UK Column News - 11th September 2023

Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Mark Anderson with today's UK Column News.


Prices Are Still Going Up, But It’s Just Another ‘Bump’, Honest

00:40 Financial Times: Bank of England braced for bump in the road in fight against UK inflation

Property Industry Eye: Property industry reacts to another drop in UK house prices

Daily Express: House price and mortgage rate fall 'likely' to continue into 2024

The Guardian: UK house prices suffer sharpest fall in 14 years

allAgents: Real UK House Prices 1952–2023 in a graph


Mark Anderson Briefs Michigan Councilmen On The WHO Pandemic Treaty

06:25 Village of Berrien Springs: Welcome to the Village of Berrien Springs

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No More Fish Fingers? Captain Birdseye Uses Children To Welcome You ‘To The Plant Age’

11:18 BirdsEye Channel (YouTube): Green Cuisine—Welcome to the Plant Age


The Great Carbon Guilt Trip Goes Local—SLCC Has The Educational Toolkit

14:18 UK100: Network of highly ambitious local government leaders for cleaner, more powerful communities

Society of Local Council Clerks: Meet the team

The Carbon Literacy Project: A New Pathway for Parish, Town & Community Councils

Steakholder Foods: 3D printed meat

Euronews: Redefine Meat has commercially launched the world's first whole cut plant-based 3D printed steak in Europe


Govan Gardening Goes Uphill

29:09 University of Glasgow: GALLANT: Glasgow as a Living Lab Accelerating Novel Transformation

The Natural Environment Research Council: About NERC—UKRI

Glasgow GALLANT Community reposted on Twitter/X: Greater Govanhill CIC:

I want to be around other queer people in all aspects of my life, so why not also gardening?

Glasgow City Council: £10 million research hub to boost Glasgow's transition to climate resilience

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Good News From New York City: A Major Victory For Vaccine Mandate Opponents

36:33 Fox News: NYC teachers win jobs back with backpay after refusing Covid–19 vaccine


Good News From Texas: Lone Star State Repudiates Marxist Indoctrination Of Children At Libraries

41:06 Fox News: Texas cutting ties with American Library Association over accusations of group's 'Marxist ideology'

Socialist Party: Socialism 2023

Haymarket Books (YouTube): Socialism 2023 Virtual Program

SunDDay School: Socialist gospel singing

Socialism UK: Socialism 2023—A weekend of discussion & debate hosted by the Socialist Party—London 25 & 26 November

David Scott notes: 

Masks are about ideological compliance; they're not about anything else.


Disease X: The ‘Need’ To Make ‘Vaccines’ Within 100 Days

50:09 International Covid III Summit Part 2 European Parliament Brussels: This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines — watch on Rumble instead

Medpage Today: Maine Physician Suspended for COVID Misinformation

ECR (European Conservatives and Reformists) Group in the European Parliament: Who we are

CEPI: The Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit: On the road to 100-Day vaccines

CEPI: 100 Days

CEPI and the UK Government recently hosted the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit to explore how we can respond to the next “Disease X”, by making safe, effective vaccines within 100 days.

Previous UK Column coverage of CEPI


BBC Is launching Laura Kuenssberg's State of Chaos

56:18 BBC: Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos trailer