UK Column News - 11th January 2023

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Debi Evans with today’s UK Column News.


Ukraine/Nato and Russia

00:30 Tobias Ellwood (LTC in the 77th Brigade): How should the West stand up to Putin?

“Nato essentially has been benched. We should be doing far more to put this fire out and we’re not doing that.”

EU leaders and NATO sign a third Joint Declaration

U.S.-Sweden Defense Cooperation Agreement

The formation of a new division of the Polish Army—the 1st Infantry Division of the Legions

Ukraine war: Russia controls most of pounded salt mine town, Soledar, says BBC

Two British men missing in Ukraine

Ukraine war: Conflicting claims over embattled town of Soledar

UKC 09/01/23 Donetsk Oblast map

@JulianRoepcke: Situation in Soledar is terrible.

Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine—via Twitter

Russian invasion of Ukraine: UK Government response

Ministry of Defence training Ukrainians video—via Facebook or Twitter

22:42 Alex Thomson expresses UK Column's position directly to the Ukrainian people.

Russian interview with Patrushev

Viewer notes France is moving towards WW3

“This city is the symbol of absolute madness”: the head of German diplomacy

Ukraine Support Tracker lists

Military support for Ukraine—German Federal Government

Lützerath: German coal mine standoff amid Ukraine war energy crunch

West Papua Govt asks people to anticipate 2023 food crisis


Setting the Theatre For More War

39:55 Prime Minister hosts Japanese PM and agrees historic defence agreement

US military deepens ties with Japan and Philippines to prepare for China threat

China Snubs US Military Outreach Ahead of Expected Blinken Visit

Western intelligence agencies alarmed by arrest of Russian spy in Germany


NHS, MHRA and Health Matters

52:55 All-cause mortality surveillance

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen loses whip over ‘dangerous’ Covid vaccine claims

Sacred Cows and Golden Geese: The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals book

NHS: Patients encourage public to get flu jabs as hospital cases soar

NHS: A record year for people receiving NHS cancer treatment

£200 million to buy care home beds to discharge NHS patients

Patients face being treated in cabins at hospital car parks

Portakabin—Modular healthcare

MHRA conferences and events: MHRA Board Meeting in public Tuesday 17 January 2023

First Do No Harm—The report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review PDF

Infected blood scandal: I will take the suffering I witnessed 'to my grave': Sky News

Infected Blood Inquiry - YouTube: @InfectedBloodInquiry

Covid: Jack Last died as result of AstraZeneca vaccine—coroner

UK plan for national mRNA cancer vaccine advance


Looking Back at BBC Media Action with UK Column

1:19:18 search

Supporting media and humanitarian practitioners to overcome communication challenges

Humanitarian Situation Monitoring | REACH Resource Centre

Impact Initiatives—Ukraine Crisis

Request for Proposals: Transforming gender perceptions in Ukraine PDF

Questions to: Sally Gowland

Consultant in Humanitarian ‘Lifeline’ media for Ukraine


And Finally

1:28:06 Memes—Funny or facts?


From News Extra: 

ARUP—The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World

Rhianan Rudd: MI5 had evidence teen terror suspect was exploited