UK Column News - 13th February 2023

Mike Robinson, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News. Special guest: Dr Bruce Scott.


Mainstream Runs With Space Aliens

00:22 BBC: Mystery surrounds objects shot down by US military

Marco Rubio says UFOs routinely operated restricted airspace for years

U.S. shoots down car-sized unidentified object flying above Alaska

Alaska Governor fears airspace intrusions 'may be the new norm'

Lisa Murkowski pushes zero tolerance for threats to Alaskan airspace

Spokesperson Mao Ning’s response: “The US Congress’s resolution is purely about scoring political points and dramatizing the whole thing. China deplores it and firmly opposes it.”

Statement from NORAD and U.S. Northern Command


Who Are The Terrorists?

08:33 Home Office (Britain's interior ministry) challenged to crack down on "far-right extremism" following fascist protest outside asylum-seeker hotel

Maggie Chapman has written to the Home Secretary regarding the threat posed by domestic extremism

Scottish National Party MP urges Home Office to widen focus of terror strategy

SNP in hot water over 'Decapitate Terfs' sign at pro-trans rally attended by politicians

Scottish Greens suspend trans activist Beth Douglas after allegations of violent tweets


Online Safety Bill to Usher In Digital ID

21:07 Online Safety Bill ‘must have age checks for pornography’, says Sajid Javid

Pornography in France: A new initiative to block access for minors


Tax—Was Liz Truss Right?

24:23 IFS: Analysis of Scottish tax and benefit reforms

Rishi Sunak’s tax hikes have a fundamental flaw

The Laffer Curve: tax more, take less

Net zero targets 'may mean higher taxes'

A million more people facing paying tax on savings under Hunt’s stealth raid

Telegraph: Sunak’s tax blunders prove it—Liz Truss was right all along

Liz Truss: I was brought down by the left-wing economic establishment


World Pandemic Treaty

36:11 Zero draft of the WHO CA+ for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its fourth meeting

Pandemic Treaty ‘Zero-Draft’ is out–Proposes WHO gets 20% of all pandemic products to ensure equity

Mark Anderson's on UK Column: 'One Health' and the demotion of humankind to the level of livestock

Brownstone Institute: Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide


Poland Speaks Sense—But Will The UK Lift Sanctions To Help Syria?

54:26 Fury as Chinese governor of region where Uyghur Muslims are persecuted to visit UK in days

UK Column News—1st June 2022

Seymour Hersh: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

Poland says sending jets to Ukraine is not so simple

Senior UK defence industry officials discussing plans to build weapons in Ukraine

Sanctions on Syria during earthquake relief: UK Column News—10th February 2023


Covid Denial(ism)

1:08:48 The Hill: Denialism is seeping into legislation and undermining public health

CNN: Could you still have Covid–19 if you have symptoms but test negative?

US House passes bill to end COVID vaccine requirement for foreign air travelers

President Biden to end COVID-19 emergencies on May 11

State of Georgia moves to permanently ban COVID vaccine mandates for students and public-sector workers


Trans issues—Scottish Indian and Muslim groups repudiate SNP

1:18:22 Scottish issues clip

Muslim Council withdraws support for Nicola Sturgeon's SNP/Green government (Archive)


And Finally

Asteroid Sar2667