The Digital Industrial Complex with Ben Rubin

Who controls the future of Britain? UK Column’s friend and previous guest, Ben Rubin, spent 18 years transforming how companies operate, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It didn’t take long for him to realise that the Western system is corrupt and needs replacing. In his first UK Column interview with David Scott, he discussed The Rise of Big Data in Healthcare. Rubin is the founder of Rise UK and of Pattern.

Ben joins Debi Evans to continue their previous discussion of the recent Blair bonanza, The Future of Britain. As Sir Tony Blair and his think tank, the Institute for Global Change, moves on at breakneck speed with his plans for Britain, Ben Rubin has been researching Sir Tony’s partners and funders. He reveals what he has uncovered and who is behind the plan to transform our islands. Has the World Economic Forum been repurposed under another name, hiding in plain sight, right under our noses? 

We also consider how the Covid–19 agenda has played out for those in control of the narrative. Did it go to plan, or has the plan gone to rack and ruin? Was the fear great enough; did the Covid destabilisation crisis work? And what will the future of Britain look like for us, the ordinary people?

Who is Mete Coban; how important is his role in the planned Future of Britain, the future of our children—and how is Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, involved? Through a network of virtually unheard-of organisations, it appears that all of our futures are being decided behind closed doors, by celebrities, think tanks and globalists. Has the Eden Project become the British Davos, disguised as ‘Anthropy’?

Further matters of discussion are: As we hurtle into the Brave New AI and Tech world, what does the future really hold for all of us? What does IBM have in store for us all, and how will it affect us individually and change the prospects for our children? What will life look for us in three years’ time—will AI have taken over

Finally, we consider resisting digitisation. What can we as members of Humanity 1.0 do to remain free humans on Planet Earth, or has the agenda gone too far already? Whilst we can never return to the ‘old world’, Ben Rubin explains that we can build a new world, a different world, a free world.

This discussion includes reference to James Lindsay’s speech to the European Parliament and to Brian Gerrish's appearance on the Delingpod.

Ben Rubin ends the interview as follows:

The final message this time is actually to the people who are going to these events, shaping, leading and attempting to execute this plan. My message to you is:

You have already failed. I know your organisations. I know the people that work in them. I know your culture. I know your capability, and you haven't got what it takes. Whatever they're telling you is a lie, whatever future they're trying to project us into with your help. We do not want you, and your organisations are not capable of making a reality. So my suggestion is that you stop.