UK Column News - 16th February 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Kids Online Safety Act: Enables Censorship And ID Age Verification

00:22 BBC: Brianna Ghey’s mother Esther says Online Safety Act does not go far enough

Ofcom: Consultation: Protecting people from illegal harms online

Ofcom: Quick guide to rules about online pornography

Just Security: Multiple Threats Converge to Heighten Disinformation Risks to This Year’s US Elections

UK Column’s assessment of the Kids Online Safety Act: 

Enables widespread censorship, and it will lead to age verification and identification checks across the internet.

UK Column Article (2019): Screen Time Is Damaging Us


Al Gore With His Alternative Climate Reality

09:09 Climate Reality Team UK (Facebook): Climate Reality Team UK

Climate Reality Project: At The Climate Reality Project, our global network of 3.5 million is working to build a just and sustainable true net zero future

We train and mobilize people worldwide with four global campaigns to accelerate climate action this decade and help us reach true net zero by 2050.

Eventbrite: Love Your Planet: Together, let's transform awareness into action & make a tangible impact on our planet

Rise UK (Telegram): Al Gore's opening remarks from yesterday's event at UCL

Future Leaders Network: We make a difference today with the leaders of tomorrow


Egypt—Bulldozing The Gaza Buffer Zone 

22:19 Washington Post: CIA visit to Egypt: Hostage talks continue in Egypt

Haaretz: Egypt-Turkey reconciliation: Even Burying the Hatchet With Egypt's Sissi Can't Get Erdoğan a Foothold in Gaza

Sinai Foundation for Human Rights (Arabic): SINAI FHR website

Sinai Foundation for Human Rights (YouTube): Video of works from SINAI Foundation for Human Rights: "Unidentified" engineering works in eastern Sinai under intense military presence

Sinai Foundation for Human Rights (Arabic): Article in Arabic by SINAI FHR: “Unknown” engineering works in eastern Sinai or the beginning of Sisi’s project to establish “popularly rejected” development clusters in Sinai

CNN: CNN report on bulldozing of buffer zone area: Egypt is building a new walled buffer zone more than 2 miles wide on Gaza border, satellite images show

Al Monitor (2014): Egypt evicts Rafah residents to create buffer zone


Updates And Announcements

32:41 Please Join Us: Access the UKC News Extra—UK Column Community

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Forthcoming Symposium: The Organisation for Propaganda Studies, in collaboration with UK Column and Propaganda in Focus, presents Silencing the Academics—Sunday 18 February, 6–9 pm

Forthcoming Symposium: The Midazolam Murders: Exposing State-sanctioned Involuntary Euthanasia

Brian Gerrish (YouTube): Walking The Dog—Episode 1, Premieres 18 February 2024

UK Column interview: Demanding a New Inquest into a 9/11 Death: Matt Campbell and Ted Walter

UK Column interview: Cheryl Grainger: Big Pharma—Organised Crime

New UK Column series: Walking The Dog (Premieres 18 February at 11:00am)

Event: Sounds Beautiful Festival 2024—27–30 June

Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May

Event: Alternative View 14—26 May 2024


Hezbollah Threat According To Zionist Researchers 

35:03 Calcalist (Hebrew): Hezbollah’s price: The war against Hezbollah will be more destructive and bloody than we imagined. A wide-ranging report revealed here for the first time, in the preparation of which 100 senior military and government officials participated, outlines in chilling detail what it will really look like in the rear of the multi-arena campaign

Vanessa Beeley (Substack): War with Hezbollah—the ‘Most Deadly War of All’ according to Zionist experts (Includes Faisal Mikdad video)


Putin In Space: Fear Of Space Wars, Again

41:40 The Sun: Putin planning to launch Russian nuclear weapons into SPACE in ‘serious threat’, warns US intelligence

Atlantic Council: Experts react: What to know about Russia’s apparent plans for a space-based nuclear weapon

TASS: US causing global unrest with strategy of ‘controlled chaos’

Intel Republic (Telegram): Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman states experts working to confirm docs showing infants and elderly abused by West and backed by Kiev regime, experimented on by infamous covid vaccine firms such as Pfizer and AstraZenec

RUSI (YouTube 2019): Land Warfare Conference 2019: CGS Opening Remarks

RAND Corporation: Competing with Russia Militarily (PDF)

GOV.UK (2019): Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter’s annual RUSI speech 

Pharma IQ: Ukraine’s clinical trials still recruiting despite ongoing war


What Is The Conduit?

49:44 The Conduit: Gathering Changemakers

The Conduit (YouTube): The Rise of the Far Right—And What We Can Do About It

RiseUK (Substack): What is ‘The Conduit’?

3Ci Cities Commission for Climate Investment (LinkedIn): 3Ci is a partnership between Connected Places Catapult, Core Cities UK, London Councils and other local authorities across the UK aimed at supporting local authorities secure the necessary long-term finance for achieving Net Zero

NESTA: Engaging local residents in conversations about pathways to net zero


Tobias ‘77th’ Elwood Making Himself Useful For The Protest Laws?

58:40 BBC: Tobias Ellwood says MPs are not “fair game” after protest at home

UK Parliament: Criminal Justice Bill 2023–24—Parliamentary Bills

GOV.UK: New protest laws on face coverings and pyrotechnics