The Zionist Movement in Britain: David Miller and Vanessa Beeley

Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley speak to David Miller about the influence of Zionism on life in the UK, including not only political life, but all our lives as Israeli intelligence-funded tech startups gather bulk data on our computer networks.

Dr David Miller is one of the world’s leading academic experts on Islamophobia, and also specialises in the analysis of state and corporate lobbying. Until his recent sacking by the University of Bristol (described for UK Column by Dr Piers Robinson), which resulted from an outrageous censorship campaign led by the UK's Israel lobby, he taught political sociology.

He also set up the UK’s lobbying watchdog, Spinwatch, which has tracked corporate power for 15 years. Spinwatch’s work has included investigations on the pharmaceutical lobby, the fossil fuel and fracking lobbies, as well as state lobbies that promote Islamophobia, such as those of Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

His publications include: