UK Column News - 11th October 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Israel-Hamas War Long Segment: The Problem Is That Good People Have Trouble Imagining Evil

00:24 Al Jazeera: Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque complex on fifth day of Sukkot

AFP (YouTube): Anti-rocket sirens sound in Jerusalem

Daily Telegraph: Watch: Hamas drones bomb observation towers in multi-pronged attack 

The Guardian: Murdered in cold blood’: stories emerge of Israelis killed at Gaza border

The Times of Israel: ‘At least 40 babies killed’: Foreign reporters taken to massacre site in Kfar Aza

i24 News: 'It smells of death here': Surveying the atrocities committed by Hamas in Kfar Aza

The New York Times: Nowhere to Hide in Gaza as Israeli Onslaught Continues

Euronews: Israel has right to self-defence, but some actions 'counter international law'—Borrell 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr (on X): 

This ignominious, unprovoked, and barbaric attack on Israel must be met with world condemnation and unequivocal support for the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. We must provide Israel with whatever it needs to defend itself — now.

NDTV: "They Started It, We Will Finish It": Israeli PM's Big Warning For Hamas

United Nations: 43rd Meeting—54th Regular Session of Human Rights Council

GB News: 'Sickening' BBC blasted for 'cold and callous' row with Palestinian ambassador hours after death of family

The Scottish Government: Israel-Gaza conflict: First Minister letter to UK Government

28:34 GOV.UK: Letter to Chief Constables in England and Wales following the Israel-Hamas conflict (accessible) 

As you know, Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organisation in the UK in its entirety. It is therefore a criminal offence for a person in the UK to … [including mention of slogans and symbols]

Sky News: British-Israeli and former IDF soldier heads back to Israel to volunteer after Hamas surprise attack 

BBC News: Topic: Israel

BBC News: Topic: War in Ukraine

CBS News (YouTube): U.S. aircraft carrier is show of support for Israel in war against Hamas 

BBC (Media Action): A lifeline for Gaza

Bloomberg Television (YouTube): Israel’s Defense Minister—we are fighting “human animals”

You're The Voice | by Efrat Fenigson (Substack): Israel-Hamas War—An Update

Consortium News: Scott Ritter: Israel's Massive Intelligence Failure

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Needle-Free Jabs, Drug Shortages And Boots Vaccination Service

52:18 The Telegraph: Non-medical staff learning brain surgery 'on the job' in NHS

Medscape: TAVI Turmoil: Did A Nurse Perform TAVI in the UK?

FDA: FDA authorizes updated Novavax Covid–19 vaccine formulated to better protect against currently circulating variants

Novavax Investor Relations: Novavax 2023–2024 Covid–19 Vaccine Now Authorized and Recommended for Use in the U.S.

Daily Mail: Moderna's combined flu and Covid vaccine could cut down visits to your doctor as it proves to be just as effective as separate shots

Yahoo: Needle length for vaccines should vary based on weight. You may want to ask for a bigger one

The Lancet (2017): Safety and immunogenicity of a mRNA rabies vaccine in healthy adults: an open-label, non-randomised, prospective, first-in-human phase 1 clinical trial

University of Cambridge: Cambridge University’s needle-free coronavirus vaccine begins clinical trials in home city

The Times: National shortage of ADHD medication forces users to ration tablets

UK Column Article: NHS Long Term Plan and Mental Health Implementation Plan: Phoenix or dinosaur?

Reuters: Sanofi in agreement with Janssen to develop E. coli vaccine candidate

The Telegraph: Concern as MMR uptake among under five year olds at lowest rate in 12 years

The Independent: Pharmacist shortages and heavy workloads challenge drugstores heading into their busy season

Boots Pharmacy UK: Chickenpox Vaccination Service

Full course (2 doses): £150

Daily Mail: Warning that swine flu could return this winter: Experts urge millions of Brits to get jabs before season kicks off

ITV: 'Long colds’ are as common as long Covid with symptoms lasting weeks, scientists say


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1:06:18 E-mail to UK Column: Australia Covid Cover-up

The Australian: Covid cover-up: how the science was silenced

E-mail to UK Column: Japan all-cause mortality


The Continuing Destruction From Electric Vehicle Fires

1:09:12 Scotty Kilmer: YouTube Channel

Sky News: How Luton Airport fire is affecting flights—here's what we know

Emily Degnan (on X): Footage off Instagram from the early stages of the fire at Luton Airport last night

BBC: Charging e-bike likely cause of Coventry tower block fire

Daily Mail: Family 'lose everything' after their electric car catches fire and sets their house ablaze while three children were sleeping in their beds

Daily Mail: We may never fully understand why electric car kidnapped its owner as they have up to 100 MILLION lines of software code, says expert—but insists misbehaving vehicles are 'very rare'


And Finally: Tony Blair…

1:13:50 Daily Express: One single word proves Tony Blair is really manipulating Keir Starmer—and it's worrying