UK Column News - 18th September 2023

Brian Gerrish, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Ukraine—Will We See Peace Talks Any Time?

00:28 European Conservative: Ukraine Demands Extradition of Its Draft-Age Men

Free Nations: Ukraine Orders Killing Of Surrendered Russians: War Crimes Trials In Areas Formerly Controlled By Ukrainian Troops

Mass-Media News (Telegram): Ukraine demonstrated "special armored uniform for pregnant Ukrainian women in war"

Ukraïnska Pravda: "Look at the political show": grandmother received five years in prison for [three] likes on Odnoklassiki [social media website]

Breitbart: That a Threat? Zelensky Warns Ukrainians in Europe Could Act ‘Unpredictably—If Western Aid Is Cut

The Economist: Donald Trump will “never” support Putin, says Volodymyr Zelensky (containing threat about Ukrainians in Europe)

Ola’s Substack: The Poseidon Attack on Nord Stream: Part I 

Ola’s Substack: The Poseidon Attack on Nord Stream: Part II

NATO: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the joint meeting of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (As delivered)—remarks on rebuffing Russia over NATO expansion in 2021

Footage of Stoltenberg's remarks

The Grayzone: Ukraine’s ‘biggest arms supplier’ orchestrated 2014 Maidan massacre, witnesses say

New York Times: A Former French President Gives a Voice to Obstinate Russian Sympathies

Lefigaro (French): Nicolas Sarkozy: “We need the Russians and they need us

Responsible Statecraft: Sarkozy is released for speaking uncomfortable truths about Ukraine

Euractiv: France’s Sarkozy: Ukraine not fit for EU, must remain 'neutral'

Azərbaycan 24: US using Ukraine to weaken EU—ex-French president

Foreign Affairs: Will the West Abandon Ukraine? Kyiv Must Prepare for a Possible Change of Heart in America and Europe

Newsweek: Russian State TV Threatens Nuclear Strike on US

Deutsche Welle Conflict Zone (X): 

"What they're doing, is what no NATO army has done full-stop:" Former NATO Deputy Commander Richrd Shirreff on Ukrainian forces as they cross Russian defensive lines.

Business Insider: Ukrainian commander says he'd be dead if he fought exactly how the US and its allies taught him

openDemocracy: NATO training leaves Ukrainian troops ‘underprepared’ for war


Will Trump Be On The Ballot?

19:36 CNN: Election officials object calls to unilaterally block Trump from ballot using 14th Amendment but will offer to courts


Met Police Counter-Terrorism: A Law Unto Themselves?

24:27 The Telegraph: Selfie with Jacob Rees-Mogg used as ‘evidence of far-Right extremism’ by police 


China Collusion Accusations: The Deep State's Worst Weapon Against UK And US Public Servants

28:50 Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic (X): 

New testimony from a highly credible whistleblower alleges CIA rewarded six analysts with significant financial incentives to change their Covid–19 origins conclusion from a lab-leak to zoonosis.

Guido Fawkes: Clear Public Interest in Naming Spy Suspect Chris Cash

The Times: MI5 warned Conservatives that MP hopefuls could be spies

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Britain's Most Sanctimonious Paper Says Americans Are Mad For Wanting Their Votes Counted By Humans

34:18 The Guardian: Far-right county throws out voting machines

Missouri Independent: A conspiracy-fueled push to count ballots by hand gains traction

Nevada Current (VPN required in UK): A conspiracy-fueled push to count ballots by hand gains traction

The Guardian: Wisconsin Republicans vote to fire top selection official as denialists tighten grip

Times Examiner (2022): VoterGA Identifies 2022 Election Anomalies, Cites Audit Flaws, Sues to Preserve Balloonts After Ballot Image Destruction 

Right Side Broadcasting Network (Rumble): VoterGA to Identify 2022 Election Anomalies, Outline Limiting Audit Flaws & Announce Litigation (Video 1:22:52)

Voterga: Raffensperger Letter Fact Check System Security


Constitutional Rights: Valid Unless There’s An Emergency, “And I’m Calling An Emergency”

43:43 AP News: Outrage intensifies over New Mexico governor’s temporary gun ban as sheriff vows not to enforce it

Global Parliament of Mayors: Homepage


Who Is Really Coming Up With Sadiq Khan’s Plans?

50:54 The Telegraph: No meat, no dairy and three outfits a year: Welcome to Sadiq Khan’s plan for London 

C40 Cities: C40 is a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis

The Week: Who are the Tory Net Zero Scrutiny Group?


City of Odessa, Texas: Covid Measures Are For Individuals To Decide

55:50 CBS7: Odessa City Council votes to not enable state or federal Covid mandates

The Daily Sceptic: UN Set to Agreement New Political Declaration on Pendemics Next Week—and it's a Horror Show


Against Technocracy And Transhumanism: Chișinău Forum 2023—Attended By Alex Thomson

1:00:45 Chisinau Forum: UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset: The Fall from Liberalism to Technocracy and Transhumanism CHISINAU FORUM 2023. Introductory Remarks by Youri Roshka (alias Iurie Roșca)

Chișinău Forum (Odysee): All videos—this channel will expand rapidly with all the talks given

Iurie Roșca (Rumble): Chișinău Forum 2023 presented by Iurie Roșca and Prof. Garry Robson 

Alex Thomson — Eastern Approaches (YouTube): Gilles-Emmanuel Jacquet interviewed about his participation in Chișinău Forum 2023 

Alex Thomson — Eastern Approaches (YouTube): Chișinău Forum 2023: Garry Robson and Alex Thomson arrive for the event