UK Column News - 17th March 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


Notable Anniversaries (other than it being St Patrick’s Day)

​​00:30 Prime Minister's statement on coronavirus: 16 March 2020

​​Boris Johnson has announced a lockdown of the UK for three weeks to limit the spread of coronavirus, 23 March 2020

​​The Chancellor Rishi Sunak provides a statement on coronavirus measures to support people, jobs and businesses

​​On this day 20 years ago, the public tried to stop the Iraq war

​​20 years ago today, an American young woman was run over and killed in Gaza by an Israeli military bulldozer


​​Get Woke, Go Broke: The Swiss Edition

​​08:23 Credit Suisse Group—Press Release

​​Credit Suisse Group AG (CS) Stock Price

​​Bloomberg: Credit Suisse Default Swaps Are 18 Times UBS, 9 Times Deutsche Bank

​​Washington Post: Wall Street banks will put $30 billion into beleaguered First Republic

​​US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen makes surprise Kyiv visit, meets Zelensky

​​Mail Online: Go woke go broke! SVB hired board obsessed with diversity, invested $5BN for 'healthier planet' and held month-long Pride celebration

​​The Credit Suisse director known as Pippa and Philip

​​Credit Suisse: Congratulations to Pips Bunce on being listed on the Top 100 Female (sic) Executives list in the 2018


​​French Protests Against Pension Reform By Macronian Decree

​​21:34 Amid protests, France moves on Pension Bill without vote

​​Le Monde: French Constitution: How does Article 49.3 allow a bill to be passed without a vote?

​​Chaos erupts in French parliament as Macron bypasses vote and forces through controversial pensions bill

​​Marine Le Pen said that the government's decision to move forward with Article 49.3 demonstrates a “total lack of respect for democracy”

​​Haaretz: As Netanyahu Visited Berlin, Hundreds of Israelis Came Out to Protest

​​Arab News: Former Israeli premier urges world leaders to shun Benjamin Netanyahu

​​EEF: Tell the UK’s House of Lords: Protect End-to-End Encryption in the Online Safety Bill


​​Black Sea Coast: Downed Drone Still Missing

​​30:21 RT: US Air Force reveals status of downed drone: The US military said it has not recovered a droned downed near Crimea on Tuesday, but doing so remains a top priority

​​Fox—Lindsey Graham: Biden’s weakness brings more provocation from our enemies

​​Video shows Russian jet dumping fuel on US Reaper drone

​​US General Mark Miley said Wednesday that the downed drone has no informational value


​​Assad In Moscow

​​38:59 Syrian president Assad arrives in Moscow for talks with Putin

​​Assad said Russia was fighting neo-Nazis and "old Nazis" in Ukraine

​​Meeting of Turkey, Syria, Iran, Russia, officials postponed


​​Game-Changing Iranian-Saudi Agreements Brokered By China

​​54:40 Trilateral Statement by the People's Republic of China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Islamic Republic of Iran

​​TASS: Iranian-Saudi agreements correspond to Russia’s Security Concept

​​Independent: Iran-Saudi Arabia deal casts China in unfamiliar global role

​​Arab News: Iran agrees to stop arming Houthis in Yemen as part of deal with Saudi Arabia (Vanessa Beeley says this is fake news)


​​Operation Spring Resolve

​​1:02:26 RFI: France holds largest-ever military drills amid bloody backdrop of Ukraine war

​​Exercise Orion is the largest military exercise to be held in France for decades

​​People just go about their day as a mock battle is fought in French streets

​​Major exercise Spring Resolve tests response to terrorist attacks

​​Operation removed from Metropolitan Police website

​​National Protective Security Authority | NPSA: The UK Government’s National Technical Authority for Physical and Personnel Protective Security


Western Double-Standard Sanctions

​​​​1:11:07 RFE-RL: U.S. Envoy To Kosovo Says EU Plan For Normalizing Relations With Serbia Is 'Significant Step' 

​​Serb leader says he won’t sign anything during Kosovo talks

​​US will not consider recognising Crimea as part of Russia, Blinken says

​​AOC and MTG join forces to back doomed Gaetz Syria troop bill 

​​ECFR: A tribunal like no other: Prosecuting Russia’s crime of aggression in Ukraine

​​NYT: The Pentagon is blocking the U.S. from sharing evidence on Russian atrocities in Ukraine

​​The United States and ICC have an awkward history

​​UN commission fails to find evidence of Russia's genocide in Ukraine

​​Former Saudi intelligence chief calls for sanctioning Israel, criticizes Western double standards on Russia