UK Column News - 15th November 2023

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley, Debi Evans and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


Rwanda Policy Was Never Going To Have A Significant Impact Anyway

00:24 The Law Society: Supreme Court ruling end of the line for Rwanda policy

BBC: Supreme Court ruling leaves Rwanda policy in tatters

BBC: Sunak seeking new Rwanda treaty after Supreme Court rules against plan

Guardian: Supreme court rejects Rishi Sunak’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda

Evening Standard: Rwanda says it can only bring in 200 migrants from UK under controversial deportation scheme

Middle East Eye: Israel’s fortress state is the model for the UK’s new asylum policy


New Foreign Secretary, Same Old David Cameron

04:24 UK Column Article: Britain: A Stasi State

UK Column Series: No Smoke Without Fire

GOV.UK (2015): Extremism: PM speech

Legislation: Prevent duty guidance (PDF)

Guidance for specified authorities in England and Wales on the duty in the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism.

BBC News (YouTube 2015): David Cameron speech on extremism


Occupying US Troops In Iraq And Syria Face More Drones Than Ever

08:40 Map of facilities including mostly illegal military bases of the Occupying US troops in Iraq and Syria

Attacks on U.S. forces since October 17th: 56 attacks in one month—40 US casualties


Criminal Justice Bill and the Removal Of Homeless Tents

12:44 GOV.UK: Criminal Justice Bill 2023: factsheets


US Troops Killed In Mediterranean Helicopter Crash Identified As Special Operation Soldiers

17:48 CBS News: Pentagon identifies 5 U.S. troops killed in military helicopter crash over the Mediterranean

All five were special operations aviation soldiers.

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UK Column interview: Big Pharma, Small Farmer—Roger Meacock, Consultant Veterinary Surgeon

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Strong Words From Yemen, With Strong Actions

22:25 Syriana Analysis (YouTube): President Bashar al-Assad speech on Gaza (English Subtitles)

Amwaj Media: Interview: Inside the Houthi arsenal that can reach Israel


Victoria Atkins’ Conflicts Of Interest: A Long List

26:55 GOV.UK: Victoria Atkins MP

The Guardian: Victoria Atkins: the steady, ‘able’ minister promoted to health secretary

The Sun: Who is Victoria Atkins' husband Paul Kenward? 

Companies House: Paul Robert Kenward: Total number of appointments 22 

Sky News: Home Office minister Victoria Atkins doesn't know number of police officers


Government Grants For ‘Green’ Lithium

30:20 Advanced Propulsion Centre: About us:

We collaborate with [the] UK government, the automotive industry and academia to accelerate the industrialisation of technologies, supporting the transition to deliver net-zero emission vehicles.

GOV.UK: UK Infrastructure Bank 

Ilika: Board of Directors

British Lithium: Benchmarking sustainability 

British Lithium will be a global leader in terms of GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.

Consultancy: ERM to supply environmental impact assessment for UK lithium mine

Reuters: Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car

Eventbrite: Net Zero—The final frontier?

GOV.UK (2022): Record funding uplift for UK battery research and development 

GOV.UK: £89 million of funding to develop cutting edge new electric vehicle technology 


Joining The GB News/ARC Dots

42:19 iNews: GB News will use Boris Johnson as ‘battering ram’ to take on Fox News in US

BBC: Ofcom will not tell GB News to stop hiring politicians

UK Parliament MPs and Lords: Register of Interests for Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg: Payments from GB News

30 March 2023, received £32,083.34. Hours: 40 hrs including preparation.

27 April 2023, received £29,290.47. Hours: 40 hrs including preparation…

Daily Mail: Rishi's new 'minister for common sense': PM brings Esther McVey back to Cabinet and tasks her with a mission to combat 'wokery' as he offers an olive branch to Tory Right

Esther McVey (YouTube): Esther McVey MP speaks in a debate on the Vaccine Damage Payments Bill on the 20 October 2023

UK Parliament MPs and Lords: Register of Interests for Esther McVey: Payments from GB News

29 September 2022, received £14,637.74 for seventeen episodes of a news programme.

27 October 2022, received £6,811.61 for presenting eight episodes of a news programme…

GB News: Our Investors: The END Fund, The Luminos Fund and The Freedom Fund

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Luminos Fund

The Times (2018): Christopher Chandler: Russian spy? Money man for Putin and Trump? No — I’m just a shy billionaire

The Guardian (2022): Chris Bryant to admit billionaire money-laundering claims were wrong 

The Guardian: Barnaby Joyce among politicians gifted trips to Jordan Peterson-led conservative conference 

iNews: Inside the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship conference with Michael Gove and Kemi Badenoch

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship: Welcome to ARC

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship: ARC's Advisory Board

Not mentioned in the news but relevant: John Waters discusses the shortcomings of ARC 


Could Tony Blair Rear His Head In Yet Another Current War?

50:05 MintPress News (on X): 

In the last 24 hours, Israeli snipers have shot inside al-Shifa hospital, killing two nurses and four patients, including a paraplegic man, according to Doctors without Borders.

Isaac Herzog (on X): 

In an interview with BBC Laura Kuenssberg, I revealed that a children's room in a civilian home in the Gaza Strip was used as a Hamas terror base, in which an Arabic copy of Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, was found

The Independent (2015): Blundering Tony Blair quits as Middle East peace envoy—only Israel will miss him

The Cradle: Saudi Arabia to host emergency Arab League, OIC summits


Doctors Not Impressed With £480m Palantir Data Deal

58:38 Debi Evans’ Freedom of Information Request to the BBC: RFI 2023–1419

GOV.UK:  MHRA Inspectorate: We’re Hiringmeet some of the Inspectors in Compliance Team 1

The Telegraph: Oxford AstraZeneca Covid jab was ‘defective’, claims landmark legal case 

Debi Evans’ Freedom of Information request to the MHRA: Threatening phone call to the Telegraph?

The Guardian: Prioritise quality of life over prolonging it for elderly, Chris Whitty tells medics

GOV.UK:  Chief Medical Officer’s annual report 2023: health in an ageing society

Digital Health: Palantir to be named as winner of Federated Data Platform

Mirror: Doctors urge minister to rethink plan to hand £480m NHS deal to US firm Palantir

Doctors' Association UK (DAUK): Doctors call for pause in NHS Federated Date Platform contract