UK Column News - 19th December 2022

Brian Gerrish, David Scott, Patrick Henningsen and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Covid–19: Government narrative collapses

02:30 Clip—Top orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ahmad Malik now calling for a complete suspension of mRNA jabs
David Scott commentary: UK Column has been pointing out the narrative collapse for over a year, but it's now slowly being noticed, not least after Andrew Bridgen MP's adjournment debate
Petition: Support Medical Freedom of Speech on the Covid vaccines

04:15 Clip—Pfizer: Have more jabs in order to stay open
David Scott commentary: This is not satire!
Humour is called for in response:
05:44 The Twelve Lies of Covid Christmas song
06:36 Doctor Doctor McHonk-Honk: My Friends Are Dropping (Christmas Special)

07:28 Scottish Covid–19 Inquiry core participants revealed
David Scott analysis: Scottish inquiries usually leave much to be desired—but by including the Scottish Vaccine Injury Group, the Scottish establishment has now conceded that there is an issue

08:38 The Naked Emperor's Newsletter and The IndependentCEO of AstraZeneca (Pascal Soriot) gets knighted and says vaccine concerns were overblown
David Scott commentary: Everything the jabosphere does to try to boost the narrative that Covid vaccines are essential is either viewed with derision or clashes so horribly with reality as to be no longer credible


Ukraine: The sponge to soak up everybody's attention wants more

11:49 BBC sneers over war in Ukraine, as if sending musicians to the front line were not routine
Brian Gerrish commentary: Signs of BBC stumbling as the agenda continues to crumble

13:27 Clip—Sky NewsRussia running out of missiles and components due to protracted sanctions
Patrick Henningsen analysis: Top brass are marinaded in their own side's propaganda and are not reading any foreign press; Ukraine has already attacked Russian infrastructure inside Russia, including Belgorod Oil Refinery, and Kerch Strait Bridge

16:45 Harsh reality: US, UK, NATO, EU out of ammunition, not Russia—articles on screen from Deutsche WelleCNBC, Daily MailCNNFinancial Times and ABC News
Sydney Morning Herald: A tough lesson for Australia as Ukraine runs short of munitions
17:40 Guardian: Britain to announce major new artillery package for Ukraine

18:38 UkrInform: Reliable air defense shield to make Russian terror impossible—Zelensky
21:05 BBC: US Patriot missiles would comfort Kyiv and alarm Moscow
Brian Gerrish analysis: Zelensky has still not realised that his Western partners simply cannot provide the systems he demands; BBC is floundering in its own misinformation because the two batteries likely to be supplied cannot stop the vast bulk of Ukrainian urban areas from having utilities knocked out

UATV FreedomUkrainian Defense Forces do not target residential areas—intelligence official on Donetsk shelling
Brian Gerrish commentary: Cynical targeting of civilians by Ukraine; there have been three massive attacks on stadiums in Donetsk within the space of two hours, on the day of the World Cup Final, with the last hitting during the final itself

Shown on screen: Patrick Lancaster is one of many journalists on the ground documenting Ukrainian rockets hitting civilian infrastructure in the Donbass

We can assure you that the Ukrainian defence forces, of course, do not fire [on] and do not target residential areas, civilian infrastructure

Andriy Yusov, spokesman, Ukrainian defence intelligence

Brian Gerrish commentary: Pure lies pumped out on a daily basis by the BBC are based on this stuff

23:07 Fruits of NGO work in Ukraine over many years to restructure politics and society
Clip—UATV commentary on 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary elections uses Dr Olga Onuch of the University of Manchester as an expert commentator
26:13 Who is Olga Onuch? She admits to having been a teenage Sorosite
Brian Gerrish verdict: Onuch is an activist in academia; a change agent rather than a political commentator

28:16 Clip—Archbishop Justin Welby: Russian withdrawal from the Ukraine 'is the way forward'
Brian Gerrish analysis: His Grace is angling for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine and has nothing to say about medical aid or peace; he seems to be mocking the Crucifixion elsewhere in this appearance on Laura Kuenssberg's BBC show
David Scott commentary: Welby's fixation on Bucha is unsurprising because it is the Ukraine war in microcosm—who actually did it?

31:11 2015 flashback—Ecumenical News: Justin Welby 'embarrassed' about Church of England pay [being] below minimum rate


USA: Stratospheric military spending just went ionospheric as JFK truth drips out

31:40 New York Times: House Passes $858 Billion Defense Bill Repealing Vaccine Mandate for Troops
Mark Anderson commentary: The Senate is voting on the same annual military supply bill (NDAA), which encompasses the Pentagon's European Deterrence Initiative and Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative as well as supply chain reinforcement and "temporary" waivers to benefit arms manufacturers for Ukraine's sake
Brian Gerrish commentary: Bear in mind that this US taxpayer money is for setting up arms production, as America has little more to give Ukraine as things stand

35:33 21st Century WireRevealed: The CIA’s Direct Involvement in the Assassination of JFK
Patrick Henningsen analysis: Not real transparency; the US Government still wants to take five months to expurgate embarrassments from its document releases

36:57 Fox News's Tucker Carlson questions whether the CIA had a role in JFK's death, citing an expert who has seen the unredacted document releases and pointing out that former CIA director Mike Pompeo had no comment even though he is a regular guest of Tucker Carlson's
37:58 Washington PostNew Kennedy assassination documents (2017)—"Pompeo has been lobbying the President furiously not to release these documents" because they incriminate the CIA
Patrick Henningsen commentary: Even though Pompeo was only in post at Langley for a few months, his payback is excellent and he is in the running for the presidency in 2024—not to win, mind you, but to increase his brand cachet in order to force Trump or DeSantis to put him on the ticket as Vice-Presidential nominee


Twitter Files: The world's biggest spook playground—run by an insecure newbie?

41:00 Elusive Jack Dorsey’s mea culpa in light of his successor Elon Musk’s releases, the Twitter Files: admits that Twitter fails to meet his founding principles
Patrick Henningsen analysis: Unwelcome to the US Government because its argument that Twitter is a private platform that can ban free speech no longer stacks up in light of these revelations as to what the Government has been coordinating with Twitter
Patrick Henningsen commentary: A hollow mea culpa because Dorsey did nothing while at the helm to correct the course or rid Twitter of its staff's rife political activism—this is one of the most egregious censorship scandals in the history of the Internet and is being covered up by mainstream media, with a couple of conservative US exceptions 

44:00 Real News Network: Twitter is hiring an alarming number of FBI agents
Patrick Henningsen commentary: American and British spooks even become heads of department at Twitter
The Post Millennial: Former Twitter employee details admins' extensive access to user data and personal messages
Patrick Henningsen analysis: This data pool is rich in journalists communicating with sources, political campaign managers communicating with each other—and now it is confirmed that department heads had the ability to read DMs (private messages on Twitter) all the while—Twitter is an intelligence-gathering tool, and not just for the Five Eyes

46:51 Iran protests—Time: Twitter, the Medium of the Movement (2009)
Patrick Henningsen commentary: There was much excitement in the run-up to the Arab Spring about the use of Twitter as a régime-change tool; no wonder the spooks loved it

47:44 CNBC: Former Twitter employee sentenced to more than three years in prison for spying for Saudi Arabia
Patrick Henningsen analysis: The dissidents thus targeted will have met nasty ends

52:06 WiredTwitter needs to start exposing the UK's murky online propaganda (2019)—when the phenomenon of the spook sock puppet was becoming more widely known
Middle East Eye: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier (2019); the 77th Brigade uses social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

AP News: Twitter users will no longer be able to link to certain rival social media websites
Patrick Henningsen analysis: This shutdown of core functionality might be preparation to port Twitter users en masse to a new reservation; suggests insecurity on Elon Musk's part
53:16 Reuters: Twitter suspends several journalists, Musk cites 'doxxing' of his jet
Patrick Henningsen analysis: Yet some of the big names banned for jeopardising the Musk family's safety were then let back on to Twitter
53:58 Elon Musk poll: Should I step down as head of Twitter?— 43% of 13.6 million poll respondents said no
Patrick Henningsen commentary: Silicon Valley is abuzz with Musk's quest to replace himself with a new Twitter CEO, who might go in a different direction and rule with more of an iron fist


World finance: Silence is golden as nobody wants Uncle Sam's debt and the EU institutes carbon credits

56:53 St Louis Fed chart—Liabilities: Earnings Remittances Due to the U.S. Treasury (2010–present)
David Scott analysis: $14.3 billion weekly hole; the Fed will create notes promising to fill this hole in later
59:32 Global Times (China): China and Japan again sell US debt; China's holdings hit 12-year low
1:00:08 iMediaJapan sells U.S. Treasuries at record pace
David Scott commentary: The value of US debt, and of the whole world bond market, is under threat—and the entire banking system is leveraged off the bond market

1:01:44 Middle East EyeEgypt: Gold-buying mania as national currency loses value
David Scott commentary: As often, the journalistic turns of phrase seek to dissuade plebs from buying gold
1:02:52 Reuters: Inflation and uncertainty fuel new gold rush at ancient Austrian Mint
David Scott analysis: The runaway sales of bullion indicate that the price of gold is much too low and will soon spike

1:03:33 Prominent Dutch dissident Eva Vlaardingerbroek: The European Union just introduced the first step of a personal carbon credit system
1:04:25 EurActivEU agrees carbon market overhaul in bid to hit 2030 climate goal
David Scott commentary: More pressure on desperate European industry


WEF cities: An obviously above-the-nation-state agenda to make cities grow together

1:06:45 Clip—WEF: We are entering the era of the megalopolis—one of which spans the coast of five West African countries and is forecast to become a half-a-billion conurbation
Mark Anderson analysis: The WEF's West African case study exemplifies its disregard for national sovereignty; any apparent local government will be optical only, or "glocalism"

1:11:25 Chicago Council on Global Affairs (formerly Chicago CFR): Participatory Governance in Local Care Programs
Mark Anderson analysis: Branding the global cities and making their participatory governance more central to politics by portraying urban dwellers as the downtrodden of the earth in Covid response

Although both cases [Bogotá and Chicago] are situated within the context of Covid–19, their policy implications and impact on the community extend beyond the pandeic

Participatory Governance in Local Care Programs (Chicago Council on Global Affairs)

"Care blocks" (manzanas del cuidado) the latest Colombian wheeze to contain people within their assigned neighbourhood

1:16:33 Another Chicago Council on Global Affairs paper—Transatlantic Learning Exchange: Economic Renewal and Democracy
Mark Anderson commentary: This project is sponsored by the European Commission and expressly aims to "blunt" wrongthink by "economic renewal in industrial heartland regions", bringing together transnationally the metro mayors beloved of the globalist apparatus

1:18:17 Global Affairs (Council on Foreign Relations' house journal)—Transforming Industrial Regions of North America and Europe: Opportunity and Imperative
Mark Anderson commentary: A frank admission here that "we" are "very worried about politics" because of "anti-democratic" trends and "the [wrong] kinds of politicians and parties [being] voted for", with specific reference to national immigration policy

The CFR's bogeymen named in the above-linked article:

populist messages of nativism, nationalism, isolationism, and economic nostalgia

Mark Anderson analysis: All this is being written off as reactionary anger, as if populism were not a distinct, decades-old political philosophy with its own nuances regarding regulation and financial policy

1:23:45 EU Committee of the RegionsIndustrial Transition and Democracy
Mark Anderson commentary: Mayors, US congressmen and think tank wonks collaborate to bring about such policies in Europe

1:25:55 And Finally—Tony Blair Institute for Global Change's slogan: Equipping leaders and making change