No Smoke Without Fire: Vaccines — Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

This discussion was recorded in early 2021.

Join former NHS nurse Debi Evans and Brian Gerrish of UK Column in a social place for a discussion on the refusal of the UK Government, NHS, MHRA and established media to tell the truth about vaccine side effects. Our conversation is based on the Government's own data, and yet it is this material and statistics which breaks open the web of lies around the Covid-19 vaccination programme, and the serious dangers of vaccine adverse reactions.

My voice was the problem in the recording, not the audio editing, so please stay with it, as this is the most important No Smoke Without Fire on the subject of vaccines and vaccine damage, and leads the audience towards the ultimate goal of a state where the Members of Parliament are frightened of their own government. If we allow it to happen, this is just one step on the route to a One World Government—not our words, but those of former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.