Trafficked: Child Stealing by the State—Part 2

In Trafficked: Child Stealing by the State—Part 1, we interviewed Sam Nass, a mother who told her story of her life in Uganda, followed by her dark journey through international trafficking rings, through to her ultimate arrival and receipt of official asylum in the United Kingdom. In Part 2, she discusses in detail how Britain turned from a trusted sanctuary to a malicious state stalker, with one objective in mind—to take both her children: her daughter as a toddler and her son at birth. 

With a callous cruelty that many people will find difficult to believe, Sam was targeted by the very UK state agencies which claim they are there to protect our children. Her weaknesses and vulnerabilities as a trafficking victim herself and as a young Ugandan—with little, if any, understanding at the time of the British system or English language—were exploited to allow social services to target her children for adoption. 

Ultimately, Sam was targeted by an orchestrated cabal of social services, mental health teams, the NHS and the secretive family courts to ensnare her in what she describes as the Toxic Trio: accusations of domestic violence, of drug and alcohol abuse, and of mental health problems. In reality, she has never been a risk in any of these areas, nor has she ever harmed her children. 

Please join Sam as she tells Brian Gerrish her story and lays bare the British state’s orchestrated child stealing and trafficking system. Sam covers her entrapment in the system; the accusations and lies; the tactics used; the dishonesty and power of the family courts; children as money machines; and the trauma of losing a little girl and later a son, snatched following an unnecessary Caesarean section. Her story is reinforced by mention of a key book, The Gulag of the Family Courts, and by discussion of an equally brave social worker called Emma, who gave UK Column testimony as to her experiences as a professional in the child protection system when she dared to report suspected child abuse.

Showing immense fortitude in speaking out, Sam also demonstrates a remarkable composure as a grieving mother. Her clear analytical mind lays bare the truth of the UK’s fraudulent child protection system. Labelled as “anti-adoption” by the family court as if this were some abnormality for a mother, Sam was told she would never see her children again, but she says she will never give up on her children, who are now forced to live with two different strangers in different parts of the country.

Sam can be found on X (Twitter) and has a GoFundMe page.

Minor audio edits have been made to Sam Nass' testimony for legal reasons.