UK Column News - 14th June 2024

Mike Robinson, Debi Evans and Ben Rubin with today's UK Column News.


Biden-Herding At The Italy G7; BRICS' De-Dollarisation Mission

00:20 G7 Italia: 50th G7 summit

GOV.UK: New UK sanctions to crack down on Putin's war machine

India Today (YouTube): Joe Biden 'Wanders Off' At G7 Summit, Pulled Back By Italian PM Giorgia Meloni

CryptoRank: BRICS Makes Major De-Dollarization Announcement

India Today: Saudi Arabia ends 80-year petrodollar deal with US for multi-currency sales

Bank for International Settlements (BIS): Project mBridge reaches minimum viable product stage and invites further international participation


BEI Resources: A Shopping Catalogue For Virus Pathogens

09:16 UK Column News: 26th July 2023 (timestamp 47:28) Pay With Your (Chipped) Hand—For Your Convenience

Smithsonian Magazine (2019): Scientists Create E. coli Bacteria With Completely Synthetic Genome

National Institutes of Health (NIH 2019): Total synthesis of Escherichia coli with a recoded genome

GOV.UK (2018): World leaders to take part in crisis simulation of AMR pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO): Strengthening the global architecture for health emergency prevention, preparedness, response and resilience

COVID Intel - by Dr. William Makis (Substack): VIDEO—Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson and Dr. David Martin—9th Circuit Court rules Covid–19 mRNA Injections are not "Vaccines"

BEI Resources: BEI Resources was established by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to provide reagents, tools, services, and information related to the NIAID research portfolio

ATCC: The Global Bioresource Center

ATCC: Advanced Cancer Models

LGC Group: UK National Measurement Laboratory hosted at LGC Ltd. (historically Laboratory of the Government Chemist)

LGC Group: MHRA labs at LGC


Queer Advertising On Billboards During The School Run—But Not At Rush Hour

21:51 PinkNews: Powerful ‘Always Been Here’ billboards appear across the UK to mark inaugural Trans+ History Week

Cambridge Dictionary: PANSEXUAL: English meaning

sexually or romantically attracted to people of any gender

Martin Firrell Company:

Martin Firrell: Selected Works 1998–2024

Alight Media: Outdoor Advertising

Queer Britain: The UK's First And Only LGBTQ+ Museum

ASA: The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising and Direct & Promotional Marketing (CAP Code)


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Foyle (Londonderry) Independent Candidate Dr Anne McCloskey Locked Up For Refusing To Pay £255 Covid Fine

33:10 BBC: Dr Anne McCloskey jailed over Covid fine

ITVX (2023): Calls for Covid fine 'amnesty' as thousands remain unpaid


NHS Corridor Care: Unsafe, Undignified, Unacceptable 

35:47 Sky News: Nurses declare 'national emergency' as NHS patients treated in 'cupboards and car parks'

Nursing Times: Nurses breaking bad news in mouldy and crumbling NHS wards

Royal College of Nursing: RCN Congress 2024: booking now open with exciting agenda 

Royal College of Nursing: Corridor care: unsafe, undignified, unacceptable (PDF)

NHS England (YouTube): NHS England Board Meeting 1st February 2024

RCN (YouTube): Call out corridor care

GOV.UK: Diagnostic checks rolled out to 160 sites under CDC programme


The Ongoing Information War: Opposition To The Narrative Will Be Censored

42:52 BBC: Are fake accounts swaying voters towards Reform UK?

The Future of Free Speech: Preventing “Torrents of Hate” or Stifling Free Expression Online?

GOV.UK (2019): The Cairncross Review: a sustainable future for journalism

Press Gazette (2018): Culture Secretary Matt Hancock ‘confident’ Cairncross Review into future of UK press will find solutions to help news industry

Techdirt: Canada Imposes 5% Tax On Streaming To Fund Local News, Diverse Content 


AI Steve—An Independent Candidate Chatbot In Brighton?

49:01 WIRED: There's an AI Candidate Running for Parliament in the UK

AI Steve: Home

Steve Endacott (LinkedIn): Chairman Neural River, Neural Voice and Electric Car Organization


Novacyt Settles £5m With UK government Over Faulty Covid–19 Tests

56:54 British Medical Journal: NHS makes urgent appeal for blood donations after cyberattack on London hospitals

The Telegraph: British company accused of supplying NHS ‘faulty’ Covid tests pays UK £5m (Archived)

The i: Thousands of blood test samples set to be destroyed after NHS cyberattack

Cornwall Live: Live: Cornwall NHS warning after 'significant' IT issues


And Finally: Stop Breathing To Achieve NetZero™

59:04 The Conversation: We calculated the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions from people breathing out—here’s what we found 

National Institutes of Health (NIH): Measurements of methane and nitrous oxide in human breath and the development of UK scale emissions