UK Column News - 17th October 2022

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.




00:28 Jeremy Hunt becomes Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance Minister) and bails out markets

HM Treasury and Bank of England to launch the Energy Markets Financing Scheme (EMFS) (8 Sept 2022)

Energy Markets Financing Scheme opens today


07:54 Director of Payment Systems at Bank of Finland warns people to keep cash in case of system outages

MTV Uutiset report


10:00 Tesco supermarkets in London reportedly requiring apps and loyalty cards as condition of entry

Jonathan Rowson Twitter thread


12:20 Fifteen Swiss banks need $6 billion of extra credit

Inside Paradeplatz report


British Intelligence and China

14:11 Chinese technology poses major risk, says Director of GCHQ

BBC report


17:15 Who is Jeremy Hunt—and who is Mrs Hunt (Lucia Guo)?

BBC article

Florence Trust partial biography of Mrs Hunt

The Week (India) article (2019) on "weaponisation" of Mrs Hunt

Daily Mail article (2021) on Mrs Hunt's Chinese TV career

History Heist entry for Lucia Guo Hunt


24:55 Liz Truss the victim of a very British coup?

Tim Stanley opinion piece in the Daily Telegraph


Covid status quo

26:10 Irish Republic makes contingency plans for winter mask-wearing

RTÉ article 1

RTÉ article 2


28:17 Joel Smalley blogs that someone has fraudulently logged him as having had Covid jabs—can viewers attest to similar?

Metatron blog on Substack


World Health Summit, Berlin, plans global health treaty

32:20 Outsmarting Pandemics panel

35:20 One Voice for a European Global Health and One Health Strategy panel

38:55 Ports to Arms Approach to Access—Supercharging ACT-A for Future Pandemics panel (featuring Dr Tedros)

39:45 What is the ACT-Accelerator?

Iain Davis article on accelerationism

One Shot — Our New Vision for Global Health: Global Health Security Consortium, a partnership of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change,  the Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine and the University of Oxford


Ukraine war

45:20 German Government confirms genuineness of leaked document

UK Column translation of original report

48:20 "Russian drone and missile attacks across Ukraine — Zelensky": BBC report

48:35 "How Ukraine is winning the social media war" — BBC report

49:10 Defense of Ukraine tweet on Swedish support

50:00 "Bakhmut: The Ukrainian city where Russia is still advancing" — BBC report

50:45 Io Sto con Putin tweet on censorship

53:20 "Inside Britain's £5.5 billion military disaster" — Daily Telegraph report


Iran unrest stoked by West?

54:00 White House statement


NATO wants Austria despite its constitutional neutrality

57:25 Two-hour interview of Brig-Gen Gaiswinkler by Dirk Pohlmann (TNT Radio): Hour 1 | Hour 2


Public order or dictatorship?

1:02:30 Home Secretary Suella Braverman's article on eco-zealots — Daily Mail

1:03:20 Just Stop Oil climbers on Dartford QE2 bridge — BBC report

1:03:40 London climate protesters spray paint on Aston Martin showroom — The National (UAE) report

1:04:00 Public Order Bill to be resubmitted to Parliament — Parliament.UK bill status

1:05:40 Broadcasting regulator Ofcom to investigate Mark Steyn for Dr Naomi Wolf interview — Ofcom tweet

1:07:10 West Midlands policeman tells journalist he'll be arrested if he uses "derogatory, defamatory or discriminatory terms" and asks bystander whether she was insulted — footage courtesy of Bad Law Team on Twitter

Same police policy in Bristol: David Scott interview of Pastor Dia Moodley

Same police policy in Hampshire and Surrey: Charles Malet article on bad law giving rise to woke police

England & Wales' current (1986 Public Order Act, §4 and §5) statutory framework: Crown Prosecution Service guidelines on "fear or provocation of violence; harassment, alarm or distress" — N.B.:

With effect from 1 February 2014, section 5 no longer includes words, behaviour, or displays which are simply “insulting”.