Sound reasoning and sound money in a time of economic collapse—Claudio Grass

This interview was recorded in the midst of the recent banking crisis (after the fall of Silicon Valley Bank and before the failure of Credit Suisse). Claudio Grass predicted both the failure of Credit Suisse and the subsequent failure of the Swiss Central Bank bailout. He also discussed before the event the nature of the large Switzerland-based banks (UBS and, at that time, Credit Suisse), pointing out that they too, having been corrupted by large inflows of cash, have become international institutions and primary dealers for the US Federal Reserve. They no longer reflect Swiss values but rest, cuckoo-like, in the nest provided by the Swiss reputation for trustworthiness.

Examining the recent financial crises, Grass points out that the problems involved relate to the disruption of global supply chains and the international division of labour. The result is that fewer real goods are now available. In other words, real wealth has declined globally. The central bank response—the creation of more units of currency—cannot rectify this, only drive up prices. Grass concludes that, sooner or later, hyperinflation is likely.

His response: become your own central bank by leaving the fraudulent Muppet Show of the fractional-reserve system and instead storing wealth in real assets without a counterparty risk. That mean in gold and silver. To quote US banker J.P. Morgan, gold is money; everything else is credit.

Expanding on this theme, Grass points out that:

Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of the bourgeoisie (or middle class), barter is the money of farmers, and debt is the money of slaves.

Claudio Grass' firm strives for "sound money for a sound society", a motto which reflects his belief that a stable society cannot be built upon a fraudulent financial system. The latter depends on fear and state control, to an increasing degree, to hold off the collapse. And fear is the enemy of liberty and of sound reason. Free markets and free individuals are the basis for the society that was historically created in Switzerland, in Britain and in the USA. Grass seems these societies being transformed into a totalitarian or fascist system of control. This is marketed under the trade name The Great Reset.

Not only does the Great Reset system not work, bringing ever increasing instability requiring every more extreme central bank interventions and ever more draconian state intervention, but it is clean contrary to human thriving. Thus Claudio Grass concludes that we should exit the doomed system.