UK Column News - 18th October 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Debi Evans with today's UK Column News.


Keep The Focus On The Children

00:28 Cambridge Dictionary: Humanitarian

UK Column interview: Suffer the Little Children: Dr Ros Jones, retired paediatrician

The Independent: Forty per cent of the people here are kids’: British doctor in Gaza hospital says system ‘will collapse very soon’

ABC News: The 'horrendous toll' on children caught in the Israel-Gaza conflict

Middle East Eye: Israel-Palestine: More than 1,000 Palestinian children killed in Gaza air strikes, NGO reveals

The Guardian: 'They're only babies': Israeli relatives of hostages plead for help

BBC: Bodies line corridors as Gaza hospital warns it's at breaking point

CNN: ‘I’m scared for my unborn child’: Gaza’s pregnant women prepare to give birth in a war zone 

Humanium: Children of Ukraine

CBS News: Over 90% of those killed in Afghan quakes are women and children, UNICEF says, as new temblor hits country

Aldanmarki (on X):

A press conference among piles of murdered and massacred Palestinians. I've never seen anything like this before.

Hananya Naftali (on X):

Earlier today I shared a report that was published on Reuters about the bombing at the hospital in Gaza which falsely stated Israel struck the hospital.

Hananya Naftali’s deleted tweet


BBC Abandons Ukraine For A More Exciting Middle East War

16:37 The Electronic Intifada: Israel's spin about hospital massacre quickly comes apart

BBC: Ukraine uses US-supplied ATACMS for the first time, says Zelensky

Ministry of Defence (on X): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—18 October 2023

Ministry of Defence (on X): Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—17 October 2023

Slow progress and high casualties have likely triggered a change in messaging from Russia, from an offensive to 'active-defence’, as successfully clearing Avdiivka looks increasingly unlikely in the short term.

The Guardian (2011): David Cameron's Libyan war: why the PM felt Gaddafi had to be stopped

The Guardian (2017): Boris Johnson condemned in Libya for 'dead bodies' remark

The only thing they have got to do is clear the dead bodies away... [audience guffaws]


Double Standards In War

26:16 Middle East Monitor: Von der Leyen: Targeting civilian infrastructure and cutting off water, electricity an act of 'pure terror'

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Interview of Sergey Lavrov with the Asharq Al-Awsat Pan-Arab Newspaper, October 2017

When double standards are applied, when terrorists are divided into the "bad" and the "not so bad" ones, one can hardly expect [an] effective fight against terrorism.

CBS News (YouTube): Secretary Antony Blinken, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu address war with Hamas | full video 


Who Is Calling For Peace? 

30:01 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China: Xi Jinping Holds Talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

China calls for an international peace conference with greater authority and impact as soon as possible to galvanize a more broad-based international consensus

Reuters: Jordan cancels summit with Biden, Sisi and Abbas in Amman

Partnership for Civil Justice Fund: The Brutal Arrest and Political Targeting of Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern (on X):

Into the valley of death sailed the 10,000, aboard aircraft carriers Ford and Eisenhower—sitting ducks for swarming drones & other weaponry not dreamed of by those who made short work of the Charge of the Light Brigade.


Air Vax—mRNA Delivered Into the Lungs

36:03 Igor’s Newsletter (Substack): Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realize

Nexus Newsfeed: Air vax—the latest mRNA delivered into lungs

Yahoo: Why do I feel sick after getting the flu shot, Covid booster?

The Mirror: England Covid map revealed as latest data show cases are soaring

BBC: Changing nature of Covid: Is it just a regular winter bug now?


The Censorship Agenda Censors Director of Online Safety

42:18 UK Column Section: Censored (timeline)

BBC: Ofcom online safety director suspended over anti-Israel posts

Guido Fawkes: Ofcom Suspends Director of Online Safety Over Anti-Israel Posts on Social Media 


German Prosecutorial Statement On Reiner Füllmich

44:38 The Expose: Pharma/EU Cabal Set Trap For Reiner Füllmich

Mark Hirst (on X):

Earlier today Craig Murray was detained, returning from Iceland, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Craig Murray (on X):

To be entirely plain. I have always viscerally opposed war. I have dedicated my life to conflict resolution and reconciliation. But in the coming Gaza genocide, every act of armed resistance by Hamas and Hezbollah will have my support. If that is a crime, send me back to jail.


Cameron’s Big Society Hasn’t Gone Away

49:13 UK Parliament: The Big Society—Public Administration Committee

BBC (2010): What influence did Ralph Miliband have on his sons?


Ken McCallum (Director General of MI5): ‘China is stealing all our stuff!’

57:07 The Record by Recorded Future: Five Eyes intelligence chiefs warn of 'sharp rise' in commercial espionage