UK Column News - 15th September 2023

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and guest Kevork Almassian with today's UK Column News.


UK Aiming For New Leadership With… Synthetic Biology

00:19 GOV.UK: First meeting of UK science champions to cement UK leadership in safe, responsible biology breakthroughs 

Society of Chemical Industry: New Council looks to put UK at forefront of responsible engineering biology use

UK Research & Innovation (UKRI): Synthetic Biology for Growth 

UKRI: Engineering Biology Missions Hubs and Mission Awards


The Trouble In Libya Isn’t Climate Change

03:10 BBC: Libya flooding: CCTV shows cars swept away in Derna

David Miliband (on X):

The devastation from Storm Daniel in Libya has been enormous: at least 5,000 killed and 30,000 displaced. Years of conflict have eroded the country’s ability to respond to increasing climate disasters.

Sky News (YouTube): Libya floods: Drone footage shows widespread destruction

Sebha University Journal Of Pure And Applied Sciences: A research paper published in November 2022 by Omar al-Mukhtar University by hydrologist Abdelwanees A.R. Ashoor warned about the dams holding back the seasonal waterway

The Ecologist (2015): War crime: NATO deliberately destroyed Libya's water infrastructure

Nina Byzantina (on X): 

This is so enjoyable: the BBC got slapped with a community note about Libya.


The Trouble In Greece Isn’t Climate Change, Either

11:25 ThesaliaTV (Greece): Storm Daniel hit the Municipality of Palamas with fury, the situation is difficult

Vanessa Beeley (Telegram): 

Aerial view of Libya devastation. UK promises funds for victims. There would be far less victims if UK and other murderous NATO states hadn't bombed the sh*t out of Libyan infrastructure including dams and water reservoirs.

902 (Greece): They were inundated in water and are being asked to pay to compensate them[selves]

Al Jazeera: After slew of disasters, Greeks wonder what is happening to their democracy

ASHTROM Group LTD: Home Page

Power Technology: Ashtrom Renewable Energy to co-develop solar projects in Greece

Seetao: Ashtrom Renewables will jointly develop solar energy projects in Greece

The Press Project: Hotels are not mobilised—they are "having a ball" with movement of refugees and flood victims

To Vima: Big US plans for Thessaly

Parallaxi Mag: Thessaly—fears of food crisis, general disaster

The Press Project: Human limbs found in burned train carriages, six months after tragedy

The Press Project: Flood victims being asked to pay for their compensation

The Press Project: Government legitimises "blackwashing" of water for those affected, says KKE [Communist Party]

The Press Project: Copernicus—New satellite image reveals scale of disaster in Thessaly

Kosmodromio: Trikala—Residents launch class action over floods: "They broke the dam on purpose"

To Pontiki: Agorastos—New revelation about bursting of dams: The only concern was for [the village of] Karditsa 

IMF Occupation Greece (Blogspot): IMF vs. Greece—From organised arson to organised floods ... the Greek lockdown junta becomes the EU's poster boy for "climate change"


From Ukraine To Azerbaijan—Explained By Kevork Almassian

27:09 Radio Free Europe: Is Armenia Turning To The West?

TASS: Pashinyan changing country's politics to align with West


Syria: US War Rules Hypocrisy

38:41 Reuters: U.S. officials visit Syria's Deir al Zor in bid to defuse Arab tribal unrest

Al Mayadeen English: Syria condemns US delegation's illegal visit to Northeastern Syria

The Cradle: Clashes renew between US-backed proxy, rebel tribes in northeast Syria


Send Non-ULEZ Compliant Cars To Ukraine? 

45:07 GOV.WALES: Introducing default 20mph speed limits

BBC: 20 mph: Wales speed limit sat-nav warning ahead of change

Euronews: Paris cuts its speed limit to 30 kph in bid to protect climate


Judiciary UK: Mrs Justice Cockerill—Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

MyLondon: London £12.50 ULEZ charge 'could go up' as Sadiq Khan issues pay per mile update

Car Dealer Magazine: London used car dealers urged to send non-ULEZ compliant part-exchanges to Ukraine


SIREN 2.0—Know What That Means? 

51:39 GOV.UK: SIREN study expands surveillance of respiratory pathogens ahead of winter 

SIREN 2.0 will recruit participants from our original cohort of 45,000 healthcare workers, which remains the largest study of its kind globally

MHRA Yellow Card: Yellow Card centres


Lights Seen Before Or During An Earthquake

54:41 The Independent: Strange ‘earthquake lights’ spotted above Morocco moments before devastating tremors remain a mystery

Jerusalem Post: Mysterious flash illuminates Moroccan sky moments before earthquake

Daily Mail: Mysterious lights were spotted in the sky before Morocco's devastating earthquake hit last week—and scientists don't know what caused them

ScienceDirect: Piezoelectric effects in quartz-rich rocks


Full Fact Does Full-on Irony

57:00 Full Fact (on X): 

Freedom of expression is at risk, while lessons from the pandemic are forgotten in the Online Safety Bill.

Too much power is being left with internet companies.

Decisions about freedom of expression should be made openly and democratically.