UK Column News - 15th February 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Krankie Goes From Holyrood

00:19 Nicola Sturgeon says the time is right to resign as Scotland's First Minister

Catch the mood: Northern Ireland fans belting out Sweet Caroline

Belgian footballer and goalkeeper Arne Espeel died a few seconds after saving a penalty

Petition: Investigate UK excess deaths not related to Covid


15-Minute Cites / 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

08:35 20-Minute Neighbourhoods in a Scottish context

Anne Marte Bergseng: Project Manager—Climate resilience and social change, ClimateXChange

Portland's 20-Minute Neighborhoods after Ten Years: How a Planning Initiative Impacted Accessibility

Rising taxes and a falling quality of life has Portland losing some of its biggest fans


15-minute Cities Health Hubs

19:25 SMF—Health on the High Street

How to build back better with a 15-minute city video

Health on the High Street to reduce waiting lists - Health Spaces

Transforming cities for sustainability: A health perspective

Thousands of families to benefit from local support in rollout of Family Hubs

Government confirm plans for £20m NHS scans and tests hub in the Metrocentre

Over 50 new surgical hubs set to open across England to help bust the Covid–19 backlogs

NHS: Staff mental health and wellbeing hubs

NHS Reset is an NHS Confederation campaign

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Debi Evans Blog: 14 February 2023


NATO Meeting Für Ihre Sicherheit

28:38 NATO Secretary General—Doorstep statement at Defence Ministers Meeting

NATO defence ministers to discuss accelerated support to Ukraine ahead of anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion

F-35s carried out their first A-Scramble to intercept Russian SU-27s & a IL-20 flying close to NATO airspace

Seymour Hersh—How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

Denmark and Sweden have joined the European Sky Shield Initiative, coordinated by Germany

Nick Ferrari questions Defence Secretary Ben Wallace


Toxic Train Derailment

41:10 Toxic Fumes are released from burning train that derailed in Ohio

Five lingering questions over Ohio train derailment, toxic spill


Prospects of Civil War in Israel

45:07 100,000 Israelis Gather in Jerusalem to Protest Judicial Overhaul Amid Mass Strike

Yair Netanyahu: Here’s a great explanation about the show trial that starts today in israel

Likud voters just handed Netanyahu a mandate to remake the judicial system

Why Are Hundreds of Thousands of Israelis Protesting, and Does Netanyahu Care?

Haaretz: In Israel, a Civil War Is No Longer Unthinkable


Future Health

55:56 2017, PM unveils plans for a modern Industrial Strategy fit for Global Britain

End of vaccine boost for AstraZeneca as it looks elsewhere for growth

Debi Evans' question to Jeremy Hunt still unanswered

Hunt disappointed UK ‘lost out this time’ on £320m new AstraZeneca factory

Dublin Gains From High UK Tax Rates, AstraZeneca Boss Says

Terra Carta (Sustainable Markets Initiative) Founding partners

NHS: How we invite people to join the Our Future Health research programme

Our Future Health—The UK’s largest ever health research programme 

The Board of Trustees—Our Future Health

Our Future Health is funded by an ambitious collaboration between the public, charity and private sectors

WHO refuses to write statement for UK Covid inquiry

HEE offers mental health training to a further 140 pharmacists

Pharmacists are not 'cheap' substitutes for GPs

Women face HRT postcode lottery with those in most deprived areas least likely to receive support


Satellite Services

1:11:14 Huawei: Why is it being banned from the UK's 5G network?

Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner

UK policing 'shot through' with Chinese surveillance technology

Police survey 2022: responses and key findings

£400 million contract to operate military satellite communications system supports 400 UK jobs

UK government bought satellite network OneWeb

Daily Mail: Bird flu 'may mutate to kill more than 50% of humans'

Fresh fear from Daily Mail: Fresh outbreak fears for incurable Marburg pathogen with up to 90% mortality rate

UK Parliament—Defence Space: through adversity to the stars?


And Finally

1:19:25 Brad Borch—Not Afraid Enough