UK Column News - 10th January 2024

Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley and Charles Malet with today's UK Column News.


The ICJ (Hague) Genocide Case Against Israel

00:22 Jerusalem Post: Bolivia to support South Africa's ICJ genocide case against Israel

Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter (on X): 

Belgium cannot stand by and watch the immense human suffering in Gaza. We must act against the threat of genocide.

I want Belgium to take action at the International Court of Justice, following the lead of South Africa.”

Common Dreams: 800+ Global Groups Back South Africa's Genocide Case as ICJ Prepares for Hearing 

Clayson Monyela (on X):

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has endorsed South Africa’s application at the ICJ against Israel. The OIC has 57 member states.

Jerusalem Post: Israeli far-left lawmaker joins Gaza genocide lawsuit at ICJ

Common Dreams: Demands for Israeli Ambassador to UK's Expulsion After 'Clear Call for Genocide' 

Afzal Khan MP (on X):

The Israeli Ambassador, Tzipi Hotovely, has encouraged the full destruction of Gaza. This is a clear call for the genocide of Palestinians

I've written to the Foreign Secretary, calling on him to condemn this and to take the strongest possible action against the Ambassador


German Protests Begin A Week Of Action; Significantly, Spreading To Poland

08:57 DW: Germany's far-right exploits farmers' protests

Peter Sweden (on X): 

THIS IS HUGE. Polish truckers have now joined in solidarity with the German farmers protest.

EuroNews: Polish farmers suspend their blockade at the Ukrainian border following a deal with government


Farming In The UK: Food Production Statistics

11:09 GOV.UK: Environment Secretary speech at 2024 Oxford Farming Conference

GOV.UK: Agricultural Transition Plan 2021 to 2024

GOV.UK: Biggest upgrade to UK farming schemes introduced by the Government since leaving the EU 

GOV.UK: Food statistics in your pocket

Office for National Statistics: Consumer price inflation, UK: November 2023

GOV.UK: 25 Year Environment Plan


Anti-Democratic UK100: Common Purpose Is Never Far Away 

17:08 Together (on X): 

Has your local council signed up with UK100? If yours is on this list, it has anti-democratically pledged to put the Net Zero agenda before voters’ wishes & the public’s interest

The Telegraph: Councils make 'undemocratic' pledges on net zero goals

UK100: What is UK100? UK100 is a cross-party membership organisation that supports the most ambitious councils to go further and faster on their Net Zero and Clean Air targets.

Sunderland City Council: Sunderland Low Carbon Framework

My Sunderland: What are we doing?

Non-profit information Common Purpose, who work in over 200 cities globally, delivered the Sunderland 60 Legacy programme in June 2022.

UK Column Interview: Debating the Climate with Ben Pile


Renewable Energy Storage And Fire Risks: Blithely Ignored In Li-Ion/Li-Iron Storage Planning Applications

21:19 National Grid Group: What is battery storage?

UK Column interview: The Race to Zero with Steve Goreham

Harmony Energy: Battery Energy Storage Systems

Harmony Energy: Battery energy storage proposal adjacent to Wakefield B substation

Wakefield Express: ‘A bomb waiting to go off’: Campaign launched over plan to build energy storage farm on historic Wakefield land amid safety fears

GOV.UK: UK battery strategy

Fire Industry Association: Safety Alert: Overheating lithium batteries may cause a Christmas fire hazard for e-bikes and e-scooters

London Fire Brigade: The dangers of electric scooter and electric bicycle batteries

Fires involving lithium batteries are the fastest growing fire risk in London.

UK Parliament: Lithium-ion Battery Storage (Fire Safety and Environmental Permits) Bill

GOV.UK: Renewable Energy Planning Database

Forthcoming UK Column Interview: Expelled for Thinking Prevented from Learning - Thursday 11th January at 1pm

Stella Assange: Day X is here—Tuesday 20 February 2024, 8:30 am—Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London, WC2A 2LL


New UK Column Series (Revived After A Decade): The Health Revolution With Clive de Carle

29:25 UK Column Forum: Clive de Carle—new series of The Health Revolution


Systematic Torture Of Prisoners From Gaza 

35:47 972 Mag: Inside Israel’s torture camp for Gaza detainees

PressTV: WHO: 600 patients missing from Gaza’s Al-Aqsa Hospital after Israeli hostilities 

EuroMed Monitor: International committee must investigate Israel’s holding of dead bodies in Gaza 

Mondoweiss: Israel even criminalizes dead Palestinian bodies

The Cradle: Families of Israelis killed by tank fire on 7 October demand probe


Immigration To The UK: Tricks With Application-Handling

42:51 Corporate Watch: Air Partner: the Home Office’s little-known deportation fixer

Bid Stats: Contract for the Provision of Travel Services for Immigration Purposes

The House of Commons Library: Asylum statistics

UK Statistics Authority: Ed Humpherson to Rob England: Withdrawn Asylum Applications 

GOV.UK: Illegal Migration Bill: overarching factsheet

GOV.UK: Statistics on International Development: Final UK Aid Spend 2022 

The House of Commons Library: Detailed timeline of UK military assistance to Ukraine (February 2022 to present)


Illegal Expansion Of Settlements In Israel

50:07 Peace Now: Unmatched Surge in Settlement Activity in the West Bank Since the Onset of the Gaza War


New Western-Leaning Polish Government Shows Its Colours

53:54 The Telegraph: Polish police arrest MPs hiding in presidential palace

Notes From Poland: Former ruling party holds sit-in at state TV as new government takes control of public media

La Stampa: [Former European Parliament President] Tajani: “It is a mistake to nominate leaders for the EU. Brussels only needs one president"

UK Column timeline: EU Military Unification


BBC Dilettantism Meets With Dark Yemeni Humour

58:26 Vanessa Beeley (on X): 

Idiot BBC reporter asks Yemen official why they support Palestine because its far away from Yemen. Response: Do Biden and Netanyahu live in the same apartment?


Post Office Fallout: Paula Vennells Hands Back Her CBE

1:00:44 38 Degrees: Post Office Scandal: Strip Paula Vennells of her CBE

Financial Times: Former Post Office chief Paula Vennells hands back CBE

Net Zero Watch (on X): 

Former Lib Dem energy minister Sir Ed Davey was today accused of “keeping quiet” about a paid job with a lobbying firm representing the French energy giant that he awarded an £18 billion deal.