UK Column News - 17th May 2023

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson, Debi Evans and David Scott with today's UK Column News.


​​Cheerleading for Kiev in Reykjavík

​​00:33 Council of Europe summit in Iceland

​​Rishi Sunak remarks at the opening session of the Council of Europe 

​​Mirror: The prime minister has said he will be discussing long-term security arrangements for Ukraine at a meeting of the Council of Europe

​​The world is becoming more contested and more volatile, the challenge to our values is growing, and the moment to push back is now.

​​Council of Europe Summit creates register of damage for Ukraine 

​​Seymour Hersh: The Ukraine refugee question


​​Clockwork Orange? Data-Hungry MHRA Appears To Be On The Defensive

​​07:50 MHRA conferences and events

​​MHRA’s phone number given for board meeting ticket queries (020 3080 6000) displays as Clockwork Pharmacy and Travel Clinic

​​MHRA requests its public board meetings are not recorded

​​Stephen Lightfoot’s last comment as he concluded the board meeting analysed by Debi Evans:

"I conclude main session for the board”.  Does that imply that there's another session, maybe a private session that the public aren't aware of? He goes on to say, “I remind the purpose of the MHRA is to protect and improve public health, and we will continue to do that by enabling scientific innovation by accelerating patient access to new safe and effective products and to strengthen our patient safety and surveillance systems”.

​​Clinical Practice Research Datalink—CPRD: Is your GP sharing your data with the MHRA via CPRD?

Express: ​​Scotland's vaccine injured feel 'abandoned', with many feeling suicidal due to their illness


​​High Feast of Scientism: Scottish Government Celebrates the Salvation of Covid Jabs

​​15:37 John and Ruth went to Scottish Parliament to notify them of the vaccine harmed existence and their ongoing plight

​​Scottish Government Debate: Celebrating the Success of the COVID–19 Vaccination Programme

​​Jason Andrew Leitch CBE FRCS is the National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government (cited by John Mason MSP regarding effect of jabs on transmission)


​​Chris Whitty’s Been Busy—Blame It On The Gas Stoves

​​27:38 UK's Nurse Margaret Wins the Coveted Aster Guardians Global Nursing Award 2023

​​Public Child Protection WalesDonate here

​​PCP Wales are at Parliment Square today (SW1P 3BD)

Symposium announcement: ​​Who Do You Think You Are?—An Exposé brought to you by Children's Health Defense and UK Column. Exposing the Globalists' WHO Scheme: Friday 19th May 2023 19.00–22.15 BST

​​UK Column Interview: Dr. Thomas Binder, MD Thursday 18 May, 1 pm

​​76th World Health Assembly takes place between 21 and 30 May 2023

​​Daily Mail: Experts [Chris Whitty] reveal a new link between gas stoves and asthma


Ukrainian ​​Authorities Expose Piles Of Cash In Supreme Court Corruption Probe

​​34:10 What are Storm Shadow missiles? Retired Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell explains:

​​At £2 million a pop, they are quite expensive

​​Vikna: Bribe of $2.7 million—National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine exposed large-scale corruption in the leadership of the Supreme Court

​​New Voice: NABU published records of conversations of Knyazev in the case of a record bribe of $2.7 million

​​Glenn Beck (Oct 2019)Chalkboard on DNC Collusion, Joe Biden, Soros, Trump & More


​​Arms Control–Further Breakdown Of Russo-Western Relations 

​​43:16 The Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty and the Adapted CFE Treaty at a Glance

​​Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S.A.Ryabkov statement

​​Moscow Times: Russia to Build ‘Migrant Village’ for Conservative American Expats

RIA Novosti: ​​Moscow will build a village for Americans and Canadians who want to immigrate to Russia


​​Your Response To The Digital Pound Consultation Paper Is Requested

​​52:39 The digital pound: A new form of money

​​UK Column News—8th February 2023

​​UK Parliament: Central bank digital currencies: a solution in search of a problem?

​​Digital Pound Consultation Paper: Responses to this consultation until 7 June 2023


​​Education In Europe—Crackdowns On Freedoms

​​55:43 Gazet van AntwerpenEvery child to be required to attend kindergarten (policy announcement by Socialist Party, Vooruit)

​​Brian and Alex are looking for solid recommendations of free media people in Hungary, ideally with connections to scientists 

​​Daily Wire: German Christian School Takes Case Against Nation’s Homeschool Ban To High Court

​​ADF InternationalViolation of freedom of education: Germany denies Christian private school accreditation

Évangé The canton of Neuchâtel bans conversion therapies

​​Lioness of Judah on Substack: King Charles and the Globalists Set Meeting for September at Which They Will Plot How To Accelerate Goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the Complete Digitization of Humanity

​​Daily Mail: Roadside test to check whether you are too sleepy to drive: Breathalyser-esque tech could be just 5 years away

​​Labour MP Rachael Maskell calls for 10 mph speed limit near homes

​​BBC: Kevin Sinfield carries Rob Burrow over Leeds marathon finish line