UK Column News - 15th January 2024

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Mass Deaths In Gaza, But Political Eyes Are On Red Sea Shipping Lanes

00:21 The Guardian: Biden sent private message to Tehran amid airstrikes: ‘We’re well-prepared’

The White House: Letter to the Speaker of the House and President pro tempore of the Senate consistent with the War Powers Resolution (Public Law 93-148

New York Times: Much of Houthis’ Offensive Ability Remains Intact After U.S.-Led Airstrikes

Sky News: Houthis accused of 'thuggery' as defence secretary says UK open to more strikes in Yemen

Sky News (YouTube): Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge: Andrew Fisher said the UK’s strikes against Yemen’s Houthis marked a “double standard”, as the Houthis’ attacks on shipping lanes have not resulted in deaths, while Israel’s assault on Gaza has killed over 23,000 Palestinians in a three-month period, without a response from London


NATO Does Not Seek Confrontation With Russia—Except When It Does

05:22 NATO: De-bunking Russian disinformation on NATO

FACT: NATO exercises and deployments are not directed against Russia

UK Defence Journal: Britain deploying 20,000 troops across Europe to deter Russia

GOV.UK: Defending Britain from a more dangerous world

Daily Mail: Grant Shapps fires warning shot that military funding must rise amid Russia, China, Iran and North Korea threat—as Defence Secretary announces 20,000 troops will be sent to NATO exercise

Noah's Ark: Unrestricted Warfare: A Holistic Approach To The Great Reset


Gonzalo Lira Dies In Ukrainian Custody

07:57 Alex Rubinstein (on X): Here is a hand-written note from Gonzalo which I received on January 4

Tucker Carlson (on X): 

Gonzalo Lira, Sr. says his son has died at 55 in a Ukrainian prison, where he was being held for the crime of criticizing the Zelensky and Biden governments.

The Grayzone: American citizen Gonzalo Lira dies from neglect in Ukrainian prison

Gonzalo Lira (YouTube): Long Victoria Nuland video (Back-up video on BitChute)


Double-Cross At The US Border?

14:27 Texas Tribune: U.S. Department of Justice says it’ll sue if Texas enforces new law punishing illegal border crossing

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Guest Taylor Hudak Introduces Her Interview With The Late Prof. Arne Burkhardt: Revealing the Grave Dangers of mRNA Vaccines

23:48 Taylor Hudak (on X): 

Prior to the roll out of the C19 vaccines, Prof. Burkhardt saw 1 or 2 cases of myocarditis out of 1,500 to 2,000 autopsies per year. After the C19 vaccines, he says this is one of the most common diagnoses in younger people.

The Last American Vagabond: Pathologist Arne Burkhardt Final Interview—Revealing the Grave Dangers of mRNA Vaccines


The Biden Treachery Never Seems To End: Pregnancy Policy

35:41 The Hill: Biden administration rescinds much of Trump ‘conscience’ rule for health workers

House Committee on Ways and Means: Chairman Smith Applauds Introduction of Legislation to Block Biden Administration Targeting of Pregnancy Resource Centers

House Committee on Ways and Means: Chairman Smith Opening Statement—Markup of the Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Women and Families Act


"Anti-Government Training Amounting To Indoctrination" Coming From The Security State Itself

39:12 Fathom Journal: Scandalous Indoctrination: Inside a Kings College Counter-Terrorism Course for UK Civil Servants

SwissInfo: Swiss government accused of massive online surveillance 

Republik (Switzerland): The federal government monitors all of us


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Far Right, Allegedly

47:18 Andrew Bridgen MP (on X): 

Overhead shot of the German farmers protest at Nuremberg today. The resistance is growing.

BBC: Germany's far right seek revolution in farmers' protests

The Guardian: Why Europe’s farmers are protesting—and the far right is taking note

BBC: Thousands call for release of hostages at pro-Israel rally in London


De-Digitalise Education: Students Should Read More On Paper

50:49 Die Fackel 2.0 (Substack): Nordic Delusions: Education Levels Dovetail Due to 'Excessive Digitalisation' (Part 1)

Die Fackel 2.0 (Substack): Nordic Delusions: 'Excessive Digitalisation' to Bring Nat'l Cell Phone Bans and Less Screen Time (Part 2)

GOV.UK: Mobile phone use to be banned in schools in England

National Government of the Netherlands: Mobile phone use not allowed in class

From the new school year (2024-2025) the use of mobile phones is no longer allowed at primary schools and the (secondary) special (primary) education.


Child Grooming Fallout: Operation Span, Part Three

54:10 Greater Manchester Police: Response to ‘The review into Operation Span and the investigation of non-recent child sexual exploitation in Rochdale’

Greater Manchester Combined Authority: The review into historic safeguarding practices in Oldham (Part One)

Greater Manchester Combined Authority: The review into historic safeguarding practices in Oldham (Part Two)

 UK Column series: The Common Purpose Effect


Trump Fights Back In Iowa

56:43 Donald J. Trump (Rumble): Donald J Trump's Vision for America—Live from Iowa

Donald J. Trump (Rumble): President Donald J. Trump Declares War on Cartels