UK Column News - 12th May 2023

Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.


The Elusive ‘Spring Offensive’

​​00:24 Zelensky says Ukraine is not yet ready for the spring offensive 

​​NBC: Russia denies any Ukrainian breakthrough after Bakhmut gains spark panic

​​Independent: Putin's troops suffering 'worst expected scenario' near Bakhmut, Wagner chief says

​​Reuters: Britain moves first to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles

​​Mike Robinson asks: “Who is going to be launching these missiles?”

​​Defence Secretary Ben Wallace confirms UK are sending long-range weapons to Ukraine

​​Kremlin vows 'adequate response' to UK's decision to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine

​​Brussels unveils €500-million plan to support Ukraine and put the EU industry in 'war economy mode'

​​Foreign Secretary visits Washington DC to reaffirm sustained UK-US support for Ukraine 

​​Secretary Antony J. Blinken And UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly At a Joint Press Availability


​​The Donald Talks With CNN

​​16:05 Guardian: Trump’s team revels in town hall victory as CNN staff rages at ‘spectacle of lies’


​​“Make Turkey Great Again”

​​19:27 Armenia-based News.AM: Hürriyet [newspaper] says Turkey presidential election will end with incumbent Erdogan's victory in first round

​​Turkish opposition leader accuses Russia of spreading conspiracies, deep fakes ahead of election

​​Guardian: Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu: politician touted as future of Turkish democracy

​​Middle East Observer: Biden hints at interference in Turkey’s 2023 elections

​​News Click: Kemalism vs. Kemalism in Turkish Elections

​​21st Century Wire: A Momentous Election or a Decisive Referendum: #Sharia4Turkey

​​Global Village Space: Turkish opposition is gay—Erdoğan

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​​What Should You Do If You See A Radicalised Conspiracy Theorist? 

​​31:03 Bridgen announces he’s filed a claim for defamation against Matt Hancock

​​Zero Hedge: DHS producing videos teaching citizens how to identify "radicalized" Conservatives


​​Inflation Is Too High, Increase It

​​36:03 Bank Rate increased to 4.5%—May 2023

​​Monetary Policy Summary and minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee meeting

​​Interest rates rise to 4.5%, the highest level since global financial crisis 15 years ago

​​Bank of England on Twitter: Andrew Bailey sets out why we have raised rates by 0.25%

​​Kevin E69 Twitter Poll: In your opinion, is the Bank of England corrupt? 


​Moves Towards Dedollarisation

​​40:13 Iraq welcomes new agreement to expand energy ties with Iran

​​Vanessa Beeley on Substack: Iraq and Syria to re-open crucial oil pipeline 

​​The Cradle: Russia accuses US of forming an army of extremists in Syria

​​Reuters: US lawmakers introduce bill to combat normalization with Syria's Assad


​​US-Mexico Border Crisis Comes To A Head

​​52:41 CNN: Southern border braces for a migrant surge with Title 42 set to expire this week

​​Chicago Tribune: Mayor Lori Lightfoot declares state of emergency over migrants arriving in Chicago: ‘We’ve reached a breaking point’

​​Video clip: Streets in El Paso covered with homeless and migrants


​​“We No Longer Live In A Democracy, Patrick”

​​57:20 Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

​​The Speaker is not happy: Lindsay Hoyle Slams Kemi Badenoch in Commons Chamber