraine


Neom, The Line City Abutting Israel

48:35 Neom Directory: The NEOM project is located in Tabuk

NEOM (YouTube): What is The Line?

Global Research: “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

The Times Of Israel: As Saudis sell city of the future, investors and critics see a desert mirage

Hart Energy: Red Sea: The Middle East’s Untapped Oil, Gas Region 

Haaretz: Red Sea Floor Is Leaking Vast Amounts of Gas, Scientists Discover

UK Column interview: Léon Krier looks at linear super-city Neom


Policy And Legislative Changes Affecting Migration To The UK

54:45 GOV.UK: Policy and legislative changes affecting migration to the UK


Putting A Value On The Environment/Air

56:21 British Christmas Tree Growers' Association: Christmas Tree Fun Facts

Forest Research: Forestry Statistics and Forestry Facts & Figures

Forest Research: Forestry Facts & Figures 2023 (PDF)

Grown In Britain: New Woodlands and Natural Capital

National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory: UK Emissions Interactive Map

GOV.UK: Enabling a Natural Capital Approach guidance

Find Government Grants Service: England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)

GOV.UK: UK greenhouse gas emissions statistics 

GOV.UK: Policy paper: Government food strategy