UK Column News - 17th April 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Stuart Waiton of the Scottish Union for Education.


Transgenderism In The Curriculum? 

00:30 Scottish Union for Education: Are schools harming children by affirming their transgender 'identity'?
David Scott's clip of the protest outside
Guest Stuart Waiton explains he was told his meeting could not use the venue, due to "safeguarding"
Police form line between rival transgender debate demos in Belfast
A Staff Member at a Bar in Belfast Head-butted and assaulted a gay man today because they didn’t like his T-shirt. 

Digital ID Is Here

14:08 Data Protection and Digital Information (No. 2) Bill
New data laws debated in Parliament
Soon GOV.UK One Login will add identity checks, but they say it is not mandatory
OneTrust: Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) forum established

BBC Uses Misinformation To Hide Information About Its Disinformation Units 

20:16 Citizen Journalists: Nobody Does Disinformation Better Than The BBC’s ‘anti-disinformation’ Unit
Freedom of Information (FOI) request: RFI20230403. BBC says:
Please be advised that the BBC does not have a UK based 'Disinformation Unit'. We do however have specialist correspondents within News and Current Affairs who have a responsibility for reporting on issues relating to disinformation.
BBC: BBC launches Disinformation Unit in India
BBC: Coronavirus: Unit set up to counter false claims
BBC: Government announces anti-fake news unit
BBC Vacancies: Senior Journalist, BBC Disinformation Unit
Jack Goodman—Senior Journalist—Disinformation Unit
Rebecca Skippage established and leads the BBC's Disinformation Team and is an Editor with the BBC-wide Anti-Disinformation Unit

The West Wants Control Over Sudan

29:25 Footage from Sudan of a helicopter shot down
Mike Robinson asks: “Why has this all kicked off, right at this moment?”
Chatham House: Reversing the military coup in Sudan
CMI: Sudan’s military are calling for elections in 2023
The Cradle: From hostility to normalization: The ebbs and flows of Sudan-Israel relations
UAE companies sign $6 billion construction agreement with Sudan
Chinese Foreign Ministry communiqué: Xi Jinping Meets with Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan
AP News: UN renews Sudan arms embargo as Russia and China abstain
MEE: Shadow games on the Red Sea as scramble for Sudan's ports intensifies

Ukraine Truths, Not On The BBC

33:56 BBC Misinformation: By simply not reporting the facts, the BBC hides the Ukrainian casualties and ensures the bloodbath continues
BBC: What the leaked Pentagon documents reveal8 key takeaways
Clip: British soldier lining the streets to honour the Ukrainian soldiers they have been training in the UK
Video clip of Ukrainian soldiers saying they fear their commanders want to annihilate them
Video clip of a Ukrainian soldier addressing the Ukrainian politicians, asking why there is no compensation for a missing soldier, even if there are witnesses of the death
Video clip of a Ukrainian soldier explaining his commanders forbid the evacuation of dead bodies
UK Column interview with Andrew Bridgen MP: Streamed Tuesday 18 April 2023 at 1.00 pm—video upload due soon on homepage
The Alternative View Conference—Booking Page

CBDC Push: Who’s Buying It?

47:54 IMF Spring Meetings Update
DCMA: Universal Monetary Unit, The First Cryptocurrency with Monetary Policy

Legal ‘Experts’ Miss Morals

51:18 IDPC: The 8th March principles for a human rights-based approach to criminal law proscribing conduct associated with sex, reproduction, drug use, HIV, homelessness and poverty
Critical Legal Studies (CLS) is a theory which states that the law is necessarily intertwined with social issues, particularly stating that the law has inherent social biases

Who Proposed The WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty? Can We Reject It?

58:34 James Roguski Substack: The amendments that were adopted on 27 May 2022 have not been debated in or voted on by Parliament
LifeSite News: Ireland sees 42% more deaths in past two months compared to pre-COVID levels
Irish Examiner: Funerals delayed as increase in number of deaths puts mortuaries under pressure

The Continuing Sturgeon Saga; 15-Minute Cities

1:05:45 Nicola Sturgeon leaked video footage shows former FM knocking back concerns about SNP finances
Telegraph: Nicola Sturgeon under growing pressure to quit SNP 
UK Defence Journal’s April Fools Joke: Royal Navy landing ship to support Scottish ferry crisis
The Times: Ministry of Defence called in to tackle ferry crisis
More map stuff from the Highlands, this time showing the current 42 mile / 1h15m detour to reach Corran because the ferry is broken (500 metres across the Loch, usually)—having a massive impact on journeys west for foreseeable future
BBC: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods: Is this the UK's most abused traffic bollard?

And Finally: Eat Bugs

1:16:25 The Week: Turning bodies into soil
OpenTable: Bug Appétit! 5 Restaurants Serving Insects for an Adventurous Meal