UK Column meets the Vote Freedom Project—Jonathan Tilt

Jonathan Tilt has an interesting background. He’s an acupuncturist and accountant who has spent several years of his life trying to challenge the entrenched party political, firstly by standing as a parliamentary candidate himself, and later by creating the Vote Freedom Project.

A new approach, the VFP aims to remove the key failure of the existing party political system: political parties controlled through a power hierarchy by their donors, lobbyists and a whip system, rather than the constituents that vote them into power. 

VFP encourages freedom campaigners to stand for election as independent candidates who are happy to agree to eight basic principles:

1. Freedom of movement within a nation state with secure borders

2. Total bodily autonomy for all people: no medical discrimination or any other form of discrimination

3. Freedom of speech

4. Freedom of Information: scientific, medical and other research which is open, accessible and not corrupted by vested interests

5. Money that is protected from debasement

6. Truth, justice and upholding constitutional rights and freedoms

7. Localism not globalism

8. Government that is small, decentralised and genuinely accountable to the people


Practising what it preaches, VFP operates a network of free, independent, candidates, supported by a small coordination committee. The system can unite candidates and offer them knowledge and support, without the need for a controlling, centralised party infrastructure.

What’s more, VFP recognises that, if properly informed and supported, just one or two individuals elected to local government can really make a difference. Join UK Column as we meet Jonathan Tilt, the man who made all this happen.