UK Column News - 19th June 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Di McMillan.


War Casualties: Why Are Numbers Of Ukrainian Dead Not Mentioned?

00:30 Recent Brian Gerrish interview: Perspective with Jesse Zurawell on TNT Radio

BBC: Counting Russia's dead—and what it says about the changing face of the war

BBC: Ukrainian casualties: Kyiv losing up to 200 troops a day 

BBC: How many civilians have died?

Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov on Twitter: Claims real Russian losses are 55,000

Newsweek: Ukraine anger over Von Der Leyen's unverified '100,000 dead soldiers' claim

BBC: Ukraine war: Zelensky aide reveals up to 13,000 war dead

BBC: Russian soldier death rate highest since first week of war

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Twitter: “We will never get tired to count.” [sic]

The Kyiv Independent: CNN: Russia lost 5 times more soldiers in Bakhmut than Ukraine

The Kyiv Independent: Battle of Bakhmut: Ukrainian soldiers worry Russians begin to ‘taste victory’

The Kyiv Independent: Land Forces chief says Russia continues to suffer 'significant' losses in Bakhmut

The Kyiv Independent: General Staff: Russia has lost 214,660 troops in Ukraine

Reuters: Flag and Russian dead attest to Ukrainian advance in south

AP: Both sides suffer heavy casualties as Ukraine strikes back against Russia, UK assessment says

Washington Post: Both sides suffer heavy casualties as Ukraine strikes back against Russia, UK assessment says


Plans To Take Ukraine While The Bullets Still Fly

14:17 Pritzker Forum on Global Cities

The German Marshall Fund of the United States: Toward a Marshall Plan for Ukraine

German Marshall Fund of the United States: Ukraine Needs a “Green Marshall Plan” That Empowers Cities and Civil Society 

On 21–22 June 2023, the UK jointly with Ukraine will host the international Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC 2023) in London

Gov.UK: Ukraine Reform Conference—On 6 July 2017, the UK jointly with Ukraine hosted a major international conference in London on reform in Ukraine


Mortgage Borrowing Is The Lowest On Record

27:16 HM Revenue and Customs: UK monthly property transactions commentary (32% lower than April 2022 and 29% lower than March 2023)

This Is Money: Soaring interest rates slam brakes on UK housing market as new data shows asking prices are on the slide

FT: Two-year UK mortgage rate rises above 6% 

Mortgage borrowing slumps to the lowest level on record

Telegraph: Bank of England urged to speed up review of forecast ‘bungles’ 

Dame Andrea Leadsom said:

…the public’s distress is “entirely understandable” as runaway “inflation is so devastating for every single one of us”.

Upcoming UKC Interview: Tuesday 20 June at 1 pm: Honest Conversations—Charlet Crichton, UK CV Family

Upcoming UKC Interview: Thursday 22 July at 1 pm: Pfizer Knew—A stark but honest warning from Dr Naomi Wolf

Upcoming UKC Interview: Friday 23 June at 1 pm: Ben Rubin—The Rise of Big Data in Healthcare

Rally for Peace and Freedom Event: Address: Holyrood, next to Scottish Parliament at 1 pm, Saturday, 24 June


Can The Law Make A Man A Woman? With Guest Di McMillan

37:06 Legislative Definition of Sex—debated on Monday 12 June 2023

Scottish Daily Express: Joanna Cherry rolls eyes at Kirsty Blackman during controversial women's rights debate


Abortion “Progression”—How Far Can It Go?

44:44 The Christian Institute: Abortion figures in Scotland rise drastically

Shropshire Star: Shropshire MP wants law 'tightened' after late abortion jail sentence

Irish Times: Leo Varadkar says he would like to see fewer abortions in Ireland

Scottish Parliament: Proposed Abortion Services Safe Access Zones Scotland Bill

BBC: Abortion clinic 'buffer zone' bill lodged in Scottish Parliament


Do You Know or Care What Children Are Being Taught? 

51:29 Scottish Union for Education—Twitter


More Updates On The WHO’s Power Grab

56:30 WHO: Countries set out way forward for continued negotiations on global agreement on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response

Qui tacet consentire videtur—He who holds his peace is taken to consent