UK Column News - 19th February 2024

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Further Setbacks For Ukrainian Forces

00:26 Weeb Union (YouTube): 100% Of Avdiivka Captured | New Zaporizhzhia Offensive?

BBC: Avdiivka: Ukraine troops leave embattled eastern town

BBC (2023): Ukraine military seeks extra 500,000 soldiers

Ukrainian National New: The case of death of a mobilized person in Odesa region: The Ombudsman told about the progress of the case


As The Ukraine Meat Grinder Grinds On, Western Taxpayers Are Sold More Pups

09:47 Bild (German): Arms scandal shakes defence ministry

The Kyiv Independent (on X): PM says Denmark to donate all its artillery to Ukraine

Military Eye (on X): The Pentagon has extended the deployment of the Navy amphibious ready group headed by the USS Bataan amid growing regional turmoil

C4ISRNET: Del Toro asks Navy contractors to consider taxpayers over shareholders

The Aviationist: U.S. Marine Corps F–35C Suffers Nose Landing Gear Collapse While Parked

Defense One: It takes Europe at least a year to fill a Ukrainian order for artillery shells 

URA News (Russian): Volodin: Washington and Brussels are to blame for Navalny’s death

Armstrong Economics: Alexei Navalny—behind the curtain 

Iurie Roșca (Telegraph): The death of a political prisoner and its stakes


WHO Negotiations: Geneva Crunch Time Near For Sovereignty

21:45 World Health Organization (WHO): Eighth meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) for a WHO instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

World Health Organization (WHO): Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB)

The Lancet (2023): WHO pandemic accord: full adherence to the principle of sovereignty

Health Policy Watch: Proposal for negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement (PDF)

James Roguski (Substack): Secret Negotiations


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The “Pfizer Article”: Criminalising Criticism Of mRNA Jabs In France? 

34:43 Dr. Kat Lindley (on X): 

Today a law was passed in France qualifying any opposition to mRNA-LNP [liquid nanoparticle] injections as a "sectarian aberration". It carries a penalty of up to 3 years' imprisonment and 45,000 euros. 

Annie Arnaud (on X): 

It is a highly liberticidal article which will not tolerate any criticism of the therapeutic treatments which will be recommended or made obligatory by the state. 

Any person who dares to openly criticize these therapies will be liable to fines and imprisonment. Already, renowned doctors are being targeted, whom this article will silence. 

France is taking a totalitarian turn, Macron and his henchmen are followers of the WEF and globalist policies. It is a catastrophe for the country where a majority of citizens no longer obey vaccine propaganda. Social unrest ahead.

French opposition party leader Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (on X): 

Article 4 was declared liberticidal [a freedom-killer] by the Council of State, deleted in the Senate and deleted in the Assembly last night. Once again you are flouting democracy and stifling anyone who does not think like you!

TKP (German): France: Criticism of mRNA will be punishable in the future

French National Assembly: Bill aimed at strengthening the fight against sectarian aberrations and improving support for victims (PDF)

David Guyon (French): Fight against conspiracy and sectarian abuses

Eugyppius: a plague chronicle (Substack): Did the French National Assembly pass a "Pfizer Article" criminalising criticism of the mRNA vaccines?

LCP (French): Sectarian abuses: Assembly adopts the bill, reinstating the creation of an offense of incitement to foregoing healthcare

House Of Commons Of Canada: Bill C–372: An Act Respecting Fossil Fuel Advertising

The Daily Sceptic: Senior Canadian Legislator Tables Bill to Jail People Who Speak Out in Favour of Fossil Fuels


Is Shapps Working For The UK, Israel Or WEF?

42:01 Defence Secretary Grant Shapps MP (on X): 

At NATO and Munich Security Conference this week I’ve met with dozens of allies and partners who thanked the UK for our leadership from NATO to Ukraine to the Red Sea.

UK Parliament: Ready for War?

Wikipedia: Central Scientific Research Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Telegraph: Women in Armed Forces ‘feel unsafe’ after Grant Shapps comments 

The Independent: Get a grip, Grant Shapps—a war on woke is no way to run a modern military

The British Army: Diversity and Inclusion

British Army (YouTube 2021): Teamwork Podcast

The Telegraph: Navy could make climate change courses compulsory


US Voter Fraud: Georgia Voters’ Group Has Strong Proof Of Major Election Breaches

52:20 Free Speech For People: Summary of Key Points in Curling v. Raffensperger Ruling on November 10, 2023

VoterGA: Unplug Georgia, Unseal Ballots, Unleash Transparency

UK Column interview: Georgia Voters' Group Has Strong Proof Of Major Election Breaches


Europe-Wide Farmers’ Protests

58:43 AP: Greek farmers decide to take their protests to Athens and expand roadblock campaign

DUmmie FUnnies (Rumble): FAFO: Truckers About to Unleash Boycott HELL Upon New York City

Politico: ECB tells staff: If you’re not green, you’re not wanted 

New York Post: Former Dutch prime minister and wife die ‘hand in hand’ in legal duo euthanasia 

EURACTIV: The Brief—Germany is quietly going progressive

Meryl [Nass]’s Covid Newsletter (Substack): Another wonderful WHO Cartoon

Jay Mack (on X): 

"That'll teach you, Gordon," said the Stunning and Brave Controller. "You don't run the Bakerloo Line anymore. It's The George Floyd Bottom Surgery Hamas Line now."