UK Column News - 1st May 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Richard Lucas.


​​Jose Vega Makes Reasonable Points To The Failed Press

​​00:28 Extra evacuation flight from Port Sudan announced

​​Jose Vega speaks the truth at Columbia Journalism School Panel 

​​Josa Vega: full clip


​​Transgender Activism And Censorship

​​07:22 Adult Human Female film sparks Edinburgh University protest

​​Guest Richard Lucas

​​Levi Pay’s photos of trans rights protesters

​​The Scottish Sun: Drag row Scots venue cancel controversial kids’ cabaret event featuring male stripper

​​Joanna Cherry Fringe event cancelled amid Stand 'staffing fears'

​​EHRC accused of ‘Kafkaesque silencing’ by withholding trans report 

​​New Discourse: The concept of tolerance


​​School Library Pornography

​​21:08 Texas town upset by Book-Ban, considers closing library

​​Top 13 most challenged books of 2022

​​ALA calls for national day of action to protect the freedom to read, designates Right to Read Monday for 2023 National Library Week

​​NY Post: Dems, don’t tell us we need to ‘Shhh!’ Our kids’ school libraries are full of guides on sex acts and gender confusion 


​​RFK Jr Addresses His Climate Stance

​​31:39 US presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr says:

​​Climate issues and pollution issues are being exploited by the WEF and Bill Gates and all of these mega-billionaires the same way that COVID was exploited—to use it as an excuse to clamp down top-down totalitarian controls.


​​Apeel: Coating Fruit and Veg

​​34:20 What is Apeel?

​​Evans Apeel (cleaner and degreaser) has no relation to Apeel Sciences and should not be used to preserve fruits and vegetables

​​Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: aPEEL Technology, Inc.

​​Krysten's Kitchen: The Dangerous Chemical Bill Gates Is Coating Your Organic Produce With


​​Restrictions On Encryption

​​38:20 Open Letter to the British Government Regarding the Online Safety Bill

​​Indian Goverment Bans 14 Messaging Apps Said To Be Leveraged By Pakistan-Linked Terrorists


​​Where Have We Heard That Before? US Banking System Is “Sound and Resilient”

​​39:54 First Republic on the brink as shares in US bank plunge again 

​​US regulator asks banks including JPMorgan and PNC to bid for First Republic

​​Review of the Federal Reserve's Supervision and Regulation of Silicon Valley Bank, April 2023

​​Federal Reserve review pins blame for SVB failure on Donald Trump-era rule changes


​​Ukraine Updates

​​46:18 BBC: Ukraine war: Ex-BBC journalist Bondarenko killed on front line

​​Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—01 May 2023

​​Free Russia YouTube Channel

​​Weeb Union: Wagner Cuts Ukrainian Defenders In Two-Update 1 May 2023

​​Brain Gerrish:

300,000-plus Ukrainians killed; 50,000 Russians; and some 900,000 men injured—and still the BBC will not tell the truth about the carnage.


​​Nuclear Facilities Finger-Pointing

​​55:10 RUSI: Dangerous Targets: Civilian Nuclear Infrastructure and the War in Ukraine

​​Join us today

​​Interview with Professor Norman Fenton: Tuesday 2 May 2023 at 1 pm

​​Interview with David Rohl, Author, Archaeologist, Chronologist: Thursday 4 May at 1 pm

​​Podcastathon: Well done Public Child Protection Wales & Lou Collins


​​One Week Until The Withheld Coronation Oath

​​1:01:12 The authorised liturgy for the coronation rite of His Majesty King Charles III 

​​The Coronation Oath Statement made by Oliver Dowden on 19 April 2023

​​The Coronation Oath—Cabinet Office written statement

​​The Times: Echoes of Stalingrad as casualties stream from battle for Bakhmut

​​Catherine Philp:

​​Kyiv is said not to share the true figures even with its allies, meaning the Pentagon may have little idea of the true toll.

​​Open Democracy(2019) Boris, the Russian oligarch and the Page 3 model


​​Global Citizenship Education

​​1:15:30 UNESCO: Global citizenship education

​​Global Citizenship Foundation: What is Global Citizenship Education (GCED)?

​​IDEAS: The network for championing Global Citizenship Education in Scotland

​​IDEAScotland Twitter

​​The Scottish Government: Enhancing our global citizenship—International development

​​Partition Education Group Scotland

​​Signposts for Global Citizenship