The Indoctrinated Brain: Michael Nehls MD PhD

Michael Nehls MD PhD is a physician and molecular geneticist specialising in immunology. As a basic researcher at German and international research institutions, he deciphered the genetic causes of dozens of hereditary diseases. For his pioneering findings on the development of Alzheimer’s disease, he was awarded the Hanse Prize for Psychiatry by Rostock University Hospital. 

Join Dr Nehls as he discusses his book The Indoctrinated Brain: How to Successfully Fend Off the Global Attack on your Mental Freedom with Brian Gerrish. The discussion covers Nehls’ discoveries with Alzheimer’s, the rejection of his scientific research by the scientific community, and his journey into writing his latest book.

Major topics include the ability to think for oneself, reprogramming of the human brain, destruction of the autobiographical memory, the creed of the technocratic faith, and the positive fight-back of daring to be more human.

A key speech by Nehls can be viewed here.