UK Column News - 16th October 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Emotions And Tensions Rising

00:34 The Indian Express: Israel-Hamas War Day 10 Live Updates: Ceasefire plans in southern Gaza stalled as Israeli ground invasion looms

Forbes: Israel-Hamas Conflict: The Grim Statistics After A Week Of War

Reuters: Gaza health ministry: 2750 Palestinians killed, 9700 wounded in Israeli strikes on Gaza since Oct 7

BBC: Israel-Gaza: The ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas

Euronews: Street marchers back both Israel and the Palestinians in European cities 

U.S. Central Command (on X): The 354th Fighter Squadron and their A–10 Thunderbolt II's arrived in the region to support the U.S.'s increased posture

Air & Space Forces Magazine: F–15s Land in Middle East as Austin Visits Israel and Touts ‘Augmented’ USAF Presence

JNS: USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group headed to Israel

LBC (on X): Former Israeli Justice Minister, Yossi Belin: 'I never hoped for peace with Hamas.' 

Daily Mail: 'We're giving people the opportunity to leave Gaza. Hamas didn't do that for the families slaughtered in their beds': Israeli diplomat defends military's response to terror atrocity, with 2,750 now killed in Palestine

Washington Post: Israeli ground offensive in Gaza could be a ‘bloodbath,’ analysts say

JNS: 'Death to Israel': The Iranian plan to attack Israel

The Times of Israel: Iran threatens: ‘No one can guarantee’ control of situation if Israel enters Gaza

E-mail to UK Column: Can we protest about this horrendous warmongering?

E-mail to UK Column: Emotional e-mail concerning Gaza


The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

26:27 Responsible Statecraft:  Biden refuses to talk 'ceasefire' though it could prevent a regional war

Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft: About QI

The Wee Flea: How to Respond to Israel/Gaza?—CT


Reiner Füllmich Arrested 

39:21 Please Join Us: UK Column Community

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5G Expose: Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 18.00

Andrew Bridgen will address the public after the parliamentary debate on excess deaths, 20 October Parliament Square: gather from 2 pm

E-mail to UK Column: Local councillor Anthony Fairclough slinks away local from encouraging his MP to attend the Andrew Bridgen debate Friday on 20 October 2023

The Alternative View Conference: AV13 Event Tickets

The Truth Barrier (Substack): BREAKING: Reiner Fuellmich Taken From German Embassy In Mexico On Passport Errand, Flown To Frankfurt and Arrested 


Who Owns The News?

45:56 Press Gazette: Who owns the news? UK media ownership for 2023 analysed

Media Reform Coalition: Leading the fight for a media fit for the 21st century


Fury After MP Quits ‘Cult-Like’ SNP

48:18 The National Scotland: SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron quits party and joins Conservatives

Being in the SNP has been bad for my health.

Scottish Daily Express: 'Tone deaf' Mairi McAllan says she finds Lisa Cameron's mental health problems 'hard to believe'

STV News: SNP MP who defected to Tories likens former party to 'a cult'

The News Letter: SNP MP Lisa Cameron fears deselection after voting against Northern Ireland abortion reform

The National (Scotland): Lisa Cameron says English abortion vote was matter of conscience


Former CIA Operative Now RFK Jr’s Campaign Manager

53:25 Kennedy24: Kennedy Campaign Announces New Campaign Manager

Irish Central: Who is Amaryllis Fox? The former CIA spy married to a Kennedy

Daily Express: 'Britain is with you...not just today, but always': Sunak's unwavering support to Israel

LBC: Rishi Sunak vows to stand behind Israel and protect British Jews as Netanyahu says 'the next stage is coming'

The Institute for Government: MPs standing down at the next general election


Dropping Birthrates Discussed

59:37 ZME Science: Birth rates have dropped around the world in the past two centuries. This started in France—and researchers now know why

Twitter/X: Guillaume Blanc

AP News: Michigan launches nationwide talent recruitment effort to address stagnant population growth


Online Petition To Take Canada Out Of The UN, The WHO And Agenda 2030

1:04:09 Andrew Bridgen (on X): Leslyn Lewis is a Conservative MP in Canada. She has started an online petition to take Canada out of the UN, the WHO and AGENDA 2030

Petitions Canada: e-4623 (Foreign affairs) Initiated by Doug Porter from Burnaby, British Columbia 


From Extra:

Centre for Research on Globalisation: Hamas is a Creation of Mossad, by Hassane Zerouky

Asia Times: West vs.Russia: reaching point of no return

Democracy Now: Israel’s First Lady of Human Rights: A Conversation with Shulamit Aloni

Medium: Is antisemitism a trick? A closer look at that Shulamit Aloni meme

Kitco: Mastercard pilot achieves breakthrough in CBDC interoperability

Yahoo Finance: 'The war on inflation is over': Famed economist Paul Krugman just declared victory on white-hot inflation—and says we won at 'very little cost.' But here's what he left out of the math

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Prior to Attack on Israel, Majority of Americans Supported Talks with Hamas

American Enterprise Institute: Discussing the Trajectory of the War in Israel