UK Column News - 17th April 2024

Mike Robinson, Charles Malet and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Is The UK Government Leading Us Into Food Shortages?

00:22 NFUonline [National Farmers' Union]: Farming Recovery Fund—Defra [agriculture ministry for England] lifts 150m eligibility rule

GOV.UK: Government opens fund to support farmers affected by flooding

GOV.UK: Land use statistics: England 2022

GOV.UK: Find out what's available in SFI

Legislation: The Management of Hedgerows (England) Regulations 2024

AHDB: UK wheat imports rise with crops looking poor: Analyst Insight


UK Parliament: Misinformation And Trusted Voices, Also Known As Censorship

07:08 UK Parliament: Misinformation and trusted voices

House of Commons: Culture, Media and Sport Committee—Trusted voices Sixth Report of Session 2023–24 (PDF)

It impacts a range of issues, such as climate change, 5G, water fluoridation, elections and those claiming UK terror attacks have been staged.


Conference Shutdown: Turkish Mayor Of A Brussels Borough Gets NAT-C On NAT-Cs

14:44 National Conservatism: National Conservatism Conference, Brussels 2024

Gladden Pappin (on X): 

So this is what the rule of law looks like in Brussels! Living in Hungary where intellectual/political events occur freely, I’d forgotten.

Sky News (YouTube): Braverman: 'It's a real shame the 'Thought Police' shut down conference'


World Health Day Instrumentalised For Migration

17:23 University of Chicago: World Health Day: Migration, Climate Change, and Global Health

(Image of an inflatable globe being injected with a syringe)

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: World Health Day: Migration, Climate Change, and Global Health past events

World Bank: Groundswell Report

By 2050, Sub-Saharan Africa could see as many as 86 million internal climate migrants; East Asia and the Pacific, 49 million; South Asia, 40 million; North Africa, 19 million; Latin America, 17 million; and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 5 million

UNICEF: Children displaced in a changing climate


Updates And Announcements

27:12 Event: What actually is 5G? A talk on the pros and cons of 5G and the implications of AI by Ian Jarvis, IT and Systems Analyst Specialist
Location: St. Luke's Church Centre, 61 Aylsham Road, Norwich NR3 2HF
Date: Saturday 20 April
Time: 2 pm to 5 pm

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YouTube Premiere: Walking The Dog—Episode 3—11 am on Sunday 21 April

UK Column interview: Conformity Colleges: the Occupation and Destruction of the Academy by the Radical Left—Prof. David Barnhizer

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Nicola Lund: From School Teacher to Active Journalist

GiveSendGo: Dr Charles Hoffe Legal Defence Fund

Crowdfunder UK: Fornethy Survivors’ Group—Campaign for Justice

Film showing on UK Column: Playing God: An Investigation Into Medical Democide In The UK—Première: 2pm, Monday 22 April 2024

Event: Sounds Beautiful Festival 2024—27–30 June (Promo code: UKCOLUMN)

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May (Promo code: UKC10)


Geoengineering: Marine Cloud Brightening, Sun-Blocking—Who Permits This To Go Ahead?

30:12 Department of Atmospheric Sciences: Marine Cloud Brightening Program

The Program also collaborates with researchers at a range of other institutions, including the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Victoria (Canada), the Desert Research Institute, and the University of Exeter (UK)

University of Exeter: Cloud engineering could be more effective ‘painkiller’ for global warming than previously thought

SilverLining: Ensuring a Safe Climate

University of Cambridge (Department of Engineering): Cambridge at COP28

There are various ideas for Refreezing the Arctic including Marine Cloud Brightening, Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and even pumping of sea water onto the top of sea ice.

Royal Society: UK-Norway bilateral workshop on science and the law of the environment

In the summer of 2022 there was a Gordon Research Conference on Climate Engineering. One reflection after the conference is that there is actually now a very large body of research being carried out in the US on solar radiation management, and particularly marine cloud brightening (MCB) and stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI).

British Antarctic Survey: Clouds formed with sea salt contribute to Arctic warming


DragonFire Gets Press Coverage Whilst Ukraine Casualties Are Continually Ignored

40:56 War Secretary Grant Shapps (YouTube): DragonFire and Reforming Military Procurement

Euractiv: EU sets out plan for lasting Ukraine security commitments

Politico: Ukraine strikes deal to get two Royal Navy minehunters from UK

BBC: Russia's meat grinder soldiers—50,000 confirmed dead


Rebuilding Ukraine Is Big Business

44:21 President of Ukraine: Ukraine Will Request a Meeting of the Ukraine NATO Council—Address of the President of Ukraine

China can really help us restore the just peace for Ukraine and the stability in international relations. The Summit in Switzerland gives us all a real chance to make the Charter of the United Nations, its goals and principles, really work.

GOV.UK: UK reaffirms support for Ukrainian efforts to seek justice for Russia’s illegal invasion 

GOV.UK: Attorney General [of England and Wales] marks two-year anniversary of Ukraine conflict

GOV.UK (2023): Attorney General [of England and Wales] presents UK intervention in Ukraine case against Russia at International Court of Justice 

European Union: Commission co-hosts international conference on restoring justice for Ukraine in The Hague

Council of Europe: Council of Europe Summit creates register of damage for Ukraine as first step towards an international compensation mechanism for victims of Russian aggression 

GOV.UK: Support for UK businesses helping to rebuild Ukraine

VEON: VEON and Kyivstar set in motion their 600m USD investment plan with Kyiv visit, Mike Pompeo joins the delegation

Digital identity is one of the great challenges of our time, states Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of the VEON Group. […] MobileID will enable mobile operators to be the trusted authority for both consumers and retailers with the reassurance that the operator is based in their home country and licensed by local data protection laws.

VEON (2021): VEON Rolls Out New Industry Standard for Digital Identity Validation


Mark Anderson Updates In Preparation For WHO's Geneva Assembly 

49:46 Federal Register: Stakeholder Listening Session in Preparation for the 77th World Health Assembly

WHO: Provisional agenda of the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly


Suitable Constables: The Question Of Police Discipline

56:54 GOV.UK: Chief constables given powers to sack unfit officers

The Home Office has also committed to providing funding to develop an automated and continuous integrity screening system of the police workforce to ensure that officers are continuously vetted throughout their career.