UK Column News - 14th February 2024

Brian Gerrish, Debi Evans, Sandi Adams and Katy-Jo Murfin with today's UK Column News.


The West Resists One-World Government As Globalists Push Ahead

00:39 International Institute for Sustainable Development: Accelerating the SDGs Through the 2024 Summit of the Future 

UNFOLD ZERO: UN Summit of the Future

World Government Summit (YouTube): World Government Summit: Featured Sessions

World Governments Summit: Transforming Nations: Is Tech Our Solution?

The World Economic Forum: This is your guide to Isobenefit Urbanism—the thinking behind the cities of the future

The World Economic Forum: World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2024 (PDF)


Phasing Out Farmers In Favour Of Frankenfood For Profits—With Guest Sandi Adams

12:06 Sandi Adams: Latest Articles

Bleadon BOB: Report to the Food and Drink Sector Council February 2020 (PDF)

Sainsbury's: Future of Food Report (PDF)


Updates And Announcements

29:11 UK Column Interview: Demanding a New Inquest into a 9/11 Death: Matt Campbell and Ted Walter

Forthcoming UK Column interview: Cheryl Grainger—Thursday 15 February at 1 pm

New UK Column Series: Walking The Dog

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Event: Stand In The Light Music Festival—24–27 May

Event: Alternative View 14—26 May 2024


Private Cancer Care And Jabs Get A Royal Promotion

32:10 Sky News (YouTube): King Charles expresses 'heartfelt thanks' to public in first message since cancer diagnosis

Guardian: Surge in UK cancer patients going private revealed as King Charles starts treatment

Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: Why the UK Government Must Act Urgently to Become a Global Leader in Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment

5 News (YouTube 2023): BioNTech to start cancer vaccine trials in the UK from September

WEF (2022): FIRST Cancer Care: Leveraging Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies for cancer care

The World Economic Forum: What is the UN Summit of the Future in 2024?

Cancer Research UK: Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer Roadmap

Queen Mary University of London: Cancer Behavioural Science Group

UCL: Behavioural Science and Early Diagnosis of Cancer Group

University College London: Christian Von Wagner Profile

Prof Christian von Wagner is Programme lead of the UCL MSc Health psychology and has a long standing research interest in behavioural approaches early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

King's College London: Cancer Behavioural Science Unit

The House of Commons Library: Cancer statistics for England

UK Column article (2022): NHS Long Term Plan and Mental Health Implementation Plan: Phoenix or dinosaur?

GOV.UK: Children and Young People Cancer Taskforce launched to save lives


What Can We All Do About This?—With Katy-Jo Murfin, HOPE Sussex

43:33 HOPE Sussex Community: Community & Events

HOPE Sussex Community: Testimonials of HOPE Sussex Community

HOPE Sussex Community: Positive Podcast

The Telegraph: Calling ‘here puss’ to a cat in the street may become a criminal offence