UK Column News - 16th June 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


​​Dividing The Republican Party With A Knife In Trump’s Back

​​00:22 The Independent: What is an indictment? Donald Trump

​​Reuters: Donald Trump, the Presidential Records Act and ‘Clinton's sock drawer’ defense

​​New York Post: Comer says alleged Biden bribe was $5M, threatens FBI with contempt 

​​21st Century Wire: Hunting for Hunter: Evidence Reveals Biden, Burisma Ukraine Bond Scandal, Tied to U.S. Firm


​​Growing Solar Panels Instead Of Poppies

​​15:53 Alcis: Unprecedented reduction of opium production in Afghanistan

​​UK Column (2011): British Lives Wasted Protecting Opium Production

​​United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Opium Cultivation in Afghanistan 

​​Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction: Lessons from U.S. counternarcotics efforts in Afghanistan

​​Oxford Mail (2013): Farmers go into legal drug business with poppy crops

​​United States Institute of Peace: The Taliban’s Successful Opium Ban is Bad for Afghans and the World

​​BBC: Inside the Taliban's war on drugs—opium poppy crops slashed

​​BBC: What the heroin industry can teach us about solar power


​​Can Ukraine Ever Join NATO? 

​​28:51 Moscow Times: Deadly Russian Missile Strikes Hit Ukraine

​​Rybar: Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on June 15th

​​Moscow Times: Russia Lays Mines at 'Industrial Level' Ahead of Ukrainian Counteroffensive

​​Times Of Israel: In first, Israel plans to sell vaunted Merkava tank to 2 countries, one in Europe


​​NATO will continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. We will not back down

​​IntelRepublic: IAEA Head Grossi at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant inspection in Zaporozhye region (ex-Ukraine) presented with fragment of pipeline from a hydro-cooling system riddled with fragments of NATO shelling from US-made M777 howitzer 


​​Rules-Based Theft–From Airliners To Children

​​39:03 Military Watch Magazine: Prized Russian Airliner Delivering COVID Supplies Seized By Canada to be Handed to Ukraine: Why An–124s Matter to Moscow 

​​FCDO: A joint statement by diplomatic missions in Ukraine on International Day for Protection of Children

​​Anna Prokofieva’s Video: Taken From Ukraine

​​Yale Daily News: YSPH research reveals relocation and re-education of Ukrainian children

​​BNN: Russian region recognizes Ukrainian as official language

​​TASS: Ukraine ready to pay West in people’s organs for military assistance

​​European Centre for Law and Justice (2009): The case of the missing children; Lost babies and corpses without organs fuel allegations of trafficking in body parts in Ukraine


​​“False Memory Syndrome”—Or Silencing and Shaming?

​​49:13 CBS: Harvard Medical School morgue manager Cedric Lodge accused of selling stolen body parts

​​False Memory Syndrome Foundation: FMS Foundation organization formed in March 1992 and dissolved in late 2019

​​Mad In America: The False Memory Syndrome at 30: How Flawed Science Turned into Conventional Wisdom 

​​Business Insider: Harvard accepted over $8 million in donations from Jeffrey Epstein. The university plans to redirect unused funds toward supporting victims of human trafficking and sexual assault

​​Books by Whitney Alyse Webb

​​Unlimited Hangout: Leslie Wexner’s Young Global Leaders

​​NPR: The CIA's Secret Quest For Mind Control: Torture, LSD And A 'Poisoner In Chief'

​​Yahoo (2019): Bill Gates backs plan to tackle climate change by blocking out the sun

​​NO2NATO NO2War organisation


​​'Champion For Israel' RFK Jr Flip-Flops On Roger Waters

​​58:07 Glenn Greenwald Interview: RFK Jr. on Russiagate, Israel/Roger Waters, JFK Assassination, Ukraine, & More

​​Daily Sabah: Israel's annexation of the Golan Heights is a grave violation of international law