Transhumanism and the War against Humanity: Joe Allen

Joe Allen has been thinking about the issues of transhumanism for over twenty years. However, following technological advances in the mid-2000s, ideas that were formerly in the realm of science fiction, fantasy and imagination have taken on a more concrete form. Now, these notions have at least the potential to affect humanity to “guide human evolution”.

He has explored this material from its earliest genesis to the present day in his book Dark Aeon, which traces the transhumanist agenda of such organisations as Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Moreover, although the technology remains embryonic at present, it is advancing quickly; and as it advances, it is developing the characteristics of a new techno-religion. That that alone has the potential to wreek havoc on existing societal norms.

Joe Allen explains the philosophical and religious background and underpinning to the transhumanist beliefs and worldview, with its links to eugenics, gnosticism and other falsehoods.