UK Column News - 12th July 2023

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News. Guest segment with Gevorg Virats.


Gevorg Virats Explains Why Turkey Is No Longer Blocking NATO Expansion

​​00:27 Gevorg Virats' Russian-language Telegram channel:

​​Al Jazeera: Why Turkey changed its stance on Sweden’s NATO membership

​​Reuters Special Report: US, Swedish prosecutors study graft complaint naming son of Turkey's Erdoğan


​​Ukraine: Cluster Munitions Given Green Light; East Asians View NATO’s Stoltenberg As World’s “Supreme Fool”

​​13:15The Independent: Nato refuses to offer Ukraine timeframe on joining

​​NATO: Relations with partners in the Indo-Pacific region

​​Pearls and Irritations: NATO's provocative lurch eastward

​​Global Times: Asia needs NATO like it needs a hole in the head

​​RUSI: Giving Ukraine Cluster Munitions is Necessary, Legal and Morally Justified


​​What Is ‘Long Vax’?

​​20:10 The Guardian: ‘It’s naive to think this is in the best interests of the NHS.’ How Big Pharma’s millions are influencing healthcare

​​GOV.UK: MHRA conferences and events

​​GOV.UK: Corporate report: MHRA Corporate Plan 2023 to 2026 

​​The Guardian: Patient dies and three hospitalised in Sciensus chemotherapy incident

​​New York Post: What is ‘long vax’? Symptoms linked to COVID-19 shot baffle docs 

​​Daily Mail: Harvard and Yale scientists investigate new condition dubbed 'Long Vax'

​​Daily Mail: Scientists test vaccine designed to protect people with Down's syndrome from developing Alzheimer's

​​BBC: NHS to offer sight-saving drug to premature babies

​​Next livestream: An inquest denied—Matt Campbell demands 9/11 answers—Thursday 13:00

​​Debi Evans Blog: 11 July 2023

​​Crowd Justice: Covid Vaccines Injured & Bereaved Legal Fund


​​Asylum Seekers’ Unlimited Family Reunification: The Issue That Finally Brought The Dutch Coalition Down

​​28:26 NRCRutte wanted measures against family reunification, ChristenUnie [coalition partner] did not want to go along with that

​​Christen Unie: Delaying family reunification is off the agenda

​​RTL: ChristenUnie and VVD agree to part company: 'This muddling on makes no sense any more'

​​Europe Reloaded: Dutch government declares a state of emergency to stop farmer protest (later acknowledged the translation error)

​​Brownstone Institute: The Future of Traditional Farming and Healthcare in the Netherlands


​​Land Grabs On British Soil

​​34:11 Farmers’ Weekly: Cows fed daffodil extract may cut methane emissions by third

​​Poison Control: Daffodils—Beautiful but Potentially Toxic

​​The bottom line: All parts of the daffodil are toxic

​​ITV News: Cornwall farmers feeling 'rejected, neglected and ignored' by new rules governing their land

​​Best Mag: Imerys acquires 80% stake in UK start-up British Lithium to make UK’s first integrated lithium refinery

​​Engineering And Technology: Lithium and the dream of Cornwall’s mining revival

​​Sky News: Concerns about safety of lithium batteries after the death of a family

​​Best Mag: UK parliamentarian questions safety of lithium-ion batteries in BESS


​​“Anti-Institutional Extremism”—Dutch Spooks' New Buzzphrase For Scepticism

​​37:40 AIVD: Anti-Institutional Extremism

​​AIVD: Anti-institutional extremism in the Netherlands: a serious threat to the democratic legal order?​​


​​Economy Looks Gloomy, But Everything Is Really Strong And Stable

​​41:17 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report—July 2023

​​Although the proportion of income that UK households overall spend on mortgage payments is expected to rise, it should remain below the peaks experienced in the Global Financial Crisis and in the early 1990s.

​​Sky News: Almost one million households face £500 a month mortgage hike, Bank of England warns


​​French Parliament Waves Through Law To Requisition Anyone And Anything French For Anticipated War Effort

​​43:18 Ministry of The Armed Forces (France): The Military Planning Act 2024–2030: Senators adopt draft LPM 2024–2030

​​Presidency of the National Assembly (France): Bill No. 1033 on military programming for the years 2024 to 2030 and various defence provisions


​​The Influence Wargaming Handbook And A Card Game For Grown-Up Soldiers Named PoP!

​​47:28 GOV.UK: Wargaming conference highlights the value of influence

​​The delegates also got to take home a card-driven game, Powers of Persuasion (PoP!), which they can use to create influence effects to achieve a given goal.

​​GOV.UK: Influence Wargaming Handbook


​​Floating Prisons—Councils Offered £3,500 Per Bed

​​35:32 GOV.UK: RAF Scampton asylum accommodation

​​Daily Mail: Protesters march against plan for barge for more than 500 migrant men off the Dorset coast as demo forces cruise ship to cancel scheduled stop

​​Daily Mail: Residents of seaside town earmarked for migrants barge are worried what the '506 young men will do at the height of summer' when they are 'unmonitored and with little money', MP says

​​LocalGov: Councils offered £3,500 to house refugees on barges

​​Dorset Council: Latest statement on asylum seeker barge

​​The funding that has been agreed—£3,500 per occupied bed space—will allow us to fulfil our duties. In addition, a one-off payment of £377,000 will help provide asylum seekers with activities…

​​Corporate Watch: ‘Floating Prisons’: The 200-year-old family business behind the Bibby Stockholm

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