UK Column News - 11th March 2024

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Mark Anderson with today’s UK Column News.


Happy Shappy In Kiev Showing Off Ukrainian Swastikas

00:26 Grant Shapps (on X): 

I’m in Kyiv to raise the alarm to the democratic world—we must make sure Ukraine wins this war.

Russian Embassy, UK (on X): 

Thank you, Grant Shapps, for clearly showing the abundance of Nazi swastikas in central Kiev

This is exactly what Russia is fighting against.

Weeb Union (YouTube): New Russian Probing Attacks | Fourth Abrams Lost | Elite 47th Mechanized Brigade Struggles

Eastern Daily Press: Thetford man took his own life after serving in Ukraine


World Economic Forum Declares Disinformation The Most Severe Risk Over The Next Two Years

10:51 Military Times: Military Times survey: ‘Alarming’ percentage accept conspiracies

Chatham House: The EU's forgotten grandfather: Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi

Wikipedia: Kalergi Plan

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.


Gordon Brown: UK Has To Get On War Footing For Economic Growth

19:29 Institute for Government: Fixing the centre of government: Monday 11 March 2024, 12:30–13:30 (GMT) 

EUObserver: DG defence: Is EU getting serious on joint procurement?

The Guardian: Gordon Brown: UK has to get on war footing for economic growth

The way we govern will have to be radically transformed—and government put on a war footing—if Britain is to break free from the vicious low growth, low productivity, and low wage cycle […]

Frankfurter Allgemeine (German): Europe must stick to nuclear deterrence

EuroNews: German minister calls for British and French nuclear weapons to protect Europe 

Guy Verhofstadt (on X): 

For 70 years, NATO has been a cornerstone of our security. Now it is vital we strengthen NATO by building its European pillar, based on a European defence community and a European Army, so that Europeans can take their future into their own hands.

The House of Commons Library: The European Intervention Initiative (EII/EI2)

UK Column section: EU Military Unification

RAND Corporation (2020): The Utility of Military Force and Public Understanding in Today’s Britain

The Telegraph: Public face call-up if we go to war, military chief warns

The Independent: Cameron to urge ‘strength, resilience and unity’ on visit to Berlin

Goodreads: The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States by Christopher Story

David Swan (on X): Royal Navy patrol boats exercising on the Clyde


Updates And Announcements

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Brian Gerrish (YouTube): Walking the Dog, Episode 2

UK Column: Climate Science Masterclass Ticket

People's Food & Farming Alliance webinar: Your Farmers Need You!—7 pm on Wednesday 6 March

Solidarity Rally: No Farmers, No Food—Truro, 12:30 pm on Saturday 16 March

Wind Farm Analytics (on X)

Please all retweet: #ExitTheWHO demo coming up in Glasgow 13:00 George Square Glasgow Saturday 13th April 2024

Kingfisher Justice: 12 out of 13 proposed IHR amendments taken off the 75th WHA Agenda following legal challenge by Dr Zac Cox

The People's Health Alliance: Friday 15 March 6.30–9.30pm (doors open at 6) At the Town Hall, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EL

Eventbrite: Society: Controlled or Free? Thu, 11 April 2024 16:45–21:30 BST


Free Speech On Trial

35:28 UK Column article: A look behind ‘new’ media outlets whose fresh image belies their background: Part I of a series

Brownstone Institute: Free Speech on Trial

Data Guidance: Montana: Attorney General launches enquiry into Alphabet and Google’s AI system over alleged data inaccuracy


BBC Doesn’t Like Director Jonathan Glazer’s Oscar Speech

40:17 BBC: Zone of Interest director Jonathan Glazer makes Gaza statement in Oscars speech

The Telegraph (YouTube): “Holocaust being hijacked”: Political Oscar speech condemns Israel-Gaza conflict


Metropolitan Police: Aggressive Public Order Policing On 9 March

45:00 Carlos Latuff (on X): 

I received with some surprise the news that one of my cartoons converted into a mural in Belfast was defaced. The cartoon in question criticizes the decision of the Irish republican parties Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Joe Biden.

Mail Online: Met Police arrest man carrying ‘Hamas is terrorist’ sign at Gaza demo

Met Police: Update on Met public order policing on 9 March


Millions Of Ukrainian Women To Be Mobilised?

49:19 Kyiv Post: Opinion: Rebuilding Ukraine: The Task for Women


James Roguski: The Top 10 Reasons To #StopTheTreaty

52:04 James Roguski (Substack): Top 10 Reasons to #ExitTheWHO

The Top 10 Reasons To #StopTheTreaty

1) Framework Convention and Unaccountable Bureaucracy (Articles 21-37)

2) Billions of Dollars (Article 20)

3) Massive Expansion of the PHEIC (Article 10)

4) One Health Surveillance (Articles 4-5)

5) Pathogen Access Benefit Sharing System (Article 12)

6) WHO Coordinated Laboratory Network (Articles 1 and 12)

7) Speeding up Regulatory Approval Of Drugs (Article 14)

8) Global Supply Chain and Logistics Network (Article 13)

9) Failure To Hold Big Pharma Liable For Harms (Article 15)

10) Censorship (Article 18)


Death Cult Policies On The Agenda

55:09 UK Parliament: Hold a parliamentary vote on assisted dying—Petitions

Sky News: UK’s approach to assisted dying ‘prehistoric’, says Dame Esther Rantzen's daughter

Reuters: Macron backs ‘end of life’ bill, aims for parliament debate in May