UK Column News - 17th July 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Whitehall’s “Comprehensive and Progressive” Agreement for Warmed-Over Trans-Pacific Partnership—Straight From EU Globalism to Global Britain Data Blob

00:19 10 Downing Street Twitter: Funky and fun CPTPP video

GOV.UK: UK signs Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership

UK Parliament: The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

GOV.UK: Guidance: National Data Strategy

GOV.UK (2020): Speech: Global Britain and the CPTPP

Elizabeth Truss (When Foreign Secretary): 

Membership of CPTPP would hitch the UK to the fast-growing Pacific region. It also helps us strengthen our ties with some of our key international allies like Canada, Singapore and Australia.

This to me is about strengthening the group of countries that believe in free trade but also believe in the rules-based global system.

University of Sussex: Accessing CPTPP without a national digital regulatory strategy? Hard policy challenges for the UK


What Is The Navy For? UK Shaping The International Order Of The Future “Post-Covid Order” With Novel Definitions of Sovereignty and Prosperity

06:58 Royal Navy: HMS Cardiff makes her public debut as shipbuilders roll out new frigate

BAE Systems: Type 26 frigate HMS Cardiff emerges on Govan skyline

MOD: Setting the context: current capability plans to enable Integrated Force 30

UK Defence Journal: The Royal Navy of 2030—How will it look?

GOV.UK: Global Britain in a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy 

UK Parliament: It is broke—and it’s time to fix it: The UK’s defence procurement system—Report Summary


Education: Why Johnny Can’t Read—Decades of Preventable Folly in Literacy and Mathematics Strategy

17:01 Brookings: The pandemic has had devastating impacts on learning. What will it take to help students catch up?

K–12 Dive: Biden’s proposed $90B Education Department budget features tuition-free community college 

On The Issues (2004): Michael Peroutka on Education

Ground News: The Unconstitutional Impact of the US Department of Education: Detrimental Effects on Student Education

Wikipedia: Why Johnny Can't Read

Sequel (1981): Why Johnny Still Can't Read


Unaffordable Government Debt; Housing Market Reset?

27:43 Financial Times: Andrew Bailey vs the renters?

Resolution Foundation: Peaked interest? What higher interest rates mean for the size and distribution of UK household wealth

UK Column article: Why is the BBC apparently featuring terrorists in its documentaries?

UK Column website section: Censored 

UK Column article with embedded audio and video: A Brewery of Ideas to Steer Society Away from the NWO

UK Column article: Reckless Endangerment: Fire Safety at Fornethy Residential School


Kennedy Bid And The Slur ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

37:20 New York Magazine: On the Cover: How a Conspiracy-Spewing Literal Kennedy Took On the Mantle of Populist Outsider

Wikipedia: Advance Publications


UK Hypersonic Missile Defence—Might Be Ready By 2029

44:54 BBC: Crimea bridge: Russia blames new Crimea bridge attack on Ukraine

CNN: Ukraine claims responsibility for new attack on key Crimea bridge 

UK Parliament: Hypersonic missiles

Evening Standard: MoD set to spend £1 billion boosting UK’s hypersonic missile ability


Has Ben Wallace Lost The Plot? 

52:03 Washington Post: Britain’s defense chief, a contender to run NATO, lays out his vision

BBC: Ben Wallace to quit as defence secretary at next cabinet reshuffle

Sky: UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace's 'we are not Amazon' jibe at Ukraine a real warning about the risk of war fatigue

Ben Wallace: tweets in Ukrainian that oddly assert that he made his Amazon remarks "last year" (rather than at Vilnius this month)


Lurid Weather Map Jokes—What Is The Punchline?

56:28 Robin Monotti:

I grew up when 40°C in Rome was normal. Now only 33. No need for psychedelic coloured psyops.

Talk TV: “It’s An Absolute Sodding Miracle Humans Survived!” Julia Hartley-Brewer On “Heatwave Hysteria”